Blurb and Chapter 1

My name is Dia. I have a story to tell which you think you already know. 

On my wedding day, after the costliest make up, rich gown, boxy suit I bought my husband and several other preparation, I was called upon and told,

    "Jip is no where to be found."

    Like my supposed husband ran away on my wedding day because some celebrity crush was having a show that day in Trespat Hotel.

Well, like you would expect, I was mad. Who wouldn't? But what good would being mad do than earn me a therapist and probably a psychiatrist.

So, now, I've found solace in revenge. I am looking for a man whom I would fool in love. Then on my wedding day, off, I pick. Foolish? Haha. 

By the way, Zoe, my priceless bestie,  is very much aware of my plan and is the top-notch planner.

Well, before you go ahead and call me names, wish yourself this.

Or let's put it this way. Go ahead and call me names, makes no difference. My highschool principal used to call me,


    Oops! That's my best friend calling. 

    "There's some birthday party tomorrow at Trespat. You know what I'm thinking?"

       I guess I do. We'll start from there. One step at a time. 

      "Meet me at dance class."

      Zoe dances, but what do I care? I think about only two things now. 

    Food and revenge!

    "Dia, got MacDonald's for you."

    That's my mom's. Don't run away. I probably will be back. 

   *                                        *                                  *

Chapter 1 - Doesn't take forever to go all Shitty

        "Thank you. Have a nice day."

    A young lady, in a cotton colored rain coat slammed the door of the taxi which zoomed off immediately. She turned and began to walk into the Trespat hall. 

   Opposite the Trespat hotel was a wierd man with lots of birds on him. Climbing on and off his arms, chest and shoulders. 

   The rain seemed indecisive as  it pat the swollen bitumen, tracing light dances around the spot, down the busy road. 

    One of the birds left the man and flew across the road. It perched on the floor before the door which led to the exhaustively furnished hall. 

     It looked through the refined glass to a lady sitting all by herself before a bar. 

     The bird kept its gaze on the lady. 

   The lady was dressed in a penciled black gown which shoot out every of the curves you could ever think of in a lady. 

    Well, she wasn't that kinda all busty lady, but she had the figure eight and slight pop up of the butts. She wasn't an ingrate. She was satisfied. 

    She had a pair of black heels to matched and a golden chain around her neck. She was wearing a Nivea perf. 

    She looked around again for the last time, she saw rich men dancing with their lovers. She thought, only if the ladies knew how hideous men could be, they would just strangle them at that spot. 

    She was glad that she discovered so soon that men weren't meant for her. After what Alex did to her on her wedding day, there was no commitment to any guy whatsoever again. 

    She saw a lady kissing a guy at the far corner of the hall, she wished she was the lady. She would just fight her mouth free and bite the guy in the neck or something crazy. 

   Sometimes she wished she was a vampire. She would just lure a man right there, kiss him passionately, sucking his tongues, and then take him to a secluded place. In the twitch of an eye, she would fight her lips free, kiss him down to his neck and suck out his oesophagus and watch him gag to death. 

     She would do that one after the other to every man till there would be no man left on earth. Yes! That was how much she hated men. 

    But sometimes pretence is lovely. And much of that is what you'd see from her. 

    She was interrupted,

     "Are you ready for a shot now, ma'am."

   The barman had returned to her again. He had been on her since forever. And truth be told, she had been seated there long enough to stare suspicion. 

    She was only waiting for her dickwad bestie, Zoe. Twas all Zoe's idea to be at the party. 

    "Yes. Two shots of tequila."

    She smiled at the hefty barman. Damn! He was too hot to be working in such place. 

     Though he was having an ash shirt on and a sequence of formal nonsense, but she could see him through. He was naked to her, she kinda could see his biceps and abs and all. 

   She could actually start from him, but where was Zoe?

    The hot barman  returned and slide the cups before her with a smile. 

    Fuck him! She knew he did that on purpose. Though a part of her had already been crushed by his smile. 

     "Thought tequila is for celebrations."

    She was distracted. She turned, twas the bitch, Zoe. 

    "Hey babe."

    She turned slightly and opened one of her arms. Zoe, the lady in coat, squeezed her mass into her side. 

    Zoe was quite bigger than her. But twasn't like the David and Goliath kinda friendship.

     "Lam gave you a quickie?"

    She said, shooting Zoe the evil smile. 

      "This is a bar for fuck sake, Dia."

    Zoe said trying to be dramatic. She looked around her quickly and continued,

     "And no, thank you. Had to stop by my mom's. Her shitty boyfriend picked on her again."

    Dia looked at her. She could see her bright face wielding into a frown. 

    "Come here."

     She pulled Zoe to herself. Twas a light squeeze. Though she wasn't comfortable. The stool had tilted to a point of falling. 

    "She'll be fine. Trust me. She just really have to let the fucker know she deserved better."

    Dia rubbed her hand on Zoe's shoulder for a while then let go. 


    Zoe grunted. She cheered up and reached for one the glasses of tequila,

     "Shouldn't had brought that up. Sorry. Let's turn this place upside down. "

    Zoe said and emptied the glass. Her face tuned to the vibe of the liquor. 

      "Excuse me."

   Dia called the barman again. 

     "Two more shots."

    The guy smiled at her and walked away again. She looked at Zoe who was giving her the am-I-missing-out-on-something kind of look. 


     She shot at her. 

      "Is that our catch or just a bait?"

    Zoe teased. Dia chuckled,

      "You don't know how serious I am about this whole thing. Can't just hop on this plan with some common guy. I don't want to make a cut, I want to make a gore, bitch. Come on. And besides, I'm too hot for this bar man."

     "But he might be huge down there, or don't you think?"

    Zoe nudged her gently. She laughed,

     "Stop. If I want that, I know where to get it and besides I hate them fuckers now. Men are fuckers, fam."

     The barman returned with the shots. Dia wondered what took him forever. 

     He seemed to had heard what she said but didn't care. 

    He stared at her for a while, and she shone her face at him and shook her head in the and-so-what manner. 

    She took a swig of another glass, so did Zoe. 

    Zoe didn't like to drink much, but she had gotten her into that mess. 

     What are friends for?

    "Come let's dance. It's a merry-go-round here. All bills on the  birthday boy."

     Zoe pulled her to the dance floor. It's less noisy there. Not like the everyday bar they go to. 

    Majority of the couples there seemed too rich to wipe their own ass.

    The two were already in the dancing position and were swaying to the gentle and smooth piano accompaniment. 

     "Who's this birthday boy? "

    Dia asked, as she took one step and was followed by Zoe's sway. 

    "Who gives a fuck? He's some Max guy I guess."

     Zoe shot amidst a toothed smile. 

   Dia loved her dearly and wished they would stay together forever. Zoe was always by her side, even when she was being a nutcase. 

    They all knew that the mission they had embarked on was somewhat crazy and ridiculous, but Zoe wasn't the I'm-out type. She was rather the, who-gives-a-fuck type. Especially when it comes to Dia. 

     Dia felt lucky. 

      And despite the fact that Zoe was voluptuous, she could blend easily into the beat and feel no pressure while dancing. 

      Dia couldn't had known how to be that graceful in steps if not for her. 

      "Seems like we've gotten ourself a huge catch."

    Zoe said immediately, looking towards some group of men and women seated few metres away from them over bottles of wines. 

     Dia looked in that direction. True to that. There was a polished guy staring uncontrollably at her. 

     The guy looked away immediately he noticed he'd been caught. Dia looked away too. 

      "He's too weak a catch."

    Dia said to crazy Zoe feigning to be singing with her in her arms. 

    Zoe spun her around and held her. Dang. That was smooth. 

     "He's coming."

     Zoe said again. Dia's heart missed a beat. She didn't know why. She didn't want to look. 

    Why was she feeling that way? When had she started been moved by some guy. 

     "He's got some bodyguards too."

    Zoe added. Dia still didn't look.  Zoe was such a pain in the ass. 

    Dia didn't look towards the guy. No, she wasn't scared. But she wouldn't look.  Whatever. 


    Zoe muttered as soon as he looked away from the approaching guy with two bodyguards. She had looked  towards the door.

     "You'll kill me, Zoe."

   Dia muttered, eating Zoe up with an odd ogle. 

    "Turn slightly and look at the back."

   Zoe said, her eyebrows knitted. Dia bit the words,

    "What now?"

     "Just look bitch."

    Zoe shot. The guy with bodyguards was closing in on them. 

     Dia turned sharply instead and looked towards the door. 

   There was Alex, in a brown Italian suit and shining shoes, walking in with his sister, Alexa. 

     Alex, the guy who dumped her on her wedding night. Alex, the reason she hated guys so much. Alex, the reason she had embarked on that nourishing mission. 

   Dia turned to Zoe sharply and mouthed, flinging her retinas everywhere in confusion,

     "What's he doing here?"

   Before Zoe could answer, there came a rich, deep and polished voice from the side,


    Dia turned to look at the guy. Dressed in a black tuxedo, a kissable lips, and well chiseled face. 

    Dia was going to answer when another voice from behind,

    "Hey, Dia."

    That was Alex. He was trying to throw himself all over her. 

    Dia was trying to get rid of him but Alexa, Alex's sister, was already in the tuxedo guy's arms. 

    Dia wasn't confused, she was smothered. 

   She looked at Zoe who gave her the how-am-I-supposed-to-know-what's-happening kinda look.



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