7- Struggles

She ran away without answering him. But he did not need an answer.

He stood dumbstruck at the exact same spot for a few more minutes. The thought, the feeling of finding a mate was completely different from what he had planned.

This was never what he had expected to feel. This is not what he wanted to feel.

Because he had already decided, he was never going to mate. He was never going to end up like them.

And the sudden blast of uncontrollable feelings and emotions had rendered him speechless.

A couple of minutes later he forced himself to shrug off everything that had gripped his throat in a choking hold and came back to reality.

Why had she run?

And God, she was bleeding.

He walked to his car and could not help himself from slamming his fist down on the hood in frustration and regret.

He was not able to push back the thought of her running away from him. He was not able to gulp down his anger at himself because it was him who had injured her and made her bleed.

His gaze went back to the spot that he had hit her with his car at. There was blood on the ground along with a pair of glasses.

He walked forward and picked up the glasses from the ground. The black frame was intact but the lens had got a crack in it.

As she had run in the direction of the college, he decided to follow her. He did not know what he was going to do after meeting her, what he was going to say to her, how he was going to treat her. The only thing that was in his mind was of seeing her once again, before he does what he needed to do.

Denying her the title of his mate.

Damon strode towards the car with the glasses still clutched in his hands. After putting the glasses on the passenger seat carefully, he started the car and drove to the main gates of the college.

He did not even park properly. He threw the keys of his beloved Mercedes, that he did not even let his pack members touch towards the guard to let him park and instantly got in to the action to search for her.

It would have been hard for a normal human to search for someone in the building. The college was big and building seemed to go on and on to the depths.

But for him, thankfully, it was not so hard. He had already gotten the whiff of her scent and knew exactly where to go.

He followed the trace carefully. He did not want to lose her just because of a stupid mistake.

This was going to be the last time that he gets to see her, after all.

Following her scent that had some kind of chocolaty smell mixed with a flowery hint, he could not help but get more and more attracted to her. Keep wanting to have more of that scent inside his lungs.

Like a drug addict high on a heroine dose, he followed the direction that brought him closer to her.

Impatient and excited, his heart started beating in his chest faster and faster with each passing second. The thought of seeing her was too enticing, too tempting.

He took hurried steps, and after a couple of seconds, he started running as fast as he could. He was impatient, always.

The scent led him outside of a classroom. He was not surprise. She must be a student if she had come here.

It took him a minute to compose himself. He could not let her see how much he was dying from inside to see her once more. To talk with her and kiss her.

His hunger for her was painfully strong. His need to touch her even stronger.

As soon as he had calmed his heart down, and he was sure that he was not going to make a complete fool of himself in front of her by appearing bad looking in either physical or any other way, he took the first step inside the classroom.

Now he was ready to see her sitting in a chair. Quietly and beautifully reading a book, or probably freaking out of her mind with the way that she had run away from him.

He was even ready to see her preparing a hate speech for hitting her with his car.

But as he had always believed, you do not always get what you want. Instead you get what you deserve.

As soon as he entered the room, the scene in front of him had his blood boiling in anger and nearly shifting in his wolf form right there.

There in front of his eyes, a man was bending down his head, kissing his most precious thing on the mouth softly.

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