3- Chocolaty Darkness

I ran and ran and ran, crossing the threshold of the college and entering inside the hallways. Classes were going on but my head was filled with madness.

I was heaving. My breaths were coming out quick and heavy. My hands and feets and body were hurting but nothing in the world could stop me.

I reached the end of the hallway where not even the souls of ghosts would dare to be present.

Darkness was surrounding me, making it impossible for me to see anything.

I lifted my hands up in front of me to watch them shake terribly.

How the fuck was it possible?


Why now?

I was afraid. Fear was in the every cell of my body and I was not ready to let it burst out me, making me fall unconscious and helpless.

I fell down on my knees.

'It is okay.' I told myself. 'Do not be afraid. It is all okay!'

I was not afraid because I was in love with someone else or I did not need a mate like him or I did not like his stupid attitude or temper or ego or anything that I had not seen till now.

I was afraid of him finding out.

About me.

About my weaknesses. About everything that was not right with me and about everything that could go wrong after being with me.

I was afraid of him feeling superior to me. I was afraid of his rejection to me.

I knew he was not going to like when finding out about me being his mate but I could not shake away the tiny hope.

The hope that said, what if you are wrong?

A few minutes later when my freakout was over, I stood up and instantly winced in pain.

Damn. Forgot about the accident.

I tried to have a look at my toe but everything was too dark and my toe was a blur.

Fucking fucking fucking hell!

My glasses!

I groaned in annoyance and started to bang my head on the nearest wall. They must have fallen off when his car had hit me.

And I do not know even his name. Or his address. Or the class that he studies in.

Fuckity fuck!

I hit my head with my palm and instantly winced in pain again.

I limped my way towards the exit once again.

Probably I will find my glasses there. Or probably I will find.. him.

When I had rushed here I had not realized how much in pain I was but now the pain was almost unbearable.

"Bella?" A manly voice rang in the empty hallway behind me.

I turned around and before I knew it, I was already hit with a brick wall. Or probably that was just a hard as a rock chest.

Musky, almost chocolaty scent filled my nose and surrounded my world with the aura.

"Agghhh!" I groaned loudly and tried to pull back from the soul crushing hug that was choking me to death.

Whoever was crushing me pulled back but kept his hands on my arms,

"Oh, how I missed you these past three months, sweetheart."

My gaze went up to his face and immediately my hands went limp and fell down on my side.

This can not be happening.

This can not happen to me.

Oh God!

I had run away from my past. From the school that tormented me for so many years.

From the person who was standing in front of me.

Because he was the one who leaded the way of those abuses.

Had he followed me here or was it just a coincidence?

And then suddenly blackness covered my vision. I was not able to keep control of my own body as it fell forward, colliding with the same hard body once again and falling down on the ground.

I was prepared to feel pain and suffering and more pain but nothing came.

As I was falling down in the well of dark depth, I felt hands coming around my waist and lifting me up.

The hands who had always lifted to accuse me of useless lies and jokes, had just claimed my body in his chest, lifting my unconscious body up carefully and taking me with himself.

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