4- My Worth

My eyes opened with a start hearing the sound of flesh hitting flesh. As I tried to sit upright, instantly pain shot up in my whole body.

My eyes opened and the sight in front of me had me shot up from my seat.

"What the fuck?" No other words could make my feeling more apparent.

In front of my eyes, the guy who had hit me with his car.. my mate, and the guy I hated most in the world, Jax, were hitting each other brutally.

Jax had gotten overpowered by him and was getting unabashedly punched.

Oh boy.

Even though the sight pleased me, 'cause let's see, I am not any cruelty freak or violence supporter or anything like that. But when you see your tormentor getting punched by your soul mate, would you refuse the joy that fills you?

Nehhh.. not me!


I counted from one to ten before rushing ahead to get them separated.

"WHAT THE HELL is wrong with you two?" I shouted as my hands tried to push both of them apart.

Well. It was hard.

Their strengths were definitely more than mine. I used all the power that I had in my body and managed to come between both of them.

Annnndddd... that was as big of the mistake as any brainless person could have made.

'Cause just as I managed to squeeze between them, a punch from Jax's hand landed straight on my cheek.

Fucking hell.

I immediately winced as pain blinded me and shot through my face to my neck.

"God damn it!" I heard someone snap in anger and arms engulfed me immediately.

"Are you alright, Bella?" Jax's voice entered my ears.

The arms that had engulfed me pushed me a bit back and hands took my face in a soft grip.

When I opened my eyes, they collided with bluest eyes that I had ever seen. Like an ocean, but deeper.

More beautiful.

His chiselled face was completely red. The effect of the fight was still very clear on his face but I could also see worry.

Oh my..

Before I could react, he gripped my hand in his and started pulling me out with him.

I did not object. God knew there were things that needed to be discussed between us.

We were out of the room, and then out of the hall and then out of the building. He kept on dragging me with himself until we were at the backside of the college where not even a fly was visible to our eyes.

He stopped and turned around to look at me and then we were face to face, staring at each other closely for the first time.

This was the person that I was supposed to spend my whole life with. This was the man who was destined to give me happiness and love and care and everything that I desired till my last breath.

"What is your name?" I asked.

His gaze was stuck to the place that Jax's punch had landed. I could clearly see a vein jumping in his jaw in anger. Upon hearing my words his eyes came back to mine.

"Why are you not healing?" He asked instead of replying to me.

"It has been a couple of hours since you got in the accident with me and your wounds are still as fresh as they were then. Even that human's punch has hurt you. How fucking soft and weak are you?"

Sadness covered me. Was my weakness that important to him that he did not even bother to answer me?

Was he really worried about me or did he just want to know if I was worthy of him or not?

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