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A story about a girl and a boy, who got in arranged marriage and seems like they're past having some kind of connection. With both have got step relationship with their family they have to go to very hard times. The mystery of their parents how they died how they connect both of them in this very square of mystery, they're life is in danger. Nicholas Bretons finding his parents death. And the love he got from his stepfamily, was it was true or fake love? And Nora Duke finding her mother's death, only end up abused by her father and mocking of her stepmother. To find out read the story and tell me how you like it.
Haden Valentini was the son of a self-made billionaire. Travel, women, and fun were his main staples in life. That is until his father clips his wings. Now, he has to prove he’s the man his father always knew he could be, or risk losing his inheritance, but his father’s plans leave a lot to be desired. Kathleen Gage was the manager of Uptown Center in Encino California. Her life was ordinary, routine, and that was how she liked it until Haden became the store’s newest box boy. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to keep her mind on her work with Haden around, now she has to deal with one of her own employees being a possible murderer. Is it possible to keep the store functioning and her heart under control, while putting her life back in order?
Aurora Madeline Penson, a sweet and strong young lady who got her whole life and happiness snatched from her at a very young age. While trying to put her life back in order, she met The Crown Prince of Valtoria, sweet and handsome Prince Zuerien who is on a journey to find true love who is going to rule the kingdom with him. Will she be able to put her life back in order or will love be a distraction? Find out in this mind-blowing book
Contemporary Romance/Paranormal Do you believe in ghosts? Rooney Fontaine doesn't—or didn't until one named Stuart Granger shows up in her hotel room. Now the humorous, yet desperate, apparition is begging her to find the men who murdered him before his brother becomes their next victim. After serving three tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq, Stephan Granger is no stranger to risk and peril. When a woman shows up at his house rambling about ghosts, murder and assassins, his first inclination is to deem her wrong in the head and send her packing. But how does she know things that happened to him and his dear departed brother in their childhoods, secrets they never shared with anyone? Soon after he invites her in to hear more about what really happened to Stuart, gunfire splits the air and shatters all the windows in the house. Someone is trying to kill them. Now they're on the run from assassins while trying to find out who killed his brother and why they want him dead too. Even amid murder and mayhem, so
Jeremy Gomez, a Latin American basketball superstar is suspected of point shaving during their college championship game. His chances of getting into the American Basketball Association in jeopardy, only his former college coach can give a chance to play in the professional league. A chance that made him clear his name and prove himself to be worthy of being called the MVP and Rookie of the Year.
Professor Irene Kim has always accustomed herself to desk work, university lectures, or being in front of a computer analyzing data from crime scenes. After all, that basically is the gist of a criminal psychologist's job. But a serial killer with a queer modus operandi is still roaming the streets, and it seems that only Irene could capture the killer with the 'help' of her new partner, Lieutenant Copernicus Menard of the local police station.
It was the Eve of Christmas, and a teenager was about to go home when he had noticed something peculiar on a street corner. When he had discovered it, he was shocked by what he had found. A woman was brutally murdered on this holiday. What will the teenager do after this incident?
“What a life! This is the reason why I’m afraid to fall in love again. Today you are good, tomorrow you’ll fight. One day, he’ll wake up and will tell you he doesn’t love you anymore. In fact, I’m not sure if that man and I had a relationship before. Maybe, that’s just a mutual understanding. We didn’t have exact date to celebrate our anniversary and what so ever, we just know to ourselves that we are happy together,” I told herself and reminisced my past relationship. What will happen if a female detective of the province meets the male detective of the city who will change her perspective in love and relationship? With that, please read the book from the beginning up to its end.
Suhana is a beautiful, charming and intelligent girl. She falls in love with a merchant Navy boy. When she asked him, will he marry her? Undoubtedly, gleefully he said yes. He made all the promises to her and showed her dreams of a happy married life. After completing her study, they planned to get married. Everyday she was feeling the depth of their love. He was on a six months' contract on ship. She was eagerly waiting for him. Days were passing, it has been more than six months. He didn't come which shattered her and her dreams completely. To know, will she get her love? Please read…. . )
Private Investigator Frank McGuire is beginning to think Baltimore is a melting pot for serial killers. Another maniac is stalking the streets but this time the killer is targeting gay college students. When an enemy from Frank’s past surfaces, he sends his lover, Rand, away for his own safety. He has no idea the serial killer already has Rand in his sights. The clock is running. Can Frank find Rand before it's too late? The Crossroads Series consists of four books. All are scorchingly hot and blend mystery/suspense, romance and at times, the paranormal. * Stand-alone Gay Romance * Same characters throughout series * Happy-for-now endings * No cliffhangers
"You deserve better." Your life would be so much better if I didn't step to you that night. I ruined your life.
Crossroads Showdown, Book 3, Gay Fiction Tough PI, Frank McGuire, agrees to help the FBI locate three abducted children from a small town in West Virginia. When Frank channels his Inner Spirit for assistance, he mistakenly calls forth a ghost. As Frank races against time to locate the missing girls, he receives help from the dead spirit. Rand is restless and disillusioned with his career choice. He informs Frank he's dropping out of Pre-Med and wants to join him in the PI business. He issues Frank an ultimatum―commit to a permanent relationship or risk losing his love when he returns from chasing ghosts. Warning: Like all the books in the Crossroads series, Showdown also contains explicit language and sex. This is a male/male novella that involves graphic sex between two consenting male adults.
They never did fall into love. They were forced to marry each other for the sake of their companies. He hated her impulsive and silly ways. She hated his principles and the way acted so authoritarian with his moods shifting uncontrollably. But all these last only for two years; many things can happen in that span of time and there's nothing that can prepare them. With the divorce papers blocking their view, his hectic office schedules, her raging hormones and not to mention, a vengeful ex-girlfriend, how would Elle and Gabriel survive the odds? Is Elle going to agree to end the contract and leave Gabe so she can live her dreams? Or is she going to fight for her right and stay as "THE BILLIONAIRE's WIFE"
Cali, a journalist, and Lance, a detective, are set to find their town's serial killer. But little did they know that the killer is just nearby.
Hope Valentino witnessed the murder of her father under the hands of her mother and multi-millionaire, Calvin Woodland at eight years old. Fuelled by vehement fury, she swore to seek revenge. Ten years later, with a heart brimming with abhorrence and vengeance, she is set on fulfilling the solemn statement from a decade ago. However, fate plans differently. Her firm belief on trust gradually withers when she meets Tyler Rivera. Only he can melt the glacial walls she built throughout years of mental and physical torment.
Ella May must learn how to survive her past with her abusive husband, Nelson, of twenty-two years. Nelson's mistress, Alexa, shows up demanding to know how her lover died and ends up revealing the fact that Nelson is the father of her two children. Will Ella May be able to protect her three daughters from the truth or will it all implode? Will Ella May be able to find comfort and true love without feeling the haunting of her deceased husband after he was found violently murdered? With Ella May as the prime suspect in Nelson's murder no one would have ever expected the truth of the killer to ever be found.
Failure is a tough pill to swallow, and Hunter Benson believes he's been given a lifetime prescription. After moving from New York City to Lake George, his wife, Kristen, lands a dream job as a lawyer. Hunter, on the other hand, cannot even bring himself to pass the Bar exam. As Kristen spends more time at work, and less time with Hunter, the fabric of his sanity begins to unweave.
Mia Jackson has been hired by Caleb Stonehouse to drive him to work every morning. Despite being drop dead gorgeous, mysterious and sometimes rude Caleb doesn't seem to take in interest in Mia whatsoever. The last thing Mia expects is to find him stumbling into her workplace with a gunshot wound and asking for her help . . . What has Mia got herself into?
Book 4, Crossroads Series, Gay FIction Frank and Rand travel into the heart of New Orleans to solve the latest case. This should be the perfect opportunity to introduce Rand to the dangerous and sometimes dirty world of private investigating. But the case is riddled with complications and trouble A century-old ghost has taken two young boys into the seedy bowels of another realm for desecrating his grave. To add to Frank and Rand’s dilemma, gay-haters stalk the streets of New Orleans, intent on wreaking havoc among the community. With the assistance of a nun, Sister Francoise Genevieve, Frank must enter that other realm to rescue the missing young boys and dispense a little street justice in the human world to save the man he loves. The Crossroads series is scorchingly hot & blends mystery, suspense & paranormal. All 4 books in the series can be read as stand-alones with the same characters, a happy-for-now ending & no cliffhangers.
Healer was catching his breath as he looked at the person before him. The man’s face was emotionless and cold. “Why did you do it?” That was the question that came out of his mouth. “Why do you have to go this far?! I trusted you!” The man stared at him and smirked as he turned around and walked away. “Answer me!!” Healer shouted angrily. “Healer!” Zoe quickly ran to him, “Are you okay?” she asked and checked on him. The man stopped and said, “If you want to know the truth, why don’t you ask your father.” After that, he got into his car and drove away. Healer and Zoe were left confused.
Generation from generation, the world is changing. And those changing becomes greed. We just want to heal the world, but the only way to do that is to kill them all. This is the story of the virus A Virus that can heal the world. A virus that can make everything back to the way it used to be. Is this the end of the world? Or is it the cure to heal the world?
I am a forest girl.... so tell me 'Mom', 'Dad'.... did you adopt or kidnap me?... are you my family? Find Me..
"Let go of me" I shouted at him. But his grip was too tight around my waist. I yelled and cried, but it was no use as my friends watched him drag me into the elevator; they were helpless as his bodyguards were blocking them. They kept shouting at him to let me go but to my bad luck no use. I saw the doors of the elevator being closed. Tears were running down my cheeks. What does this stranger want from me? I never even saw him in my life. As he dragged me out of the elevator and pulled me towards his room, I kept trying to free myself from his grip, but nothing worked he was too strong. He pulled me into his room, locking the door behind and throwing me on a king size terrible after which he started strolling towards me. " NOOOOOO, PLEASE NOOO DON'T COME CLOSER. PLEASE DON'T TOUCH ME"