We are here at the place where my Sumner landed, after the time having our conversation, he decided to follow me. He said that if this plan will work out, he will forgive me. I immediately grabbed his hand for he is hesitating to enter the Sumner, I smiled and assured him that he is safe in my hands even though he does not believe in me. As we walk inside of it, I can see the amazement drawn in his face. We entered the room where father put the Horatio System that he was talking about. I pulled the cloth which covered the whole part of it, I literally dropped my jaw as well as this man beside me. It was my first time seeing this system so I do not know how to react.

The Horatio System was not that huge, its size was like skateboard with two medium-sized boxes on its top. When it was examined carefully, the whole system was made of aluminum and it was not that heavy. There was this bronze-colored button, and according to the information that has given to me, when you press it, it was like the time in the bomb counting down, waiting to explode. It has also this small screen which warns everyone, it will give instructions to the person who will use it. Its side was plain silver-colored aluminum. Its simplicity makes it stand out among the other system that I have ever seen.

We only observed that thing for the whole time. When we leave the Sumner, a light gentle wind of summer night welcomed us, it was very calming and I know that even my companion feel it. We sat at the green-colored object, they called it grass, so that is how it is called. He accompanied me to go in a near waterfall, a not so far place from their house. He told me that it was refreshing, so I let him grab my hands. The water was flowing from the top of something, I do not know where it came from. The sound of the water was so serene, I can clearly saw the water that was falling. The silence was screaming around but it was not that awkward. As I stare at him, he suddenly spoke, “We met day ago but I still do not know your name, would you mind if I ask you?” he said. “I am Linthe, Linthe Berenice,” I replied then offered my hand, he held it and shook my hand. He smiled, I thought that he was mad at me because of what I have done but it does not seem like that now.

“So Linthe, tell me about yourself,” said he and let out a soft chuckle. I stared at him for a second but I spoke after, “I am a Vishan, but your fellow humans call us alien, some believe that we did not exist, but some does. In this vast universe, it is impossible that no one lives in another place, right? And I am a proof for that. I live in the planet called Avis, the land of unknown creatures. All I want is a simple life but destiny was against my will, I am born to rule our planet, all I want is to marry a man and have a child but I do not really know how it feels to love for I have not experienced it yet. How about you, can you tell me also about yourself?” I asked after having a talk.

“My name is Byron Sylvester. I can’t tell about myself because even me, I still do not know who am I. All I know is that I love my parents that much, so when I heard the news that they died, I do not know what I will do with my life for all of my sacrifices were useless if it was not given to them. I am fortunate that you offered a solution to bring back the life of my late parents. I do not know how to thank you for that, so I will help you in your mission, no matter how hard it is.

“I thought you were mad at me?

“I am not, you already apologized and you also explained yourself that it was not your fault, I believed in you. I did not meant what I said to you yesterday, sorry for the harsh words,” said he.

“I am so sorry, too. It was my fault, and I was responsible for the death of your Mom and Dad, so I am here to help you. I will now discuss that Horatio System I have shown you a while ago, on how it works.” He was looking at me and listening to what I am saying. “So in order to implant that system, we need to go back in time, and save the people first. There was this time capsule that my mother gave me, once we throw it on the ground, it will show us the real machine we will be using. The time of the system depends on the time machine, once we use the machine, the countdown of the Horatio System will also start but the time that will be given to us was enough to save a billion of lives. When the time of the system stops, it will explode. The explosion of it will serve as a remedy for your planet, but will also kill a life when they stayed on Earth while it was exploding. After the system was done repairing, they will go back again to live in their place, peacefully. I am doing this not only because this is a task for me, I am doing this to save humans as well vishans.

“Why? There is nothing to fix in our planet, so why?” asked he.

“Can’t you see? There was this kind of gas that is poisonous, it started to invade our planet and when it scattered more, this will kill us. This was the cause of death of your fellows, it comes from the big infrastructures on your city, and I can smell it.

“You mean, the smoke coming from the factories, cars, as well as the invention of humans, like cigarette?” he asked again.

“I don’t know what you are talking about but I think that’s it,” I replied.

Without any hesitation, he said, “I will go with you.