When an Alien Falls in Love



Year 5092. Planet Earth was totally devastated. Linthe Berenice is an alien who came from the planet of unknown creatures— planet Avis. She was assigned to do a task to prove to her consanguine that she deserve the throne for being the next queen to rule their planet. Meanwhile, there was this man named Byron Sylvester who was actually having a vacation but a sudden news on television had appeared. An unidentified flying object was detected by the satellite of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Headquarter and this news was spreading all over the world. While having a break from his job, Byron receives a call from his uncle, Tad Sylvester, the older brother of his father, to tell him that his parents was hit by this so called unidentified flying object for it landed exactly on his parent’s house. Because of this huge thing, their house got crushed, Clifford and Vivien Sylvester— Byron’s parents, didn’t survived the incident. So he decided to get back in their place.

Linthe the alien was the reason of the couple’s death so she then told Byron what had really happened, she apologized but he didn’t accept it for he says that it will not bring back the life of his late parents. Linthe just thought of something, she offered him a way to get his parent’s life back, she told Byron that they will travel back to time for him to save his parents for the second time. Confusion is shown on his face so he asked her about what she really mean. Linthe explained that she was given a task to do, she was ordered to implant a system that was really helpful for their planet and she needed to save the lives of people. Byron thinks that by settling this thing with the alien, he can save his parents, so he then agreed.

The capsule that Linthe’s mother gave her was so handy, inside of it was a time machine, a main instrument for them to go back in the past. When it opened, they didn’t hesitate to enter, it was like they are in a portal of whirlwind and is enough to make them feel a little dizzy. After some seconds, poof! They’ve reach the year 5031, but it wasn’t enough, the time was too short to save billions of people all over the world, so they tried again. They’ve reach the year 4972, still, it wasn’t enough from what they estimated, when they are about to try again, it doesn’t work anymore, so she asked for her mother’s help. Her mother said that it will only work twelve times, two for going back and ten for returning in the future. They cannot do anything about it so they decided to find some easier solution about it.

As they travel along together, they didn’t notice that they are already falling for each other. They get closer each day, not minding the time they are up to.

The time had come. The system they implanted years ago was about to explode but there are still a thousands of people waiting to be save. They were distraught and they can’t find any solution for that, so even if it was against their will, they didn’t have a choice but to save lives as many as they can.

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