8- Varys Flint

Varys Flint

Strong arms with rippling muscles covering every inch of his body were punching on a heavy weighted bag that was hanging from a ceiling.

His anger was crossing the limits of sanity. The thoughts of her were making him go blind in need.

And the thought of her getting hurt by his own men was making him see red. His fists slammed against the bag harder, punching it with all the power that he had earned throughout the years of practice.

"Boss..." a voice rang behind him, shivering in fear for disturbing him in his personal time, "She is staying in Texas only. With a man named Vincent."

His punch landed so hard on the bag that the bag broke its grip from the ceiling and fell down on the floor with a loud bang.

The dead body of Rooney, the goon who had dared to hurt her, who had dared to grab her hair and drag her despite of getting clear instructions of not laying even a finger upon her body, fell out.

The ground became a bloody mess. He turned around, his green eyes were spitting fire at the person standing in front of him,

"I want his bio on my table in half an hour."

"Y.. yes... boss." The man replied while stumbling back a few steps.

Even though Varys' men were ruthless and fear was beaten out of their heads through years of training, there was no man in the gang who could dare to stand in front of Varys without shivering.

Varys grabbed the white towel from a chair and wiped his blood stained hands with it.

After he was done, he threw the towel over Rooney's face.

"And what has Knight to do with her?"

"We have yet to find that out, boss."

His words had Varys snapping his neck towards him in anger.

"A.. as f.. fa.. far as we know," the man stammered in terror, "she has no connection with him. S.. so it is taking a bit of time."

"Find everything out in this next fucking hour or you are going to take Rooney's place in that fucking bag." Varys said in a tone as calm as water.

The man stuttered away from there after mumbling in affirmation.

As soon as he was out of sight, Varys banged his fist on the nearest wall in anger.

He had tried to keep her away from this cruel world. He had sacrificed everything just to keep her happy and safe.

He had sacrificed her just so she never gets involved in this mess of a dangerous world.

But probably it was just her destiny.

Probably she was never even born to stay safe.

Ten Years ago

Varys slammed his fist on the thick bark of a tree that had been placed in his practice room.

His parents were quite rich so a lavish life had become his habit.

He heard a voice and understood that his goody two shoe brother, apple of everybody's eyes was now back from his high school.

He heard some voices that were coming from downstairs. He got angry. He had clearly told Hector not to bring anyone at home.

His fist slammed harder against the wood. A few minutes passed and that is when suddenly a gasp and a shuffling voice entered his ears.

Sweat was dripping down from his perfect body. His caramel skin was glistening in the faint sunlight that was coming through the tiny window.

The faint gasp instantly made him turn around and look for the source of it.

Hope had agreed to come at Hector, her high school classmate and close friend's house after much insisting. She had never expected it to be so massive like a mansion.

Hector had slipped into the kitchen to bring some snacks for them while she had started admiring the place while walking.

But while passing by one room, a voice coming from inside had caught her attention. Unable to contain her curiosity, she had walked inside the room as quietly as possible.

When she stepped inside, she saw a nearly naked Varys exercising vigorously.

His each move was so precise and strong that it had taken her by surprise. She stared at him with her mouth hung open as his muscles moved gracefully with his every action.

For the first time in her life, Hope felt butterflies in her stomach after seeing a boy.

And just when he slammed his fist on the massive bark of a tree, a small gasp left her mouth.

She instantly closed her mouth and covered it with her palm. She instantly shuffled and hid behind a square pillar in the room, afraid of getting caught watching him.

She was trying to calm her erratic heartbeat. Her eyes had shut closed. Like a kitten that thought that if it closed her eyes, nobody will be able to see her.

"Do not let him see me, God. Please do not let him see me..." she softly wished, mumbling under her breath. Her palms were sweating in nervousness.

Her heart nearly stopped when a strong frame trapped her between himself and the pillar. Trapping her inside the cage of his strong arms.

Just as her eyes opened bit by bit, they widened so big like they were going to pop out of sockets anytime. Her mouth went dry as his manly scent covered her like a shadow.

"Who are you?" His deeply husky and serious voice asked her.

"H.. Hector's friend?" She stammered. Intimated by his presence.

"Why are you in this room?" He questioned while leaning forward. Intimidating her even more than she was already feeling.

Varys stared in amusement at the pretty girl with innocent eyes. Her jean shorts and Croatia top that she was wearing were complimenting her creamy white skin.

"I.. I... am.." she stammered terribly.

"Are you going to finish this sentence today, or is it going to take you the whole fucking week?" He smirked. Enjoying the tension that had suddenly taken over her in his close proximity.

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