4- Neighbors?

I got back home with uncle Vincent. He did not know that I was married or I had runaway.

We had been living unknown to each other's well being for over thirteen years now. And meeting him after all these years, losing so many memories with him, I did not want to burden him more with my troubles.

I was only here for the happy memories. As soon as it was time to leave the city, I was going to run out of his life with an image of his smiling and happy face in my mind.

Not a worried and upset one.

So when he asked the reason for my visit I told him that I was planning on changing cities for a fresh start and was thinking of settling somewhere near Texas.

No, I was not.

Not when those ocean eyes were still haunting me till this moment.

Two days went pass as Vincent helped me roam around the city. It was like he knew every nook and corner like it was his home.

And then we went back to the coffee shop.

I was afraid of facing 'Ocean eyes'. Because first, he was a PI who could dig up dirt on me like I was made of mud.

Which I actually was.

Second, he was scary and hot at the same time. And God knew it was a dangerous combination and never really worked in my favor.

We walked inside. And as usual, the store was empty but fresh. The chime bells rang as we went inside.

There were some couches just in front of the coffee counter against the wall for the customers.

"You stay here. I will go bring some hotdogs for you and me." Vincent said as soon as we were seated.

I nodded my head with a smile. He went away and I fell down on the couch like a dead body.

I was exhausted. And the whole day of roaming the streets had my legs aching like hell.

I was spread out on the couch vertically. My hips were astride the couch hand rest, my legs were dangling down, my middle body was buried deep in the softness of the couch while my head used the other handrest like a pillow.

I had my arm put over my eyes as I tried to think about what Ethan would be doing right now.

I knew he was going to come after me. There was no way in hell he was going to let me go so easily. I knew he was going to take me back.

I just needed to keep my shit together and prevent that from happening while making sure to not let uncle Vincent get a hint of it.

A couple of minutes passed and I was almost dozing off when I felt a finger poking at my knee.

I removed my hand, looked up, and almost fell off the couch.

Ocean eyes.

How the fuck did he managed to get inside without ringing the chime bells?

He put a hand on my left thigh and pushed my legs a bit sideways. He easily settled himself in the empty space on the handrest, put his hand on the space right beside my head and leaned in dangerously close.

I felt my heartbeat quicken. His head was just above me, half of his body was touching mine intimately and his eyes were staring down at me like I was the first female specie that he had ever seen.

Good god...

"What are you doing?" He asked in a low tone.

Freaking out and getting horny?

Of course I did not tell him that.

"Resting." I managed to whisper.

His eyes went down to roam over my body that was 'resting'. His gaze was so hot on every part of my body that I could feel it tingling me in places that were definitely forbidden.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked straight out, giving me a heart attack and tingle at the same time.

"N..no." I replied.

His eyes went soft and his lips fell over my ear, "You have from now on."


Instead of replying his lips fell over mine.

At first I was in shock. His lips and kiss were as soft as the touch of a rose petal. And in the next second, his lips started ravishing mine like he had been hungry for centuries.

His mouth devoured mine. His tongue dipped in and I lost my control.

I could not deny the fact that I was attracted to him. His kiss had just sealed the fact.

Just one kiss.

I can have just one kiss before I start planning to run away from Texas.

His tongue dipped in my mouth, tangling with my tongue and licking deep to pull every flavor into his own mouth.

I moaned loudly. My hand shot up to grab the back of his head. My head tilted sideways to kiss him deeply.

His groan vibrated in my mouth as his hand grabbed my waist, lifted up my shirt and started started to caress my soft skin.

When he pulled back from the kiss, we were both breathing so heavily like we had just run a marathon.

"You are driving me mad." He said. No hint of smile or humor in his voice. Just hot, burning need.

My hand stayed in his hairs, caressing and shuffling through the soft locks, my other hand went to his chest and over his neck.

Under my thumb I could feel his vein pulsating hard. Just like my own heart.

"Where did you come from?" I softly asked. "It was like you appeared out of nowhere so suddenly."

"My company is just behind this coffee shop, babe." He replied with his lips moving over mine in a soft touch,

"This shop and my company, both are connected from inside so that me and my boys can come over here from the back door any time we want."


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