The Prince Tale


P. R. E. S. E. N. T.

Every person falls in love with someone so deeply at some part of their lives, that they can live the rest of their life meaningfully with that person.

Love isn't like any other relationship as we know. If you get to ask some young lovers, they just say its more of a feeling of attachment of two understanding hearts than a kind of relationship.

Many believe that love is the most gifted asset of anyone's life. And many believe that love does not have anything to do with the distance between two persons as long as the two hearts know how close they are.

But that's the fantasy about love!

I'm just a boy. Caring nobody in this World.

I'm just a boy. Walking coldly with the world's flow.

I'm just a boy. Searching for the empty gap of something inside me.

A boy. That suddenly changed because of Love.

That Love, that everyone possessed of.

That Love.

That selfless Love that a person could be!

A selfless that sometimes turns into a selfish.

Before you come up with Love, you need to have a break in the precious thing that resides in our chests, protected by a cage of bones. You need to have broken the part of our being people refer to as, our hearts.

The crack doesn't have to be a monstrous incision like the one I am in possession of.

It can even be papercut sized. So essentially, in order to come up with love understanding, you need to have fallen in love.

You see, love is the world's biggest knife.


Love is the world's harshest and most talented murderer.

We are all the knives, being snatched up into the hand of love to kill another person's heart. Some people realize their position as a knife and don't care. They simply keep going around playing loves games. These players in love's army take out so many beautiful hearts for love's collection.

And then there are the unawares. The ones who break a heart but don't intend to. People who aren't purposefully doing love's bidding, but still delivering the prize all the same.

Now, before I continue, I must explain a little about the heart, while there is an organ with the same name. The heart I am referring to is a purely symbolic part of every person. This heart I speak of is very fragile and incredibly strong at the same time. The love that emits from it is stronger than you can ever imagine.

There is a difference between the kind of love we have most of the time and the kind that starts in your heart. This special kind of love is almost irrational because of its maddening effect on the human mind. The most irrational part of falling in love is believing in the possibility of happiness.

But All love ends in heartbreak.

Even if you find someone and are happy with them, your love will end in tragedy. Nothing is immortal. Your true love will die or you will die and your lover will be left to mourn you. Unless you both die together at the same time, in each other's arms just like in the movies.

But, oh wait, this isn't the movies. Hate to break it to you, but that isn't going to happen. So don't waste your life with wondering what is going to become of your love.

There is only one answer: HEARTBREAK.

After me, talking about how terrible love is, you probably are thinking...

"I will never fall in love."

Well, I'm telling you right now, that isn't possible.

If you want to try to run away from love, good luck. But you are inevitably going to fail.

This is what I ultimately hate about love. No matter how much it hurts you, you always go back for more.

Love is a seductive and cunning force and has had too much experience in its game to lose. Yes, I've known it. Because I experienced it. I hate that about love.

But love keeps me alive. That Love keeps me strong and to fight.

I just want to love and to be loved. I just wanted to ease my pain. I just wanted someone who could stay. I just want LOVE.

I wish I could say that I am a survivor. It would certainly make a nice story. But the true tale isn't nearly as sweet.

But how's my story ends? Am I wrong about what I've said? Am I really walking into despair and tears? Will my heart burst into flames? Like a blaze that didn't go out until all that was left were a few pathetic ashes that blew away into the distance? Would that fire destroy my heart? Do it took everything with it? With me?

Well, Let as gathered and chill out while I'm telling you a story.

A Story of My Life.

A story of how I end up!

But is this really the Reality about my story?

Honestly, I don't know!

I don't know if this is how my story really ends.

All I know is...

How my Story Started.

So gathered, and prepare to open your Imagination!

-Reed Abcde Deveraux

Princess Tale Book 2 as:

"A Prince Tale: 100 Days with Fantasy"

First Person's Point of View

I'm walking alone in the Mall. I'm wearing Jacket, shades, and hood even though I'm already inside this Mall. What's new? These are the things I must do. I must wear this. For my own good. I don't want everyone to shout for my name again.

I'm just walking around. Just window shopping. Goof right? Well, I don't care. I really don't have anything to buy. I just wanted t go outside and date myself.

" Babe! Let's watch a movie! "

I heard from the girl circling her arms like a snake in the arms of a boy.

" Tss... The boy is not handsome anyway, My face is much precious than his. "

I whispered to myself.

" Okay! Let's watch a movie, in one condition. Kiss me! "

The boy said. Tssss.

" Kiss? Kiss? YOU'LL BROKE UP SOON! "

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