Chapter 3

As she was packing up her books the other scholars had already gone. Not that they even bothered to do anything in class. With such a teacher she couldn't blame them. She would just have to work extra hard at home to make sure that she didn't slack or anything.

Lola was waiting for outside her door. They waltzed down the hall to the cafeteria. When her nervousness had gone away, she realized how hungry she actually was. She got a chicken Mayo sandwich and a drink.

They went and sat at the back of the cafeteria. Skylar noticed that it was just the two of them, but she didn't complain but she felt relieved. The sandwich tasted delicious and she munched it down.

Lola turned to her "how was English?"

"It was okay I suppose. I mean the teacher is not the best and I sat next to this couple and they were too touchy for my liking."

Lola laughs "Sounds rough. Did you make friends with the touchy couple?"

She shrugs "I don't think so. I got their names. Reign and Karly."

"Reign and Karly!" Lola said.


"Wasn't Karly bitchy too you?"

"A bit. She was about to, but Reign stopped her, and she said I shouldn't forget her name. Why?"

"That's odd. Reign usually never tames Karly when she is being a bitch. She is the queen B of this school with her two little minions. Vivian and Beth."

Skylar hoped she wouldn't cross paths with them often. "can you show me where my locker is? I want to put my gym clothes in there."

"Sure." as Lola leads her to the lockers. "Yours is directly opposite mine"

She opens the locker and puts some of her items from home. She would decorate her locker soon. The bell rang, and it was time for math.

Lola leads the way and she sat next to her. The teacher was at least decent even though the class was only half full.

It was now time for Skylar to change into her gym clothes. She went with Lola and to fetch her clothes by the locker room. The bathroom was empty, and she put on her black jogger shorts and a tank top. Then lastly her socks and sneakers.

She came out of the bathroom stall. Lola was already done. "Damn Skylar you look hot."

When was the last time she had blushed? "Stop it, Lola." She goes to the bathroom mirror and her hair is still tied up intact. She pulls it, so it can be tighter.

"Ready?" Lola asked.

"As ever can be."

Lola leads us outside. "I thought there was a sports center?"

"There is but today we are doing athletics by the field."

The field is huge. The track is huge, and it is marked, dividing the tracks. We get on to the field and the coach is already there giving instructions. "Get in the line girls." We do as we are told.

The boys are seating on the bleachers. "As I was explaining, ladies will run first. You will go around this field twice." The boys cheer making noise. "Quiet" as the coaches voice booms. Skylar was already at the back since there were a lot of girls. They were standing like marathon runners.

"On your mark, set, go!" as the whistle goes off. We start running and we pass a bunch of girls. Lola begins to slow down. Skylar keeps going. She was competitive, and she wanted to make a good impression. She was used to running for long. She often challenged herself and she pushed.

On the way to the second lap, she realizes that more girls are lagging behind. She pushes more so that she can have a gap between her and the rest. She finishes the race with an impressive gap. The coach calls her over "Come here"

She goes over to him. "What's your name?"

"Skylar Gray." She hears murmurs between the boys by the bleachers, but she doesn't care for them. "That was really good."

"Thank you, sir."

The rest of the girls come filing in. They rest on the bleachers heaving up and down. When Lola catches her breath, she sits up. "Damn Skylar you run fast."

"Thank you." as she grins at her.

"Some of the boys are not in attire. So, you all run next week ten laps." Grunts can be heard amongst the boys that are targeted at the coach.

The coach carries on "Don't thank me. Thank your friends."

They get dismissed early today and she couldn't be happier. She wanted to go home and sleep. She reaches her locker and takes out her backpack.

"Where do you live?" Lola asked.

"23 ilkey road."

"We live in the same direction. It's just that you live further up."

They take their bags and heard home. "Bye." as Lola hugged her. She had gotten to her house. Skylar still had about ten minutes to go before she reached her destination. She walked faster so she could reach there sooner.

When she got home, she undressed and went straight for the shower. She scrubbed her body quickly and let the water trickle down on her. When she was done showering, she felt refreshed and even though it was afternoon she changed into her pajamas.

She felt very comfortable with them. Instead of taking a nap she decided to do her homework instead. She opened her books, but she felt drowsy.

When she was done with all her studying, her mom was calling her downstairs. It was dark out and she realized that she had been in engrossed in reading for all this time.

Her mom is sitting by the counter and she sits across her. There is a box of pizza on the table and two cans of coke.

Before she says anything, her mom jumps to ask her "Tell me about your day Sky." As she is already munching on a pizza slice. Skylar also opens the box and she takes a piece out. The pizza melts into her mouth, she was starving.

"It was okay, I guess." She tells her about Lola and they met. But Skylar doesn't tell her mom about Reign and Karly. She didn't want her to go into a rage.

When she is full, she gets up. "Thanks for the pizza mom, I'm tired. So, I'm going to bed."

"My pleasure honey. Sleep well."

She heads back into her room, then she switches off the lights and goes underneath the blankets. Exhaustion takes over her. She had a long day and she was glad that the first day of school was over and done with.

Her phone vibrates, and she sees a message from Lola. "Are you awake?"

"Yeah but I'm going to sleep." She had barely slept last night because of the stress of being new. But now that was out of the way she felt all the exhaustion that had been building up since yesterday come down on her. She could even barely keep her eyes open.

"Okay night." as her phone beeps again.

"Night, Sweet dreams." Then she turns off her phone. She closes her eyes and she goes to sleep.

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