Chapter 2

The morning had come too soon, and Skylar managed to dress up and meet her mom downstairs on time. "Did you have breakfast?" as her mom asked.

"No, I am not feeling hungry." as she brushed off the thought of eating. She felt butterflies in her stomach and not the good kind. There were the ones that made you want to vomit.

She smiled em-pathetically at her. "I know you must be feeling nervous Sky but today will pass and you will make new friends."

"I suppose."

When they pull up at the side of the school. Skylar climbs out of the car and takes a deep breath in. She looked down at her uniform and she hoped it fitted her well.

"Bye Sky. You can do this." as she cheers me on.

"Thanks, mom."

"You know your way back home, right? "

"Yes, I do."

She walks towards the entrance of the school. The gates seem like the gates from hell. There are huge words written on them. Welcome to Lincoln High School.

No one seemed to look at her. There was a sound and she assumed it was the bell because everyone was rushing to the class.

Skylar finally found the front office and sighed in relief. She thought she would have to look for the bloody office the whole day.

She went up to it and saw a lady seating there. "Excuse me?" she interrupted her.

"Morning. How may I help you?" she replied.

"My name is Skylar Gray and I am new. I am here to fetch my timetable."

"Just a minute." as she began typing in her computer. The printer started to work, and she took the paper from it.

"Here you go. You know how to get to your classroom."

"Yes." as she lied.

Skylar walked down the hallway and found herself walking in circles. When would she get to a history class at this rate?

What feels like years of searching she finally finds the classroom and she is hesitant to enter. She knocks tentatively on the door. "Come in." a male voice sound.

She walks in and she sees a bunch of curious eyes looking at her.

"Sorry I'm late Sir."

He smiles at her "You must be the new girl."

"Yes. My name is Skylar Gray."

"It's nice to meet you, Skylar. You may take a seat."

She nods, and she goes and sits down at an empty desk. She can feel the other students eyes on her, but she doesn't pay mind.

She takes out her textbook and turns to the page that the teacher is reading. She didn't want to slack behind because grades meant everything to her. She had a competitive side. She had to get the perfect grades.

She was already at an advantage because she was in senior year at the age of sixteen. She had skipped a couple of grades because she was smart.

She rummaged through her bag until she found her notebook and then she started jotting down notes. Trying to not miss even a word the teacher said.

The bell rings and she starts to pack her bag. A shadow falls in front of her and she looks up.

"Hey, my name is Lola."

"Mine is Skylar."

"Nice to meet you. Do you want to be friends?"

She quickly responds "Yes. Of course," she was glad that she didn't have to sit by herself during break time.

She takes out her phone and hands it to Skylar. "Put your number and I will message you when its break time."

She takes it and punches in her numbers. "Cool. Let me see your timetable."

Skylar takes it out and hands it to her. "You have English now. I have sciences. Let me show you to your class. You are late as it is."

She picks up her satchel and gets up. "We have the same math class. So, I will see you there." as she points at her English class.

She took a deep breath because she was late again, and this meant another entrance. She knocks at the door. There is no response, but she can hear people inside. The class is really loud. She just decides to walk in.

When she does, she feels the class grow quiet. Someone whistles at her but she doesn't pay mind. There is a lady sitting by her desk which she presumed was the teacher and she was on her phone! Please don't tell me I am in the dumb class.

"Morning mam." She turns slightly. Then she puts on her glasses. "Who are you?"

"I am Skylar Gray and I'm new."

"You are a pretty muffin, but I didn't know that we were having a new student join us. You can take a seat wherever you find a chair and you can read pages sixty-five to seventy if you feel like it." Then she takes off her glasses and she goes back to using her phone.

Skylar looks around and sees the only place where there is a space, is where a couple is making out. Why couldn't they just do it at their own time? Why were these tables in three's? Now she had to be a third wheel for pity's sake!

She made her way to the back and she opened the chair Next to the guy. She sits down and they finally stop eating each other's faces.

The girl scowls at her as if she were disturbing them but she had no choice and she was also feeling uncomfortable.

The guy whom she presumed to be her boyfriend turns and looks at her. She acts as if she can't see him. He was staring for too long for a guy that had a girlfriend.

"Excuse me new girl?" as she calls her.

Skylar turns to the blonde girl with green eyes. "Who said you can sit here?"

"There is no other space in here except this one."

"Stop being mean to her." as Reign tries to calm her down. He knew that his girlfriend was acting this way because she felt threatened by the new girl. He didn't blame her. The new girl was breath-taking. Luxurious black hair, soft brown eyes, and full cherry lips. He knew he had stared at her for too long.

"Fine! New girl, my name is Karly. It's a name you shouldn't forget."

"My name is Reign."

Skylar finally takes a good look at the guy and she must say he was really handsome. His blue eyes glittered, and his brunette hair was silky.

She stops staring and she responds to the two "My name is Skylar."

Reign liked the sound of her name too. He felt Karly's hand go on his leg and that meant she was being possessive again. She was marking her territory. Showing her that she belonged to him.

When Skylar saw Karly put her hand on Reign's leg, she felt dread at the thought that she would have to witness them do such dodgy things.

She turned away and decide to take out her English textbook so that she can start reading. When her pen, notebook, and textbook were on the table she started to work.

She heard giggles and she saw Karly laughing at her. "This is how they all start." She doesn't pay mind to her as she takes out her earphones and she starts listening to music as she works. She starts to make her notes.

The bell rings and she is glad that it is break time. Just as Lola promised she had sent her a message saying she was waiting for her outside.

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