Party Favored.

Cars of all makes and models lined the grand parking lot, outside of the secret host's venue. Music pounded from within the enormous House, overlapping with shouts and off-key sighing by the partiers inside and out. The venue seemed a fairly modern house, with intricate designs and very large windows with what looked to be double-panes glass panels. The driveway was equally grand with a table tennis sized fountain, depicting a man posing with a clam shell of sorts. Crystal clear water poured swiftly from the clamshell, emptying into the shallow pool of water, with a very outrageous visual theme.

A steady flow of high schoolers streamed towards the front door. Cars still arrived in the midst, and other party goers emptied from the vehicles, with excited whoops and broad smiles. It was no secret that the party would be the newest topic at lunch, when students gathered for their ritualistic, rectangular table conversations.

It was certainly a big Party and half of the people who were in attendance, only came to see if they could figure out who the secret host was. Apparently the Party was well talked-about, but only because it was only spread amongst Chelsea High's students through a secret email. Jake not being one to open odd emails unless he knew the handle, missed out on a lot but he wasn't all too disappointed that he had. Parties weren't his thing, and even though he had dressed well enough to be noticed, he still felt entirely out of place.

"It's a fucking Rager!" Alex screamed as she thrust her hands up in the air, with Jake standing beside her with a less than pleased look on his face.

He took a moment to admire her simple choice of outfit, and was partly proud that she was his friend. She wore a retro black top that gave a clear view of her impressive cleavage and almost all of her back exposed. Her blue skinny jeans were ripped up to her thighs, and she finished the outfit with a pair of black, high heeled slippers, that added a few inches to her very petite frame.

Jake himself dressed astonishingly hot, as his Schoolmates would say, in straight black ripped jeans, disappearing into black high top vans. A stylish gray shirt with finned hemline that fell over his waist, completed with a black leather jacket. His hair was done as it usually was, but only because he wasn't bothered by his tousled but Perfect hair.

"Oh yeah, I'm feeling the rage alright." He spoke, lacking enthusiasm and Alex glared at him frustratedly.

"Oh come on, Jake, cheer up you're finally at a party for crying out loud!" She stated but Jake only nodded, already prepared to turn around and leave.

"I'm already here, Alex, don't expect me to be all happy-go-lucky. It's crowded, noisy and already smells like beer and it's not even midnight." He pointed out matter of factly and Alex rolled her eyes then grabbed onto his hand, pulling him towards the entrance.

The party inside was even worse that Jake thought, and he fought the urge to turn around and leave but he promised Alex he would come. He knew the terms of asking her to talk to her boyfriend, but even as dignified as he was he wanted to back out.

People danced on everything, dressed in little to almost nothing at all. It was merely minutes past 11:00 and people were already drunk, grinding on each other in the rather large living room. Smoking the devil's lettuce and carrying on, like they didn't have homework to present Monday morning. The cusp of the party, carried on in the average-sized living room, decorated with matching wooden and leather furniture. The cool, black leather seatings were plush and paneled neatly with curved wooden bases. The floor was made completely out of stone and the walls painted with a paneled dado, that added contrast to its fancy decor.

The colors in the room reminded Jake of a cherry tree, with the ring lights from the overhead, crystal chandelier gave the place a dazzling effect. It was unlike any high school party, for it resembled a club and not just a house gathering in the suburbs. To the far right of the large space, was a view to a very large pool and the DJ with his mixing systems set up just outside.

Girls in wet bikinis, boys in shockingly eccentric swimwear, strolled about the Party. Girls who were too bougie to prattle stood in their little groups, barely swaying to the music. Others just drank Beer, punch and vodka whilst in deep and possibly meaningless conversations about whatever it is they found attractive.

The Geeks of Chelsea High were in their usual clique, dancing oddly in their plaid shirts and jeans with too much room. The Hipsters and their odd way of expressing themselves, danced as if they were at a rave and the dancers themselves formed a crowd with their infantile actions. The Jocks stood with beers in their red cups, checking out the hottest of asses—both male and female. Telling stories and making promises of banging the hottest chick in the place before the party came to an end.

Jake spotted Xander Jameson amongst his usual crowd, dressed in a black, punk tank top with blue cargo pants and stylish black sneakers. His perfectly tanned skin glistened, making almost every guy jealous not to mention the fact that he stood at 6 ft 4 inches tall. His muscly build and freakishly broad shoulders were a standout. His bright, hazel eyes and curly brown hair gave him the subtle look of an attractive athlete from Sports Illustrated.

Alex spotted her boyfriend as well, and began pulling Jake towards the crowd of Jocks. His knees wobbled from the very thought of being surrounded by the objects of his sexual desire, and he moaned despite Alex not being able to hear him.

"Hey, Babe!" Alex shouted over the loud music and Xander spun around and a smile spread across his face the instant he laid eyes on her.

"Babe," He crooned as he gathered her in his arms, placing a chaste kiss on her lips before releasing her. "You made it," Xander smiled proudly and Alex blushed wildly under the lustful gaze of her man.

"Of course I came." She slapped his arm gently and he chuckled, but he didn't not see Jake standing there.

"Jake, my Man. How's it going, bro?" Xander stepped towards Jake and gathered him into a quick, squeezing, bear hug; catching Jake off guard.

"Oh, well I-I'm great!" Jake said with a wide eye as Xander released him, grinning.

Alex smiled at the exchange, mentally excited that Jake and Xander seemed to at least get along. "So I know that this may seem weird, but you know that Jake is my best friend and also the editor for the school's paper." Alex remarked and Xander nodded at her as his gaze shifted to Jake for a second, then back to her.

"Oh yeah, I love the school paper. How are things going over there?" Xander asked and Jake shrugged a little.

"It's going great so far actually. Me and the members were wondering if we could get a little interview with you for an article we're doing for the next issue." Jake tried and Xander turned to his Jock-mates and they all nodded, silently agreeing that it could be done.

"Sounds like a plan huh, guys?" He asked and the four of them all nodded with big smiles.

"Really?! That's great! Thanks, Xander. The readers have been dying for a spread on the football team and knowing that you guys have made it to finals, only amplified the fandom." Jake added and Xander grinned with a gaze full of pride.

"It was a tough season, man, but we made it!" Xander announced and a chorus of whoops went around as he high fived his teammates.

"Well, that's great! But save it for the interview, Superstar." Jake chuckled and Xander nodded in agreement.

"Anything you say. I think we can do it Monday at practice, maybe your Photographer can come and shoot some pictures and maybe some videos for the blog? It saves some trouble, and people get to see the team in full action, getting ready for state championship finals." Xander suggested and Jake nodded, surprised at how cool Xander was being about the whole idea.

"That's funny because I was going to suggest the same thing, but I'm really glad that you've agreed to do this." Jake said with a smile and Xander shrugged dismissively.

"Hey, any friend of my girl's is a friend of mine, bro. I got you!" Xander said and Jake fought the urge to pump the air with his fist.

"I appreciate that," Jake grinned and Alex hugged both their shoulders.

"I'm like super happy that you two are getting along so well. I was kinda nervous about this," Alex admitted as she released them and Xander gathered her in his large arms.

"Wanna go get a drink?" He asked and she nodded up at him.

"Well I'll see you around, Jake." Xander announced as he and Alex and the three boys from his little posse turned around to leave.

Jake was too excited to be upset about Alex just leaving him there, but it hit him the minute he calmed down and realized that he didn't know anybody at the party. He began searching the crowd, hoping to see somebody he knew so he'd at least feel a little not out of place ,but nobody seemed to be around.

The Party was kicking up speed and more people were becoming wasted and out of it. Dancing and throwing up like it was a New year's bash. Jake had many different options on the party, but he kept them to himself seeing that nobody would even care. He turned towards the Kitchen area and slipped in, finding that it was a little more peaceful than the living room. A blonde couple kissed slowly and sensually at the refrigerator, and a blush crept up Jake's cheek but he averted his gaze to the right and relief flooded him.

Kelsey was there, leaning against the large stainless steel Refrigerator; talking to someone that Jake couldn't quite see. The full head of honey blonde hair seemed familiar, but Jake was too distracted to even try and remember where he had seen that gorgeous head before.

Kelsey spotted Jake and rose his red cup, beckoning Jake over with a slight nod of his head and a wide grin. "Jake! Bro, you came." Kelsey greeted Jake as he walked up to them, pausing just a feet from Kelsey and the stranger.

The stranger spun around and Jake paused as he was about to Reply to Kelsey, but was silenced when the familiar blue eyes gazed down at him.

"You," Karl Saunders said with narrowed eyes and Jake rose an eyebrow.

"You." Jake countered, but humor dripped from his words like honey from a comb.

Kelsey's gaze shifted between them both, but he decided not to question it. "How come you're here? Thought you didn't like parties." Kelsey queried and Jake shrugged flippantly.

"I got dragged out of the house by my Alex." Jake said as he shifted his gaze from Karl, to smiling awkwardly at Kelsey.

Kelsey saw the awkward exchange and his eyebrows furrowed, as a look of amusement flashed on his face. "Do you two like, know each other?" Kelsey asked and both Jake and Karl peered at him oddly.

"We met earlier at Caesar's. I was getting food with my little brother when we bumped into each other." Jake nodded as he spoke and Kelsey formed an O with his lips.

"Wait, you went?" Kelsey turned to Karl, who frowned but nodded.

"I did, but your friend here kinda ran off before I could get his name." Karl spoke in his oddly deep but knee weakening voice.

"I-I well, I was in a hurry and I almost spilled my chicken parm on you," Jake stated and Karl laughed haughtily as his gaze dug into Jake's.

"Normally when something like that happens, those two people exchange names but no permanent damage was done, so I guess you're off the hook." He said and Jake's mouth opened to reply, but he was immediately drawn into the strange attraction he felt towards the stranger and a tingling sensation in his tummy. "I'm Karl, by the way." He extended a hand but Jake hesitated as he felt his body shiver slightly and his breathing hastening exponentially.

"I can't believe you two are flirting right now," Kelsey rubbed his forehead and Jake flashed his gaze to him, thoroughly astonished by his bold assumption.

"I was not f-flirting!" Jake quipped but instead of earning a glare of disapproval from Kelsey, Jake only got a broad smirk.

"Whatever floats your boat, Jakey boy. I'm going to get a beer cuz I feel like you two need a moment to get well, acquainted properly." Kelsey announced but before Jake could protest Kelsey was already walking away, and Jake didn't feel like just shouting out the words he had on his mind.

Jake turned to Karl, who was smirking so cockily that he felt slightly annoyed yet anxious in his presence. "That's completely ridiculous, thinking that we were flirting. Totally not what I was doing," Jake waved his hand dismissively and Jarl chuckled.

"You suck at flirting by the way." Karl shrugged and Jake's eyes widened as his cheeks flushed and darkened slightly by the blood rushing into them tenfold.

"Y-you-. What?" Jake tilted his ear towards Karl, and the young man chuckled.

"See you around, Jakey boy." Karl gave Jake a mock salute, and began walking away. Before Jake could think, he grabbed on to Karl's arm, stopping him dead in his tracks.

"Sorry, I just-." Jake began but halted, trying to process his words and the fact that Karl told him he failed at flirting. "Who are you?" Jake asked, furrowing his brows.

"Karl Saunders,"

"I mean. How come I've never seen you before?" Jake demanded, releasing Karl's upper arm.

"I'm not exactly as popular as Xander." Karl shrugged dismissively and Jake frowned.

"Don't avoid the question." Jake pleaded and Karl chuckled as if mocking Jake.

"You wanna know who I am?"

Jake gawked at him. An unprecedented reaction, considering he'd just ask the question."I think I've made that quite clear." Jake challenged and Karl simply shifted his weight from one leg to the other.

"I'm just the new kid on the block, and unless you want to write an article about me, I'd like to be excused." Karl smirked at Jake, who gasped inwardly but maintained his composure.

"By all means." Jake gestured towards the living room entrance and Karl gave him a curt nod, then left abruptly.


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