High School Daze

Jake Melbourne stood amongst his Schoolmates, in the midst of the crowd like the God of Geeks; a smile on his face so bright it could blind anyone. His solid cheekbones, graced by the genes of whatever two magnificent creatures created him, and his lustrous, short, dark brown hair. Cut and styled to perfection, framing his face like a portrait and popping his marvelous blue eyes.

Students ran to a fro, brushing past others who stood at their lockers with every facial expression known to Human existence. Senior Year was at its pinnacle of extremity, and everyone was excited for the last and biggest School Dance in Chelsea High.

Summer Daze.

Admittedly it was an odd name for a dance, but after two decades of not changing it, it started to grow on the Students. Now everyone was looking forward to it, even the Freshmen who were given the privilege of an invitation.

Jake gazed around the Hallway, still smiling as if he was the most content High Schooler alive until the bell rang. "Well that was quick," Jake griped as he gripped his Algebra book between his left hand and straightened his white button-down shirt, fluffing it over the waist of his black Denims.

He was a simple guy, with a Fashion sense that mainly consisted of short sleeved, button downs, Denims of all styles and colors with sneakers of all designs. On chilly days he would risk throwing on a Leather Jacket, or a simple pullover Hoodie. Simplistic yet stylish and a bit Chic, for he was not boastful or over-exaggerative when it came to his dressing.

The hallways began thinning as Students began piling into their Classrooms, swiftly avoiding the second bell that meant they were late to Class. Jake simply ambled down the Hallway, smiling at those who greeted him whilst waving at those who shouted his name across the halls.

He wasn't as popular as people would like, but Jake Melbourne thought he was much too popular than he liked. Being the Chief Editor of the School Paper had its perks, but Jake absolutely hated the attention it got him. For it was as if he had to be subservient to the attributes people expected him to portray, mainly because truth, was a matter of personal perception.

As human beings it was easy to believe what you perceived as acceptable to your own mentality, but everyone had their own little lesson to learn about delusions.

Jake slid into the brightly lit Classroom, with four Seniors chatting amongst themselves. Obviously waiting for his arrival as they discussed current affairs, or possibly the School's newest Gossip.

Tanya Berum gazed up at Jake first, smiling brightly and almost flirtatiously. "Oh, Jake! You're here!" She chirped loudly, gaining everyone's attention.

"Yes, I am." Jake chuckled with a slight shake of his head and Tanya batted her eyelashes, but it only seemed like her bright green eyes were blinking awkwardly rapid. "So we have two more weeks until the next Issue of The Chelsea Eye, and I'm hoping we gathered enough material. We only have one period to go over this, so let's get on our think tanks people." Jake announced.

"We still need Xander Jameson to agree to an interview. The Chelsea Eye Vlog is getting a whole lot of requests for a little more insight into his whole motivation for being such a good Football Captain." Kale Morgan announced, flipping his freakishly long side bangs over his right eye.

Kale was the most eccentric of our group, and brought attention anywhere he went with his intense and electric style. His big blue eyes and avidly styled, raven black hair was his most attractive attributes along with his freakishly wide gauges.

"I still think the Guy is a douche," Kelsey muttered dryly and Jake grinned, silently agreeing with the blonde-haired guy, with a british accent and astounding green eyes.

"Well, I think getting an interview with him is a good idea but I'm not sure that he'll agree to it." Jake pouted marginally and gritted his teeth.

"Isn't your best friend dating him?" Jackson asked with a raised eyebrow and Jake paused, a blank look etched on his face.

"She is, but I don't necessarily want to make her ask. That's a little too imposing, seeing that she just started dating him a couple weeks ago." Jake tried explaining but Jackson only huffed, throwing up his hands agitatedly.

"Ok, your funeral." He mumbled and Jake shook his head, but turned back to Tanya who was was typing away madly on her laptop keyboard.

Jake had to admit that she was beautiful, but in a less than Baywatch and more like a nineties sitcom sense. Her auburn hair flowed in deep waves down into the center of her back, falling at both sides of her face like a fancy drape. Here green eyes were like gleaming emeralds, with an alluring attraction that could turn a gay man straight; if ever a thing such as that were even remotely possible.

"Any ideas, Tanya?" Jake asked but she hesitated for a second as she glared down at the Screen.

"So, I've been hearing this Rumor about a Party being held by this Secret Host." Tanya spoke then gazed up at Jake with a grin. "Sounds like the Party of the year, and everyone who is actually someone will be in attendance dressed in their most expensive or least worn Fashion." Tanya chittered and Jake's eyebrows twisted, revealing a deeply set frown.

"Well that sounds interesting, but why is the host a secret?" Jake asked and Kelsey snorted gruffly, raking his hands through his voluminous hair.

"I think it's some high school rich kid, that wants a hell of a lot of attention when he releases his identity incognito. I already think he's a douche, and it sounds like something Xander would do." Kelsey remarked snidely and Jake's gaze narrowed.

Kelsey wasn't the most attractive guy in the Senior Class, but he had a Bad-Boy complex that attracted a myriad of Girls. His wavy blonde hair, that was always unkempt gave him a ruffian appearance, but it was his striking grey eyes that added to that oddly benign attraction. Even his Fashion sense, which consisted of his only Leather jackets and black T-Shirts with Jeans and Boots gave him an enigmatic allure that didn't go unnoticed.

His rebelliousness was one of the main reasons Jake appointed him as the Intel Man, for he had Friends and ways to get into parties and any School Events. Gathering any kind of information that could be used as a good story, making him one of the most important Members of the Chelsea Eye Team.

"Well, that party is going to be well talked about so we have to get our best sources on this. We need to find out who this Secret Host is before the Party." Jake suggested and everyone gazed at him, instantly going silent as he gazed between them oddly. "What? Do I have something on my face?" Jake asked with worried eyes but Tanya shot him a piteous glance.

"Jake, the Party is tonight. Have you been living under a rock?" Kelsey asked with a look of utter disbelief and Jake's mouth fluttered open.

"Well excuse my introverted self." Jake quipped and Kelsey rolled his eyes. "Everyone knows that Jakey no party," Jake mused and Kelsey shot him a blank look.

"You need to get laid, dude," Jackson chuckled and Jake shifted his gaze to the redheaded boy, glaring just enough for Jackson to avert his gaze sheepishly.

"Ok, fine but Kelsey needs to get into that Party tonight. It would be good if we figure out the identity of this Secret Host. I have a feeling it will make front page next week, alongside that interview from Xander." Jake advised them, and Kelsey nodded with a smile.

Kelsey was a Guy that never missed his chance at going to every Party, and not because he took his position at the School Paper serious. Frat Parties got crazy, and Kelsey loved to get wasted and wake up in some hungover girl's bed. Not caring what had happened, even when he was too hungover to bat an eyelash.

Classic Kelsey Ackles, Jake thought as he shook his head.

"On it, Boss," Kelsey grinned and Tanya rolled her eyes at him, then turned her attention back to Jake.

"Even if we don't find out the identity of this secret host, I think I know how we can capture the attention of the students." Jake said as he propped on the edge of the large metal desk, crossing his hands over his chest and crushing his blue and white, button down shirt.

"How?" Tanya asked with a narrowed gaze and Jake grinned cheekily down at her.

"We randomly choose names of students, and write the article including pictures as a way to let the readers get excited." Jake said and Tanya smiled as she realized where Jake was taking this.

"To rouse up some harmless drama, and give these Students a little spotlight." Tanya snapped her finger at Jake in high approval.

"Devious but prepossessing. This is why you're the Boss, Jake. I'm impressed." Kelsey clapped with a grin and Jake smiled widely with a cocky shrug.

"That's a good way to keep students reading, even if we don't find out who this Secret Host is. I like it!" Jackson nodded and Jake pointed at him with a click of his tongue.

"Got that right." Jake expounded. "We're also gonna need that interview, you think you can get a few words from Xander when you go to that Party tonight, Kelsey?" Jake turned to Kelsey with a hopeful glance, but he seemed reluctant.

"I might if I'm not deep inside-," He began but Jake quickly interjected, feeling no need to hear Kelsey finish his statement.

"Ok ok, no need for that graphic mental visual, Kelsey. Just get it done if you can, no pressure." Jake grimaced and Kelsey rolled his eyes.

"I'll do my best," Kelsey promised with a sigh and Jake nodded.

"Thank you," Jake spoke but before he could continue the bell rung loudly and Jackson quickly rose and started gathering his laptop and books.

"Don't forget our meeting tomorrow you guys and, Kale. Do you think you could email those photos to me tonight?" Jake turned to Kale who was already halfway out the door.

"I'm almost done with editing, so yeah." Kale smiled and Jake nodded with a nod of approval.

"Thank you," Jake said as all the Members began filing out, except for Tanya.

Jake grabbed his algebra book and swung his black backpack over his shoulder. Tanya walked up to the Desk where Jake stood, tapping him on his shoulder lightly.

"Tanya, what's up?" Jake asked with a modest smile and Tanya blushed.

"Well, I was planning to go to that Party tonight. I was wondering if we could-," Tanya paused mid-sentence and Jake rose an eyebrow confusedly.

"Yes?" Jake peered at her as she kneaded her hands together nervously.

"Jakey!" A shrill but familiar voice called loudly behind them and Jake swiveled around, smiling instantly.

"Hey, Alex." Jake greeted and Alex strode into the Classroom as regal and poised as any model, with her five inch black pumps clicking noisily on the tiled floor.

Alex Mitchum ambled forward with the brightest of smiles on her face, framed by her lustrous brunette hair, cut in a stylish bob that fit her face perfectly. Alex, Jake's best friend and confidante since middle school. The model beauty, with an intense fashion sense and the popularity of a head Cheerleader. Yet she wasn't anything but the Captain of the Debate Team, and now currently dating the Captain of the Football Team.

They were the epitome of a High School Power Couple. Both insanely attractive and successful in their lives as High School Students.

Tanya frowned slightly as Jake and Alex hugged, but plastered a smile on her face when Alex shot her a bright smile.

"Hey, Tanya. How's it going?" Alex halted before Tanya who still had a light blush on her cheeks.

"G-going great, how about you? How's Debate Team?" Tanya flashed Alex a forced smile, and Alex shrugged lightly.

"It's a drag this season of State Debate, but I think we'll be taking home another first place trophy this year." Alex grinned and Tanya nodded with a smile.

"Sounds good, well I better get to class. Catch you guys later," Tanya circled around Alex and Jake, but Jake pursed his lips. "Bye, Jake." Tanya said finally and Jake smiled at her.

"Wait, Tanya. What were you saying earlier?" Jake asked, finally remembering that Tanya was trying to tell or possibly ask him something, before they were interrupted by Alex's abrupt arrival.

"Oh it's n-nothing, I'll see you next week at the next meeting." Tanya dismissed before leaving as swiftly as her legs could allow.

Jake gazed after her, feeling like an utter asshole for just disregarding her the minute his friend showed up. Yet he had a feeling he wasn't exactly going to like what she had to say, or ask.

It was no secret that Tanya Berum had a world class crush on Jake, but to Jake himself it was nothing that important for he was entirely oblivious.

Alex gazed at Jake, smiling a little up at her friend and Jake turned to her, furrowing his brows at the look she gave him. "What?" Jake asked with a small, nervous chuckle and Alex rolled her eyes.

"You are so oblivious and blind, Jake Melbourne." Alex pointed out and Jake peered at her befuddled.

"I'm going to pretend that I have an idea of what you're talking about." Jake dismissed it with a small wave of his hands and Alex rolled her eyes as she adjusted her backpack on her shoulder.

"Whatever, anyway. I'm going to this Party tonight, and I'm a little excited because it's being held by some Secret Host." Alex chirped and Jake smirked at her.

"Heard about it, and we're thinking of finding out who it is for the School Paper's next issue." Jake explained and Alex shrugged.

"Let me guess, Kelsey will be doing your dirty work but you aren't even considering to attend." Alex accused dryly and Jake grimaced but shot his Friend a smile.

"You know me so well," he said as he began walking from the Classroom with Alex in tow.

"Oh come on, Jake. You are such a glorified nerd." Alex whined and Jake rolled his eyes, entirely annoyed with the direction of the conversation already.

"Hey, I have things at Home to do and a baby brother to take care of." Jake stated excusably and Alex grunted in disapproval. "Besides, I don't see the point in surrounding myself with drunk Jocks and tipsy girls that wanna shove their hands down my Jeans." Jake frowned and Alex shot him a look of amiable pity.

"I can see the headlines right now. 'Jake Melbourne, the Popular Kid who has never been spotted at a Party hosted by any of his Schoolmates'." Alex added sarcastically but Jake only snorted.

They continued down the Hallway, where Students ran back and forth to their lockers and into classrooms for their next classes. The hallway was going silent again, but all Jake could focus on was getting to his last Algebra Class of the week.

There was no exiting weekend planned for him, nor did he consider going anywhere unless it was to take his brother to the Mall. Or run errands for his Father, who already had a hard time coping with being a single parent, while working a full time job.

"Who says I'm popular?" Jake asked with furrowed brows, and Alex shook her head.

"Who says you're not?" She challenged and Jake snorted indifferently.

"Ok Fine, Jake. Don't have a social life outside of your Home." Alex threw her manicured fingers up in defeat and Jake smiled in contentment.

It was enough that Jake had to deal with being known in his High School, much less to be seen at Parties with the it crowd. He loathed nothing more than crowds and the smell of beer, or sex in a House that was so hot it could be a Sauna.

"I have a favor to ask though," Jake halted and Alex turned to face him with a worried look.

"This can't possibly be something that I'll like," Alex rose an eyebrow and Jake's gaze flattened.

As his best friend, Alex knew that Jake only asked for a favor whenever he knew it was something that Chelsea would mind doing, even though they were the best of friends. "Oh come on, it's not so bad." Jake pleaded and Alex sighed heavily with a roll of her eyes.

"You want me to get Xander to agree to an interview for the Paper." Alex stated and Jake gazed at her in astonishment.

"How did-, what the." He blabbered and Alex tightened her lips.

"Jake, we agreed that I wouldn't be doing anything like that. Me and Xander just started going out, and I don't want to seem like I'm dating him for your own purposes." She whined and Jake rest both his hands atop her shoulders with pleading, blue eyes.

"Take one for the team?" Jake suggested and Alex gazed at him, seemingly considering it.

"Ok fine, but this is going to cost you big time, Jakey." Alex pointed a manicured finger at him and he fought the urge to jump up and down in excitement; instead he kept his composure and balled his fists in triumph.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you." He spoke loudly and Alex smiled at her Best Friend. "I don't care what this costs me," Jake spoke in excitement.

"Good, cuz you better be ready to pay up when I call for my Quid-pro-Quo too," she gazed at him threateningly and Jake shot her a cheeky grin.

"I won't let you down," he promised despite being nervous as to what he'd have to do to repay her for the favor.

"Good, cuz now I don't have to worry about a drunken Xander driving me home after the Party tonight." Alex gleamed brightly and Jake's eyes widened in winsome realization.

"I'm going to regret asking you for that favor aren't I?" He asked agitatedly and Alex grinned up at him.

"Oh you just might. Jakey dear." she chirped and Jake could only groan out in frustration as she skipped away happily, down the Hallway.

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