Chapter 5

"I'll come along, I forgot my wallet," the long haired boy said and Thomas waved his wallet at him. My heart did a weird skip when he stood up, but that was a completely different issue altogether. He was tall, alright. Just the perfect height as well. But then, what was his name?

"I'll pay for you, but you gotta repay me at home," Thomas said and the long haired guy nodded. He didn't smile and maintained an eerie distance to everyone. Either that, or everyone made way when he walked, instead of the usual pushing and pulling.

I looked at Thomas questioningly and he replied, "Ah, I didn't introduce you to him?"

"Nope," I stared at his back longingly.

"He is my brother, Hunter Jeffrey."

"No wonder the entire campus talks about him," I mumbled.

"True," Thomas yet again replied to my mumbling and I was caught off guard again.

"My God! Would you stop listening to my mumbling?" I playfully slapped his arm and laughed.

"Well, you need to learn to start thinking in your mind whenever I am around," he smirked.

"And that would be always," I laughed. "Or maybe I wouldn't really mind you listening in after I get used to you."

"Now that's a brilliant option!" He grinned.

"Hey," Hunter turned around near the counter and I could swear that people took a step back, just to get a clear view of him. "I want the pizza."

"Alright," Thomas nodded. I ordered a sandwich and pulled out my purse, only to see that I still didn't acquire the current currency of the country. I still had my old notes and I almost smacked my face. I groaned and pushed back the pack of sandwich to the person behind the counter, not before throwing a glare at Ray's direction.

"What happened? Why are you not taking it?" Thomas asked and I smiled, showing him my purse. "You have play money?" He laughed.

"Hey! This is not play money. I can convert them, okay?" I pouted.

"For now it is play money, huh?" He laughed.

"Buy her something for now," Hunter said and I almost sobbed in happiness. This was the first time I ever saw Hunter glance at me. It was truly a wonderful feeling. But then the feeling was thrashed down by the overly familiar voice of Ray.

"What's taking you guys so long?" He leaned on the counter and the crowd seemed to take another step back. What was with these guys and distance? Thomas explained to him the situation and he nodded, "I'll pay for her."

"You will what?" I gaped and Thomas followed my lead, whereas Hunter simply frowned.

"Yeah, you are paying for two already, aren't you?" Ray said buying the sandwich, "I'll pay for her. Now make it quick, will you?" He shoved the package in my hand and walked away.

"When did he get so generous?" Thomas shrugged and bought their lunch.

Hunter and Thomas made themselves comfortable on either side of Dylan and I was left standing in front of them awkwardly. I could see girls glaring from every side, silently daring me to sit beside any of them. Ray sighed and moved over for me to sit and thanks to the guys' uncomfortable stares, I sat down and felt a death glare wave pass through me. I had provoked every single girl in the campus and I was quite sure of that. Thinking that I should at least eat well before I die, I stuffed my face with the sandwich and that was exactly the time when Thomas called me. I looked up with stuffed cheeks, almost resembling a hamster and Thomas and Dylan burst out laughing.

"Oh God! Swallow that already!" Thomas laughed and I nodded, chewing it as quickly as possible and tried swallowing it whole, but choked on it and began coughing violently. Ray steadied me and gave me a bottle of water and I dunked it all in.

"You can't even eat properly? What can you even do?" Ray looked fed up.

"Hey! Don't be such a piss lord, Ray," Dylan reprimanded and Ray rolled his eyes. "Anyway, are you alright?"

"Probably," I said clearing my throat.

"So, how come you transferred here, Angel?" He asked and I could feel Ray stiffen a bit beside me.

"Um, family issues," I said sheepishly. "I came to live with my relatives," I looked at Ray and he stiffened a little more out of discomfort. "By the way, it is Angela," I corrected.

"Is that so? But I like Angel better. You look like one as well," he laughed as I blushed a little underneath my thick glasses and messy hair. "Isn't covering up the syllabus a little hard for you?" Dylan asked and Thomas laughed.

"I don't think so," Thomas replied. "She is a bright one. I've seen her in my class and she is really good. She'll be on par with the class in no time. In fact, I can come to your place and lend you a few books for you to study. What do you think?" He asked and Ray stared at him as if he was petrified.

"Um, it is not really a good time," I said gauging the expression on Ray's face. "The house is under renovation and I don't think the family would appreciate guests at this time." Ray visibly relaxed at the excuse and I let out a sigh of relief too.

"Is that so? Why don''t you come over to my place, then? I could give you books and you can return them to me later when you are done?" He insisted and I fidgeted. Was it a good idea to go to his place when I barely even know him? And how was I gonna get back home? I didn't even know the routes!

"Why don't you all come over?" Hunter suddenly said. "It's been a while since we all last met at our place."

"Our place?" I echoed and Ray put on his superior face and looked at me through his nostrils. Pretty bad sight for the one he is looking at.

"They are brothers and they live under the same roof."

"Right," I blinked and internally screamed with a poker face on. I was going to spend the evening with Hunter! How wonderful can that be? Although, excluding the nightmare called Ray who is also going to accompany us, it is going to be pretty brilliant!

Therefore, as decided, after the college was done, Thomas dragged me out to the parking lot and Dylan, Ray and Hunter came down from the other side. They looked pretty good and I could see almost all the eyes trailing after them. They had their own celebrity status in the campus and I was a tad bit envious that I was not a part of that 'it' gang.

"You've been sighing a lot," Thomas remarked and I smiled sadly.

"I wish I was also that cool," I shrugged.

"I get that too," he said.

"But you are a part of that gang, you are cool already!"

"All that is because of my brother, Hunter. If they didn't know that I was related to him, no one would even look twice at me," he replied sadly.

I thought about what he said and pondered over that thought. So, if people didn't know that he was Hunter's brother, would they really not take another look at him? I looked at his face. He looked good enough and had an over all cheery personality. Many girls would dig to have a guy like him. Didn't he know that? The other three were already beside us. So what would happen if people knew that I was Ray's wife? Will they talk to me too? Would I be a part of the 'it' gang too? But then, we made a deal that we will never be exposed. As a person with self respect, I would never leak that out on my own. I would rather have my own popularity than to be living as a side kick to Ray. But then, poor Thomas didn't have a choice. They were blood related siblings and would be known to the world one day.

I grinned at Thomas. "What happened?" He asked, involuntarily smiling at me.

"You have an advantage, Thomas," I said, "Abuse it to the fullest," I winked. He laughed at my statement as the other three stared at me.

"I guess you are right!" He said, messing up my hair.

"What are you talking about?" Dylan asked bewildered and Ray had the biggest frown ever.

"Well, it is a secret between us," Thomas said and I giggled, flattening out my hair.

Hunter was already in the car and gave us a nonchalant look. "Are you going to drive?" He said and Thomas pushed me into his car and got in as well. Hunter was in the passenger seat and had aviators on, his legs on the dashboard and his seat pushed back, relaxed. He had that bad boy vibe going on for him and lucky me, I got to stare at him from the back seat. After a while, when we ran out of things to talk, Hunter spoke.

"So, you are smart, what do you wanna talk to me about?" Hunter said and I blankly stared at him.


"Are you scared that my brother is listening in? That's okay, he won't mind, will you, Thomas?" He asked.

"Hunter, it is nothing like that," Thomas tried to tell him, but he cut him off.

"So, what do you want? A date? A confession? Sex?" He asked and I stared at him looking baffled by all that he was talking. "I saw your eyes following me everywhere. Don't pretend to be innocent."

"I really don't-"

"If it is a date, then I don't like how you look," he brought down his glasses and gave a once over. "Nope. If it is a confession, I don't think I'll accept that either. You should just be happy that you even got to sit in my car. And if it is sex, then-"

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" I put my hand on his mouth to shut him up. "I thought that you were silent, but really, you talk too much. I'm going to remove my hand, and you are going to listen to me with your mouth shut. Okay?" I said and removed my hand. "Alright, firstly, I don't know what you are thinking about me right now, but if it along the crude lines, then stop thinking. Secondly, what is with you and assuming things? I just looked at you because you stand out a little. Stop thinking that every girl who looks at you is head over heels for you and is fantasizing sex with you. Thirdly, you need to apologize to me for talking about my appearance like that. It is my wish how I wish to dress just like how you do. I don't really care if you like me or not, you know? You should be really thankful that I didn't smack your face before talking."

"What?" Hunter looked baffled this time and Thomas had a full blown laughing fit until we reached his place. It was huge, a mansion with a lovely garden and a fountain as well. There were a lot of flowers and a swing was installed on the porch. Thomas still laughed as he got down the car and another two cars pulled over behind his. Ray and Dylan got out of them and walked up to the laughing Thomas curiously as Hunter pouted.

"What happened, Tom?" Dylan asked and Thomas went into another fit of girlish giggles which made me giggle too.

"Oh my God!" He recovered a little and pointed at the sulky Hunter and me alternatively. "Epic!" He said and started laughing again.

"Did she do something to Hunter?" Ray looked concerned and Dylan smiled.

"Calm down! What happened?" Dylan asked and he subdued his laughter.

"Hunter thought," he giggled, "Hunter thought that the little Angel was interested in him and asked her if she wanted to do something with him. She was the first girl to turn him down and even lecture him about it!" He started laughing. "Oh my God, Angela, we are going to be the best of friends, okay? Remember that!"

When I saw Dylan and Ray gape at that, suddenly, it wasn't funny anymore. I felt awkward and suddenly home sick. Back then, no one ever dared spoke to me like that, and even when things got awkward, I knew people who could diffuse the tension. But here, all these guys that I have met are new, there is no one, except for maybe Thomas to take my side and I couldn't go home whenever I wanted to.

"Shut up," Hunter sneered and I could see that the sneer was directed towards me. I stepped back, taking cover behind Thomas as Hunter made his way in. Ray had a frown on his forehead all the time he was in the house and Dylan and Thomas were trying to get me to talk, which made me spout so many lies to cover up about things and I could bet that I would be going to hell for the amount of lies that I have made up in a day. Hunter shut himself up in a room and played loud music to drown us out. Soon, Ray got frustrated and announced that he was leaving home and I frantically looked at him to indicate that I didn't want to be left alone with the brothers.

"I will go home too," I announced as soon as Ray said that he would be leaving.

"Now?" Thomas asked. "Let me drop you, then."

"Uh, I-" I was cut off by Ray.

"I'll drop her," he said curtly.

"That's okay. You don't have to sweat it. I'll drop her," Thomas insisted.

"She lives nearby my place. I'll do it," he said and without a word, dragged me out and into his car.

"Well, goodbye then, Angel! Meet you tomorrow!" Thomas said and Dylan waved.

"Bye! Thanks for today!" I waved back and looked up at the mansion, to see Hunter looking down from his room. As soon as we had our eye contact, he shut the windows, disappearing into the house. Ray drove us out and soon we were on the road. Silence continued until the tension between us was palpable and he sighed loudly.

"What did Hunter say to you?" He asked.

"That doesn't matter now. It was over a long time ago."

"It does. He doesn't lose his cool so easily and never lets anyone make him a laughing stock. You must have done something really bad to him."

"Please, it is not my fault for him thinking that I was interested in him or his body," I defended myself.

"His body?"

"He thought that I wanted to have sex with him or go out on a date with him or at least confess to him."

"Did you?" Ray asked curiously.

"Do you think that I am so loose as to have such kinds of thoughts on a guy that I have just met? My mom taught me better than to lay myself out for men," I growled.

"You really don't like him?"

"He looks good and all, but that is only until he opens his mouth. He really has a superiority complex. I'll give you that much," I sighed. "I'd rather like a guy who likes me for who I am and would take me whole. I wouldn't want them to comment on how I look to even think of a date with me."

"He said that you were ugly?"

"He said that he didn't like my appearance. There is a difference," I rolled my eyes and Ray smiled. Ray smiling was something very rare when we were confined in a small space by ourselves. He had a nice smile, with small crinkles forming at his eyes and his eyes getting smaller. It made me smile too, for some alien reason.

"You really know how to pick people to piss off."

"I guess I have talent for that," I shrugged.

That was the end of our conversation and we went back to being the married couple who denied each other's existence forever.

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