Chapter 4

"! Angela! Wake up!"

"Two more minutes, Grandpa. I swear," I mumbled and turned around.

"Who the hell is your Grandpa?" I heard someone yell and I woke up with a jolt.

"Grandpa, how the hell did you get so handso- wait! You aren't my Grandpa!" I narrowed my eyes.

"And I thank God for that," he replied, rolling his eyes. "Also, thanks for thinking that I am handsome, but you still don't stand the chance of being my wife," he smirked. "By the way, get ready soon, or I'm gonna drive to college by myself."

I just gaped at him. Why the hell did I think that he was handsome?

I was ready within 15 minutes and came out to see breakfast in front of me. It was toast and some butter along with some juice and I stood near the table. He turned around and as soon as he looked at me, his face turned sour.

"Are you really coming to college like that?" He looked down and disgusted at me and I looked at myself and nodded.

"Yeah," I replied.

"Really?" He groaned and sighed. "Whatever," he rolled his eyes and went outside with his bag slung across his shoulder and the keys in his hand. I gave myself a once over in the mirror and nodded satisfactorily.

I was dressed in my Monday best. It was the same outfit I wear everyday, but this time I did a little effort with my hair. I actually managed to brush it down a little and made it look a little composed. I smiled to myself. Ray was just jealous.

Or that is what I say to myself when I needed confidence after going through that disgusted scrutinity.

I sat in the passenger seat beside him and he started the car. Did I really think that he was handsome? I turned a little towards him and looked at his face. Yeah, he was not bad looking. He had a good jaw and nice cheekbones, silky and wavy golden brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He had a sprinkle of beard on his jaw and over all, a nice dressing style as well. Well one could say that he was pretty handsome by looks. Little do they know what an asshole he was inside.

"What are you staring at?" He narrowed his eyes at me and I looked away, caught in the act.

"Nothing. The view," I managed to say. "Yep, just the view," I repeated, giving him a once over.

"You are plain creepy," he shuddered and kept driving, this time a little faster, trying to get away from me as soon as possible.

Soon enough, we reached the college and he dropped me some place where people didn't really come across, so that nobody would know that he was acquainted to me. Or, he could kill me there and no one would even know my death. We went along our own ways, which mostly included me walking behind him and his huge gang of friends, pretending to be invisible. There were so many people who knew him and the weirdest thing of all was, I saw him smile and laugh the entire time we made our way inside. But once we were inside the building, he glared at me and went his own way.

Finding my class was the most toughest things I've ever done in my life. I was a little direction dyslexic, and on top of that, the staircases and hallways looked like they were straight out of Hogwarts. Almost giving up on finding anything this way, I turned back and bumped into a person.

"I'm sorry," I apologised quickly and pushing over my glasses over my nose, I looked up. He was a sandy brown haired guy with great features. He looked nice and friendly and that was where I took my first step in attempting a friendship in that unknown place.

"I'm sorry as well. I wasn't looking," he replied and I smiled.

"That's okay."

"You look a little lost, are you new here?" He asked and I sighed with relief.

"Yes," I replied. "And I can't seem to find my class. Would you mind helping me out?"

"Yeah," he smiled. "Which class do you have?"

"Ah, it is English Literature," I showed him my timetable.

"I'm going to the same class as well! Why don't you accompany me?" He grinned and I grinned back. This guy was definitely nice. "So, sorry for my rude behaviour, but let me introduce myself to you first. I am Thomas Jeffrey, first year, and with the same combination as you. And you are?"

"I'm Angela Juliet Mar- Kings- Mar-," I stopped myself fumbling over my changed name and I cursed at myself. When he was not accepting me as his wife, then I have no intentions of letting people know my changed surname. "Marlow," I decided. "I am Angela Juliet Marlow. Nice to meet you."

"That was quite sometime you took to introduce yourself, considering you only let out your name," he chuckled and I smiled sheepishly.

"Well, that's just being me."

"I like you already," he smiled. "Why don't I be your guide for today?"

"That's simply brilliant," I smiled at him feeling very grateful.

I didn't realise that we were in the class already till a bunch of girls came crashing onto us, pushing me out of the way and swarming around Thomas. I knew that he looked good, but I really didn't understand the actual hype about him. If girls went crazy over Thomas this way, then I didn't know how Ray was actually surviving.

I caught that thought there and cast it aside,not before stomping over it a million times and warning it to never come to my mind again.

Ray was not handsome.

I found an empty chair and sat there, waiting for the hyper activity to subside and to let those girls drain their obnoxious attachment to Thomas. A little while later, he pushed through the crowd and made his way towards me.

"Sorry about that," he apologized and sat next to me. "This is a daily routine. Sorry about that catching you off guard."

"Daily routine?" I raised my eyebrows. "Surely someone is a little too popular here."

He laughed and his eyes crinkled, "I really wished all that attention was actually directed towards me, but too bad, it was for someone else."

"I really didn't get you," I scrunched my eyebrows, trying to make sense of what he was saying.

"All those girls came to me asking me about my brother. He is a senior and gossips are that he is way too hot. So these people get too friendly with me, asking me to get them to meet up with my brother or arrange a date with him. Too bad that they don't understand that my brother doesn't work that way."

"Oh, is that so," I pouted. "That's all right. It still makes you popular, though!"

"True, technically," he chuckled. "So, on to the real questions now. What makes you transfer at this time?"

"Some really unfortunate circumstances," I mumbled, rolling my eyes.

"And what might they be?" he asked.

"You actually heard me?" I exclaimed, my mouth wide open. I was sure that it was low enough so that no one, especially Thomas, could hear it!

"Yeah, I get that a lot. I can hear very low noises, can't help it," he shrugged playfully.

Thank God that I didn't say, A really unfortunate marriage. Now that would be hard to even cover up. He would end up knowing that I am married and nobody would want to date me. Funny that when I had to date, I didn't and when I want to date, I can't, because I am cuffed to a stupid pole called a husband, who is only there to suck away all the happiness from my life.

Quite spiffing, my life.

"Uh, is that so," I faked a smile. "I had to transfer to live with my relatives. Some family issues. That's all."

"Oh, that's cool enough. But, will you be able to cover up all the syllabus which we need to complete?"

"Believe me, I am a pro in that. All I need are the right books and the proper syllabus."

"You seem mighty confident!"

"I am mighty confident," I smirked. If there were things that I believed myself in, then one of them were studying by myself. I even proved myself to be a better teacher than the actual ones in my previous college. I already gave a handful of seminars and was also selected for the inter college debate competition. I sighed. It hurts to have left that college.

"Let's see if you can actually accomplish that," he smiled brightly, silently taunting me for a challenge. "Don't forget that I will always be here to help you out."

"Thanks for that support. I appreciate it." I smiled, accepting the challenge.

The teacher came in and everyone rushed to their places. And screw my luck, she was the most scariest person I have ever come across in my life. She asked questions which no one could answer, couldn't take an 'I don't know' for an excuse and wouldn't accept our answers. All she did was believe strongly that we were students who were even incapable of retaining even bits and pieces of information. But there was one thing I liked about that teacher. She was a woman with elegance and grace and also a person who enjoyed insulting students poetically.

There was a particular epic moment which happened in the class.

Teacher: You there! Stand up!

Student: Me?

Teacher: Of course, you! Do you think that I have a squint?

Well, I was choking on my laughter and, not to mention, the whole class would second me on that feeling. The class was done soon enough and I got out of there without any kinds of battle scars. Thomas congratulated me on that and we moved to our next class together. After a few boring classes and sleepy lectures, we were out and about to have lunch. On the way to the cafeteria, almost half of the female population decided that they would talk to Thomas regarding his brother. He was patient enough to talk them out of it and get through each and everyone of them without snapping and yelling at them. If I were left in his position, I would have blown up like a volcano ages ago. No one really bothered to throw a second look at me as I strolled along with Thomas, because he was the sole target that they ever say. I was like peripheral vision, always gone unnoticed. After pushing and pulling through the crowds, we were in the cafeteria, which was jam packed and Thomas held my hand to guide me through to his friends.

"Are you sure that it will be alright? I really don't want to intrude on you guys. I can just go somewhere and eat my lunch. That would be fine," I told him when he informed me that I would be joining his friends for lunch. Making friends was a good strength of mine, but that strength really decides to leave me whenever I confront crowds. I become too awkward and weird and always look a little crazed. That was the reason why whenever I came into a new place, I started slow and increased my social circle.

"They are really cool people. Literally the coolest. They are the 'it' people of this campus," he chuckled to himself and I already pictured myself getting humiliated in front of everyone by my awkwardness. This guy didn't really know how to calm a person down. Or he could be lying, which would be good. I literally prayed for him to have the dumbest kids on the planet as friends.

But of course, as usual my prayers were not answered as I came around people gossiping about a particular table, their eyes affixed on them, and they sat in its own glorious aura, with branded clothing and expensive talks, not paying attention to anyone around and having the time of their lives.

"Tell me that we are not sitting there," I pointed at that table and Thomas grinned.

"You really seem to be a smart person! We are sitting there!" He dragged me along and introduced me to them. "Hey guys, this is Angela and she is going to be with us from now on," he said and the entire area went silent. I really did hope that they wouldn't be looking at me, but well, damn! I was wrong again! I slowly looked up and smiled.


"Don't be too shy! You weren't all like this when we were in the class!" Thomas barked a laugh.

"Back then I didn't know that you were going to feed me to the wolves," I mumbled looking away.

"Really? Wolves?" He asked with an exaggerated sigh.

"Can you stop with the super sonic hearing thing? It is creeping me out!" I frowned and everyone laughed.

"He is always like that," a guy said and I looked towards the gang to see who it was.

"Cut that out, Dylan," Thomas rolled his eyes at a big bulky muscular guy and he laughed. He looked strong, scary and unusually nice. He had short cropped hair and wore shirts which showed off his arms.

But were his arms so captivating that they kept me looking that way? No. It was in fact the person beside him. He had long black hair, half of it tied into a pony tail, fair and spotless skin which would make all the girls jealous and striking blue eyes with natural red lips. He had the body, he had the style and for the longest while in my life, I stood petrified, just staring at a boy whom I never met before.

I heard a throat clearing and immediately my head snapped towards the source of the sound. As soon as I turned, I felt like I was slapped back into the reality from the blissful moment of staring at the long haired boy. He was right there, in the crowd. Wondering who that can be? Yes, you are right! It was my husband right there, ladies and gentlemen, sitting right between the 'it' group. I groaned looking at him, and unfortunately, the groan wasn't internal and everyone looked at me like I've gone nuts.

"What happened, Angela?" Thomas asked and I cringed in embarrassment. Ray still glared at me with no refrain and I figured that I needed to use a good excuse to get out of that awkward situation.

"I- I'm hungry," I shrugged and totally turned towards Thomas. "I need to buy something, so I'll catch up with you in a while?"

"Why, I'm hungry too! Let's go together!" He offered a bright smile and I sighed sadly. Looks like there isn't going to be a quiet moment in the college.

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