Dev's POV.

I am sitting on my table dealing with my secondary business. Yes, that's right, Wing's transport cooperation is a mafia clan in disguise. The head of the clan Garuda Singhania (literal meaning eagle.)my father has successfully achieved a post of the King in the Mafia world.

He made his way from footpath till that throne of his. I have always appreciated his efforts in making this company one of the best-disguised organization ever.

Ever since 1997 when I was a weak ten-year-old boy, I have seen the company shares always on the top with maximum profit.

And as far as government agents are concerned, well they stood no chance in front of him. He has only one policy and that's to enjoy our life to the fullest.

I have obeyed him till now, and now that he has turned wrinkles on his face I plan to take over this burden and help my father get a better stress-free life.

At least during his old age.

From the past five years, or should I say from the time I have started to maintain this company, new branches are inaugurated all across the world.

Recently I have established a branch in Bangalore, and here I am to maintain the facilities for a few days and then fly back to Mumbai.

But till then I need a personal assistant to maintain my schedule. I cannot do paperwork and stuff, seriously, all I can handle is a gun and that's all.

I cannot hold a magazine or a cartridge pen, except for a gun magazine and a bullet cartridge.

I have played with it as if it were mere toys for


I turn my pivoted chair towards the door as the creaking sound of the door catches my attention.

Xavier my henchman, and my bodyguard which dad thinks is necessary, come's in the cabin with a file in his hand. " How many times should I repeat never to enter my cabin without knocking on it?"

I say with a furious and serious tone.

Xavier as always dose not change his blank expression and mutters a sorry. He places the file on my desk and says " These are the candidates for your temporary personal assistances sir."

I shift my gaze from his blank face to the blue file. Opening every page swiftly trying to scrutinize every information at one.

Though my speed of turning the pages is faster for a normal person to read or even see properly what's within, one photograph on

one of the resume catches my attention.

I detach the page from the file and ask Xavier to leave my cabin. He takes the remaining set of papers and leaves the room, without any further talks between us.

He is from Africa and was adopted by my father, so technically he is my brother, but he prefers to stay as my bodyguard and as Dad's trusted men, so I don't interfere in that matter.

He is grateful for our help and is doing his best to repay us. But I think of him as a brother than as a henchman.

And that's the reason he was excused for not knocking on the door.

I stare at the photo attached to the resume and am lost in it.

Is this the season when angles fall from heaven, because if it is one then I guess I caught one?

Smirking at my evil, lusty, h*rny brain. I detach the picture from the form and place it on the


I further read the details written on the form

Name: Divya Kaustubh Shekharan.


Qualifications: Completed MBA in Aaryabhatta collage, Dharwad.

Hmm, great qualifications.

and her handwriting is more than enough to make me think of her soft fingers encircling the pen.

How much I want those gentle touches all over my body... This feeling is driving me crazy!

Her light brown eyes framed with this perfect thick black lashes and those pointed brows, makes me stare at them the whole day, her beautiful hair braid in a simple braid, and that beautiful sky blue saree complementing her milky white skin. That's the perfect piece of art a person has ever witnessed.

Though she is trying her level best to hide

those pulp bosom of hers it is still visible how full and luscious they look.

Her skin has a beautiful color of molten gold.

Oh, God!

If this tiny photo of her is driving me this crazy O cannot imagine how lucky I would be if she were to walk in my cabin now and then, swaying her perfect hips.

Though this picture is a passport size photo I am expert enough to make out the details of a woman just by a mere glance.

I call Sherly, my temporary assistant and say.

"Reject all other interviewees and call Miss Divya Shekharan, we will have a one-to-one talk and then I shall select her as my permanent personal assistant."

She says a professional Ok and then did. I am waiting for my beautiful birdy to enter my huge Wings. I promise to worship her beautifully carved body.


Divya's POV.

I enter the huge building, with Wings Corporate inscribed on it. I am wearing a light pink saree with some light makeup and my necklace and our couple ring.

I can never forget wearing them. I walk straight towards the reception. The receptionist is currently busy, engaged in some call. A piece of bubble gum which she is chewing continuously even when she is talking on the phone.

That's so improper and so unprofessional of her. I look at her with disgust and finally after some time she lets the phone go.

I ask her." Excuse me miss, may I know the way to the interview for a personal assistant job?".

She speaks with her eyes stuck to the

computer screen and typing furiously.

"The interview is cancelled so you may leave miss."


How is that possible, I need this job by hook or crook. This job is my last hope, and they even have a handful salary.

"Can you please check once, maybe you are mistaken, I received no message regarding the cancellation of the interview?"

I say, concern lacing my voice. But she pays no heed, still looking at the screen she says.

"I am sorry ma'am we have got these orders from the CEO himself just yesterday. I cannot help you with that. You may help yourself with the door."

What nonsense! I cannot believe this rude girl here, she is not even checking whether the cancellation is correct or no, and all she wants is me out of the building.

My face puffed out with rage, still, I cannot do

anything, I walk past the door and suddenly after some time my arm is yanked backwards as the receptionist in her slutty dress and these extremely pointed heels. stops me tugging on my arm.

I give her a shocked expression, she is huffing, which means she was running just now. Slowly catching her breath she says. "I apologies for the misconduct maam, please come in, you have a one -on- one interview with the CEO himself.

Please come here maam I shall guide you the way..."

Now that's shocking. But how am I gonna face the CEO of India's largest transport company? Whatever I am going to be his PA so one or the other day I have to face him. Ok, let's do this.

I follow her inside the building as she leads me to an elevator.

Every piece of the building is carved to its

perfection. This is mesmerizing. The building follows the most modernist style, using metals such as gold to glorify the beauty.

Well, of course, security cameras are also installed in abundance.

The receptionist walks past many rooms and so do I, finally taking a turn on a pathway she pushes open a huge door revealing the CEO's office.

I walking behind her come go a halt.

She bows to the person who's back is facing us and leaves the cabin.

He slowly turns to look at me and I stiffen at his penetrating gaze.

I don't know what feeling is this, but it's uncomfortable. I walk towards the chair in front of him as she directs me to sit on it.

My resume and other documents clutched on my hands, pressed against my knees.

I look at him in the eyes nervously.

He stares at me for several minutes, his gaze

travelling on my body, touching every inch of it visually, it's making me drape a blanket or something.

He is caressing his red full lips with lust. His eyes mostly on my chest are ogling on my body.

U sit adjusting my saree which finally breaks his gaze. He lowers his eyes at the file in front of him, turning the pages of the file he finally says. "Can you speak all the four Dravidian languages?".

" yes, I certainly can."

"Ok. Say my name". His eyes with need, as he is staring me in the eyes. It's making me go super uncomfortable. I look anywhere but him, why does this man want me to say his name.

I finally gather all the courage to face his lusty gaze and say " Dev Singhania".

He grunts at my words, his left hand clenching into a fist as he presses it against

his mouth. Did I saw something wrong?

It's like he is holding his breath

I look him with a most confused look and he finally meets my gaze and says, "You are selected. Come to the job tomorrow at eight in the morning. You can wear anything but professional look, the starting salary will be forty thousand rupees and we can think of increasing it based on your performance. See you ".

That's it, just say the name and get selected, wahh this is my best interview ever. I do a little happy dance in my heart, and the salary package is making me drool. I am loving this job.

I say a tiny thank you and walk out of the office. I release a sigh of relief, now that the financial burden is reduced.

But only if Kaustubh was here to share my happiness with.

I am currently walking outside the building

gazing at the sky as his memories fill my thoughts...

I feel depressed again. No matter what I do I cannot erase Kaustubh from my life.

I will tell Mom about this news. Cheering myself up I walk ahead to my humble dwelling, a dwelling which I used to look forward to going to, but now is an empty concrete box without my husband in it.


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