Her Protector


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Winter Simpsons was raised in a life of luxury and lavish. She's the heiress to a multi-billion dollar company, and being the only child, she's her Father's princess and her mother's baby.

Despite the way she grew up, Winter strays away from being perfect. She treats everyone like equals, makes straight A's, and genuinely loves the man she calls her boyfriend. Her life is perfect and there's nothing that could change that.

That's what it seems until Winter meets Damian. He's completely opposite from her in every way. While she has blonde hair, he has dark hair. Her eyes are crystal blue, but his are honey brown. Winter is always surrounded by friends, but Damian is quiet and remains alone. While Winter was raised with everything being handed to her, Damian was raised in a life of hardworking, middle class folks.

When the two are paired on an assignment, things begin to change drastically. She begins to rethink her life, including the relationship she thought was perfect. But is he willing to let her go?



Rytham Kaushal

Hi. I read the story earlier on Wattpad but I am here just to re-read it. ❤

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Ryan Macuto

nice story

2021/7/27 Reply

Zachariah Mbae

Thumbs up

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