Other Side Of Anthony

One Year Later

"Happy Birthday Lilian! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!" All of my friends were howling and whistling. We were at the hottest club in town, celebrating my twenty-first birthday.

I was wasted, and my boyfriend Jack was being a dick. I was fucking mad at him, for screwing my friend Mariana at my birthday party. I found him pants down, pounding the very eager Mariana. Both were shocked at seeing me, but I just smile at them and told them to carry on. I didn't care anymore.

Since Janet and David passed away, I had a new point of view in life, which was fuck the universe! They had fucked with my life, and I just didn't give a damn anymore! I went on with my days carefree like nothing could ever hurt me anymore. I was done feeling sorry for myself!

I'm twenty one now, meaning that I would be free of Anthony. My annoying, controlling eight years older stepbrother who was also my legal guardian. We didn't even share the same last name.

When his parents adopted me I decided to keep my old name. And through some negotiation his parents cave in with my demand, saying that they could change it in the future whenever I see fit, and I agreed with them.

Last year when the lawyers read us the will, it was stated that I was in the care of Anthony who would act as my guardian until I'm twenty-one. They left both of us a fair amount of inheritance, which I couldn't care less. Honestly, if I could, I would trade it with their life.

That year was a bad year for me, I was very gloomy. Anthony moved back into the house, but it still feels empty without Janet and David. Ann would visit us sometimes, but she has her own family and kids now, so I never demanded much of her time anymore.

Anthony was very controlling towards me. I get that he was supposed to be my guardian, but it didn't have to be literally. Months later after the accident, I decided to change myself with a carefree attitude. Anthony was surprised at my transformation. I started to dress differently, talk differently and he didn't like it.

I've had it with Anthony's hot and cold affection towards me. Yep...at some moments, I would think that he likes me. We even almost kissed one evening after he was breaking my fall when I accidentally stumbled down the last flight of stairs while I was reading a book.

The next day, he brought a woman home, just to parade her in front of me. So I got myself a boyfriend, to lounge with by the pool in my tiniest bikini. I could still remember his rage, he was livid then throw out my boyfriend with no explanation. Then in the evening, he invited another woman for dinner, so I wore my most revealing silk pajamas to the dining table just to mess with his head. Then he sent the woman home and gave me a speech about my dinner attire while his eyes gawked at my body. I secretly smile on the inside.

It was frustrating to live under the same roof as Anthony. Knowing that I wanted him, and I think he wanted me too but he was such a good boy, that he would never break any rules.

Well then...back to my party! Anthony can fuck himself! I don't fucking care!

We were dancing the night away, we ordered more shots, Jack and Mariana left the party after I caught them fucking. I was heavily wasted and grinding to some random guy. Until I saw Anthony at the bar with a woman. She was clinging onto his arm giggling at some joke. I was suddenly done with dancing, then went back to our table.

Diane was calling for more shots. "Your birthday Bitch! Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot!" I laughed at her slurring words ...oh she's going down tomorrow. I take the shot from her hand and gulped it down in one go. The burning sensation numbs Anthony away to the back of my mind. Until he was in front of me, facing me, looking mad as hell.


"Lilian? you're drunk... really drunk. You're done here, we're going home." He ordered me.

I put my hands on his chest, feeling his muscles twitching under me. "Anthony, I'm twenty one now, you're not my guardian anymore," I whispered seductively in his ear. Feeling bold, I pushed my body to his, and grind him, dancing to the beat of the loud music.

He grabbed my neck firmly, yet making me very aroused. Then he whispered seductively in my ear.

"You're twenty-one and legal, now... I want you to come home with me, where I can do legal things to you." He said huskily making me wet.


He didn't wait for my reply he just pulled out his wallet, give some bills to the waiter, and told her to close our tab and send everyone home. He grabbed my waist and walked me to his car.

"Where's your woman?" I asked him when we reach the car.

"I didn't bring any woman, I meet her there and then I see you and ditched her." He shrugged at me.

He started buckling me into the passenger seat. His hand scraping my bare thigh. "Damn it, Lilian, this is not even a dress, it's too damn short! Where's Jack...I thought he was your boyfriend?" his hand was stroking my hair now.

See hot and cold ...hot and cold! I hate him!

"He's done being my boyfriend a couple of hours ago when I found him pants down pounding my very eager friend Mariana." I shrugged.

"Shit! sorry, Lilian...I didn't know."

See Hot and cold... It's like a chorus now. Screw him! 

"Nah!fuck it! I don't care anymore. Just take me home." My eyes were suddenly teary.

Fuck I hate my life!

He suddenly moves up to me and kissed me. He touched his lips to mine lightly like he was trying to see if I would pull back. Then he took his hand to my jaw and kissed me deeply. I moaned and open my mouth, as he pushes his tongue and teaches me a new meaning of kissing. I moaned his name again, and he pulled back from the kiss and rest his hand, on my bare thigh.

"We need to get you to my bed, right away." He said seductively, while his other hand caressed my hair. I squirmed, and he smirked at me.

Hot...hot...very HOT now

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