Tragic Accident

Lilian, Age 20

It was pouring thunderstorm, the flash of lightning and thunder raging mad in the night sky. I was waiting for Janet and David to come home.

I had a bad feeling about them going out tonight. I already told them to skip the event, but Janet said that they couldn't cancel. With the thunderstorms, many of the guests wouldn't show either, so they needed to fill out the seats. It was for a good cause Janet reminded me. I sighed as I let them go.

I was pacing back and forth waiting for their return, I love Janet and David, for the twelve years I spent my life with them, they took care of me. They truly care for me like I was their daughter. But I still couldn't call them mom and dad, fearing that one day they will leave me, abandon me just like my real ones.

I still love them unconditionally. Being twenty years old, I still stay close to them since Anthony won't. I accompanied them in the house, they like having someone to talk to whenever they're in the house. I refused to go out of town for college. Not like Anthony, who chooses all the furthest ones, and got accepted to one. He usually came home during the holidays, just like when he was in boarding school.

My hands were itching to call Ann or Anthony. I could feel like something was wrong, I could smell it in the air, just like when my real mom was dying from her illness. Martha, our maid was with me trying to comfort me. She was a sweet older woman, she knows me from the first day I arrived, even from the first moment Anthony arrived from the hospital as a baby. She smiled at me reminiscing when she would tell me stories.

I was about to call them when the house phone rang. I could feel myself trembling, my hand was shaking trying to pick up the phone.

"Hello, Lilian speaking..." I waited for the voice on the other line.

"Yes, good evening mam...we're from the state hospital, this is regarding Janet and David Woods. I'm sorry to tell you that they have been involved in an accident this evening. I will need you to come to the hospital mam..." he was still talking, but I was already crying and sobbing dropping down to the floor.

Martha immediately came to me, then continue taking the phone call and ended it. Then she hugged me, rocking me like when I was small. "I'm going to call Bert, best to go there with a driver at this time. We're going to the hospital right now okay? I'll get your shoes and purse, everything will be okay. I will be there. You want to call Anthony and Ann? Or should I?" She asked, while still hugging me.

I told her that I'd call them, and told her to inform Bert to get the car ready, and asked her to get my things. Then I called Anthony. He was devastated, but he continued telling me that he was not far from the hospital and would probably get there before me. He said that he would meet me there.

I also called Ann. She said she was out of town, but would get on the next available flight. She told me to stay strong and said that Anthony would be there and we have to be strong together.

We arrived at the hospital an hour later. Anthony was already there, he was talking to the doctor and suddenly resting his back against the wall. is not happening.

I could see the signs, my tears won't stop falling. Martha was on my side the whole time, then Anthony looked at me with sadness in his eyes. I ran to him when he opens his arms, then hugged him tight as I cry my heart out.

"They're gone Lilian, they're both gone." I could feel his tears on my temple, his chest vibrates with his sobbing cries. I know that he loved them, despite all their differences he really loved them.

Martha was talking to the doctor, and then she took all the paperwork and gave them to Anthony for him to sign. We went home two hours later, after talking to the lawyers regarding Janet's and David's wishes for their funeral. Anthony told me that they had arranged everything, that they had shared this information with him years ago. In the event that something should happen to them, Anthony was to contact the lawyers and they would make the arrangements.

Anthony went home with us, he left his car at the hospital. Martha said Bert would pick it up in the morning. She was sitting in the front, while Anthony was hugging me and sitting with me in the back. I couldn't even stop crying.

"We will be okay Lilian, don't worry...we will make it on our own." he kept on chanting and whispering soothing words in my ear.

"Please don't leave me..." I pleaded to him

"I won't... Now just rest okay? tomorrow will be a long day." He kissed my temple, and I closed my eyes.

I woke up the next morning in my bed with Anthony's hand, draped on my waist. "Anthony?" I shook his shoulder lightly. He looked so peaceful, so handsome.

Every time I see him back for holidays, it seemed that he had gotten taller, more built, and more handsome. Slowly he opened his eyes and smiled at me.

He's so handsome. 

"Morning Lilian, sorry about crashing here." He seated himself to the headboard...naked from the waist up, ripples of chest muscles and abs suddenly aligned to my face. I blushed at the sight, he smirked looking amused at me.

"You were having a nightmare last night, and I promised to hold you until morning, better now?" His morning bed voice sent funny feelings to my lower parts. I nodded and blushed again, he got up and kissed my temple. He told me to shower, then saying that he would meet me downstairs for breakfast.

We met the lawyers in the afternoon, and they informed us about the funeral. That it would be held the next day in a closed casket ceremony, and that they had arranged all the invites. The lawyers had been given the list previously by Janet and David. The lawyers said that they had already prepared everything for us, we just need to be there. They also informed us, that they would come again for the reading of the Will the next day.

The burial ceremony was blurry to my memory, what I remembered was that I couldn't stop crying. I was wearing my black dress and a black veil. I couldn't even wear sunglasses, since I kept on nudging the glasses with tissues every five seconds. Anthony and I sat in the front, where all Janet and David's acquaintances shook our hands, some hugged and gave us comforting words. Ann was also by my side. She was also shocked but keeping it grounded for my support.

We went back that evening. Feeling exhausted I went straight to bed. I woke up screaming having another nightmare. It was too vivid for a nightmare, where the woman who was dressed in white was at the bottom of the stairs. She was just waiting for me. Anthony was by my side immediately, taking me into his arms where I snuggled looking for his warmth as my body trembled with the coldness from the entity.

Ann came to my other side, she asked Anthony to bring me a glass of water.
"Lilian, you can do this. You can control your mind. Anthony said that you've been having nightmares. If you're strong, then you won't get tired easily, and the nightmares won't come. Do you trust me, Lilian? ..." I nodded at her. Anthony was back with my water, and give it to me and had his arms draped back to my shoulder.

"Lilian, I will have to go back to Seattle tomorrow morning, I'm sorry that I have to leave you so soon. But I already talked to Anthony, and he will keep you company, and take some personal time off from his company." Anthony kissed my hair and rubbed my arm.

"I will be fine Ann. I'm twenty now, I can take care of my self, you have helped me face my fear all these years. I will call you if I need your advice." I smiled at her giving her a hug.

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