Chapter 1: The new student!

As Yuki walked down the hall, everyone stared at him. He stopped and looked around for anyone he knew when he saw a boy he had been chatting with over the time he was abroad. He also knew him. 

Yuki smiled and waved at him, the boy just covered his face with his hands to cover the blush on his face.

"same old Ryku," Yuki muttered to himself.

After the first class, Ryku walked down the hall to the rooftop. Ryku saw Yuki sitting alone. Ryku walked up to Yuki and sat behind him. Ryku started embracing him from behind. 

"Ryku you still haven't changed?" Yuki said when he noticed Ryku hugging him.

"I have!

"If you say so.

"You got cuter than last year" 

"Ryku your too kind," Yuki said smiling, Yuki's face started to feel hot, and when he felt that it felt lovely.

"You're welcome!

After five minutes the bell rang for the end of lunch

"Come on Ryku let go, we have class" 

"how about no?" Ryku said still holding him.

Yuki groaned and then said his name stern.


Yuki had finally convinced Ryku to let him go.

They both headed back down the stairs

"Ryku" two voices said.

Ryku turned around and saw two boys staring at him. 

"oh hey Leo and AJ," Ryku said.

"say how do you know that kid?" Leo said.

"yea" AJ agreed with Leo.

Ryku explained to them how he knew Yuki.

"so your childhood friends?" Leo asked a little confused.

"yes Leo"

"Are you dating? cause we saw you guys hugging"

"AJ!" Ryku yelled.

"man..." Leo sighed.

"What!" Ryku asked.

"I'm sorry, I'm looking for Yuki?

"he went to class Aqua."

"what room?"

"I think room 135 or 408"

"Thanks, Ryku!"

"who was he?"Leo and AJ asked.

"that's Yuki's brother."



"hey? you okay?

"no! I'm tired from my gym class!

"I'll take you home," Ryku said while grabbing his ass and pushing up to his waist. 


"you said you were tired."

"I guess your right...T-thanks R-Ryku."

Ryku carried Yuki to his car.

"umm Ryku...you do know where I live right?"

"I ain't taking you to your home, I am taking you to my home.

"Wait w-what!

"Yuki comes on we haven't chatted in so long!" Ryku whined. 


They had made it to Ryku's home in ten minutes. 

"Ryku? when did you?"



"my dad got a better job"

Both Yuki and Ryku walked in. 

"my mum and brother, sister and dad are not home yet.

They walked upstairs to Ryku's room, when they got in Ryku's room, the front door opened. 

"Ryku? Dear are you home?" Ryku's mom started walking up the stairs. 

"yea mom" 

Ryku's mom opened the door. 

"hey Yuki!

"hey Amy" 

"What happened to you?

"I had to go abroad."

"well I'll go make some snacks for you two"

Just as Amy was leaving a little boy ran into the room.

"Ryu!" Amy yelled. A little girl came running in. 


"Ryu! leave Ryku alone" nova yelled chasing her brother.

Yuki started laughing. When Ryu, Nova, and Amy were down the stairs Yuki thought now would be the best to ask.



"D-Do... you like me?

Ryku didn't answer, instead, Ryku grabbed Yuki's waist and put him on his lap. 

"what's up with you?" Yuki was about to say something. 

Ryku started kissing Yuki. 

"Mm!" Yuki was startled. 

"to answer I do not like you, I love you!

Yuki was still on Ryku's lap when Nova walked in and saw Yuki on Ryku's lap. 

Nova slammed the door and ran down to her room.

Ryku started kissing Yuki again, Ryku took Yuki and put him on the bed, and started cuddling him. 

They watched a movie and then Ryku drove Yuki back to the dorms where they stayed. 

Ryku stayed with him. 

Ryku woke up and saw the time.

"Shit Yuki!

Yuki just groaned. 

"We are late!