Chapter 8

Aderyn POV

"C'mon let's have our breakfast" Bell said as she took hold of my hand and began to drag me somewhere.

"Wait! Aren't we going to eat with them?" I asked pointing at the people who were having their breakfast in the dining hall.

"No we will have it in the other room" she dragged me and I marked the looks people gave me when we walked through them into a room.

"Why are we having it alone away from them?" I asked

"Blake and Cole and even the Alpha will be joining us here" she said as she began to put her plates on the table.

I helped her and soon as she said the three monkeys entered the room with a stoic face.

"What will you eat Bread or cereals?" Bell asked from across the table.

"Bread please" I said smiling at her. All the while I could feel somebody burning holes into my side. I looked to my left and watched as the king kong watched me slowly fluttering his eyes as if he is trying to read me.

"What nonsense" I thought and banged my hand intentionally on the table making him to come out of his little world.

First, he stared at me emotionless then seconds later his expression changed to a scowling one and next minute he was eating.

"This man is a Psychopath" I thought to myself.

I took the bread and began to butter it using a knife when there was a loud screeching voice. I was sure that it was a rat but I began to laugh silently when a brunette came into view wearing a blouse or may be bikini like top with short skirt and big heels. Her face was caked with make up and she truly looked somewhat like Selena Gomez except for the beautiful part.

Selena Gomez was and is beautiful.

"What is this nonsense, finding the Queen?" She shouted at the top of her voice and I was sure that my ears would began to bleed anytime soon.

"Mind your tone and get lost Lily" Blake muttered drinking from his water.

"How dare you talk to me like that? I'm the Queen" she shouted folding her hands on her chest.

I looked at Bell to find her silently eating her cereals. She paid no attention towards the girl whose name was Lily. Unlike Bell, Cole and Dylan looked tensed.

"Lily don't start on this topic again" Cole said through gritted teeth and pointed towards the door asking her to leave.

"Shut up! You don't teach me what to do" she sneered and averted her eyes towards me. Her eyes widened for some seconds but she managed to hide it quickly. I did notice the fear in her eyes which she professionally hid under those fake contact lens.

"You got to be kidding me" she shouted throwing her hands in the air.

"A human? A human will rule us?" She started but was cut off by Dylan banging on the table.

"Enough Lily" he shouted getting up from his seat and he took hold of her arms taking her to a little distance. I could still hear their conversation though.

I never minded what people thought about me. But I never like people being disrespectful towards me.

I was just about to eat my bread when I heard her say "She is a slut and she only wants your money".

I ate my bread slowly but did hear her wincing in pain. I looked towards her to find a big cut in her cheek and the knife stuck into the wooden frame beside her. Blood was oozing out of her cheek and she winced in pain holding her cheek stopping her bleeding.

"I wonder who did that to her" I muttered feeling Dylan's eyes on me.

"What?" I snapped and he averted his eyes back to Lily who was still wincing in pain.

"Did you do that?" I heard Bell asking the question to Blake.

"No! Are you mad? I didn't " Blake whispered.

I kept eating my bread and took the knife buttering another piece.

"What the hell!" I heard Lily scream and with that she ran out of the room clicking her heels on the floor.

"Can you please pass me that plate please?" I asked Cole and he nodded passing me the plate.

I watched Dylan staring at me for some minutes and he turned his back walking out of the room taking long strides.

After the breakfast I came to meet many people in the house but the question kept lingering in my mind why are they all staying in one house. I even found a room filled with weapons like archery, shooting and what not all.

"They are seriously not some criminal group or something right?" I asked making her laugh at me.

"No we are not" she said and I followed her wherever she went.

She was walking ahead of me when she suddenly stopped making me to bump into her shoulders.

"Oh sorr-" I began but stopped when saw her quietly standing and nodding her head.

"Whats with this people standing quietly and nodding their head" I snapped at my inner voice.

"How would I know that you freak" my inner voice taunted me.

"How come you don't know you should know" I retorted back to my inner voice.

"Are you mad? You forgot that me is you and you are me" she told me and I mentally kicked myself for fighting with my inner voice which is me.

I am mad.

"Uh Alpha is calling you" Bell told me snapping out of her little moment.

"How do you know that? Are you using a Bluetooth devi-" she cut me off by taking hold of my hand and dragging me with her.

"Quick! He will get angry of we are late" she told me as she dragged me upstairs which I remember as his office.

"He needs to talk to you alone" she said and before I could question anything she knocked at the door and pushed me inside and closing the door she went away leaving all alone with the King Kong.

I gulped audibly but nevertheless dared to look at him and found him leaning against his wooden desk staring at me as if I have stolen his Five million dollar.


I stared at him waiting for him to say something and when he didn't utter a word I spoke up "Hey! What's up?"

He frowned but nevertheless composed himself and spoke "Did you do that?"

"What did I do?" I asked scowling at his question.

"Don't act innocent. I know that you are the one throwing that knife at Lily" he said walking towards me.

"And what makes you say that?" I asked shoving my hands in my pant pockets.

"I asked Bell, Cole and Blake and they didn't do that. So, as the only remaining person is you I'm guessing it was your work" he finished standing before me.

"What will you do if I say I didn't do that" I asked directly staring into his eyes.

"Well you are lying" he narrowed his eyes at me.

"The question is how did you do that? You just managed to cut only her skin. Are you trained or something?" He asked folding his hands on his chest.

"No! I think it happened by chance" I said and turned to leave but stopped saying "or may be I just missed her eye" and with that I opened the door and made my way back to my room.

Reaching my room I threw my top on the bed and changed into a vest top and wore a short spandex.

Closing my eyes, I relaxed a bit and then stood on my hands with my legs in the air and started doing my daily work out of push ups with both hands and sometimes with one hand.

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