TIMELESS; BOUNDLESS [Obey Me x Fem Reader]


16.51k words

7 chapters



Table of Contents


"Human lives are short... Isn't it?", you muttered to the brothers, sighing in both hopelessness and despair. You faced them with a bittersweet smile, seeing their faces covered in deep melancholy, telling you to do something for you to stay forever. Misty eyes filled the entire living room, giving a heavy atmosphere that's splitting your guts in guilt and remorse.
You clung on to your chest and breathed before speaking another word. The only thing you could do for now was to keep them smiling until your last breath. One of them spoke in a shaking manner, "Are you really okay to leave us after years?"
You couldn't hide your tears anymore. You finally spoke, "If you don't want me to, why not?"

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