The Mistress


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44 chapters



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"There, let loose," he said gruffly as he grabbed her blouse-covered breast and started kneading it roughly. She thrust it out into his hand wantonly, like a sex-crazed kitten, but bit on her lip to refrain from begging him to do more to her body.   
Carmilla and Joshua used to be friends.
She is now a sweet sunflower. And he has become a ruthless billionnaire.
Can the lost friendship be restored? Quite the hard feat since they share a chemistry that's out of this world. Fate then conspires to make their paths tangle.
What good will come out of that mess? How bad can it get?



Rebecca Farmer

really good story!!!!

2021/5/28 Reply

Timothy Timmy

This has helped me SO SO MUCH!! You have no idea. My husband was verbally abusive for years, he would disappear for days without contact, come home from work at 2-3 in the morning and say he was just working late. I had no money, I wasn't allowed to have play dates with other moms, go anywhere but the grocery store. When our daughter was born he would say how much he hated her and he didnt want to be around her. I left him in October and it has been so hard. He and his family keep bombarding me with versus from the Bible about how God is going to punish me. He has told me that I have to learn to forgive him and come back because hes changed and I'm ruining our daughters life. I believe an abuser never changes and that if I would have stayed it would have become physical, he would have gone from punching objects to me. I have prayed for signs from God to show me I'm making the right choice and he has answered faithfully every time. I came here on YouTube and find Dr Steven, A lady like me said he cast a spell for him and her husband came back home after 24 hours casting the spell and away from home. When I contacted Steven and told him about my problems, he said that's not a problem and my husband will be back home after casting the spell. He did wonderfully and apologize making it up, I'm making this testimony to tell others about marriege or relationship solution just with Dr Steven. My marriege is fine now and my husband loves I & my child lovely (+2348163807836 WhatsApp, mail )  This man has given me so much hope!! Thank you!

2021/3/20 Reply

Alena Moreland

loved the new chapter how do I vote do I just share

2020/6/4 Reply

Alena Moreland

Omg I Am So Happy I am only here bc of you girl so keep the writing up and don't forget your amazing at what you do love you

2020/6/2 Reply

Tammy Albro Sanchez

I followed u from Dreame just so I could continue reading ur books. keep up the good work

2020/5/29 Reply

Tammy Albro Sanchez

I followed u from Dreame just so I could continue reading ur books. keep up the good work

2020/5/29 Reply