Chapter 5

What did you do? Carmilla inwardly screeched at herself as she watched Joshua disappear in his office. What were you thinking?

The problem was she had not been thinking at all. It seemed as if all coherent thoughts had fled the scene once Joshua King had decided it was okay to claim her lips in the most searing kiss... ever. It felt as if he had wanted to possess her, or maybe stake a claim on her.

The independent woman in her wanted to lash out at him, throw things at his head and then leave his office, this job he had offered her and his life altogether. The sex-crazed part of her he had seemingly awakened from deep slumber wanted to do nothing more than to yield to his touches and caresses, and mewl under him.

Good god, he was handsome! Especially in that black tailored suit. What she wouldn't mind doing to get him out of that suit...

Get your head out of the gutter! She reprimanded herself, steeling herself and her resolve, before straightening in her chair.

Moments later, the two friends came out of the office.

Noah waved at her as he bid her goodbye, receiving a glare from dear Joshua which he totally ignored. Carmilla waved back at him, a warm smile stretching her lips, and Joshua's glare shifted to her.

She squirmed in her seat a little, and felt dampness smearing her panties to her utter and complete dismay.

Once Noah was out of sight, Carmilla could no longer ignore Joshua and his burning gaze. She looked at him and was almost startled at the amount of desire she could read in the depths of his midnight blue eyes.

“My office, Miss Lenoir,” he instructed in a deep voice.

She moved a little bit mechanically as she rose to her feet, obliging.

She followed him, taking small but confident steps, her head held high.

The moment she crossed the threshold, he was on her, slamming her back rather softly against the door.

Joshua's breath fanned the shell of her ear, and Carmilla shivered in awareness while white hot desire pooled at her secret entrance. She tried to control herself, not to emit a sound... but could she win against the temptation that was Joshua King?

Before long, his lips latched onto her earlobe on which he nibbled gently, and she moaned.

"There, let loose," he said gruffly as he grabbed her blouse-covered breast and started kneading it roughly. She thrust it out into his hand wantonly, like a sex-crazed kitten, but bit on her lip to refrain from begging him to do more to her body.

The rough treatment both unnerved and excited her to no end. Was she ever going to last in his embrace? Wouldn't she melt like chocolate by his body's heat?

To the media, Joshua King was a player, a bachelor, America's most sought after and most ruthless billionaire. To Carmilla, he was nothing but a brute, a hot brute... who didn't have a gentleman's bone in his body.

Could she ever resist him? Her resolution not to fall for his charms sure proved difficult to accomplish.

He opened the buttons of her blouse deftly, his eyes dark with desire, and she felt a blush creep under her skin.

She wasn't a prude. But with him, she sure felt inexperienced.

Joshua King was hands down the most handsome man she had ever met in her life. Once upon a time, he had also been a close family friend. Now, he was an enemy. An enemy she must sleep with. All for the sake of her family.

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