Chapter Eight

Drew heard footsteps outside the cabin door again and sat up in bed. Vane, Rogan's first mate, had left minutes ago after bringing him the evening repast. Surely the man wouldn't be returning already.

Dare he hope Rogan had come back? One day without him and he was miserable. He no longer cared about the past or the future, desired only forgiveness and forgetfulness in Rogan's bed. The door opened and Rogan stood under the archway, his head nearly touching the upper frame. He looked so dark and handsome bathed in the dim candlelight, and Drew couldn't hold back an audible gasp.

Rogan's hands were fisted, his jaw clenched and Drew wondered at the man's harsh, angry glare.

"Lower the sheet," Rogan said hoarsely.

Drew obliged, not realizing until then he'd been holding his breath. Rogan stepped into the cabin, closed the door behind him and walked toward him. Kneeling on the bed and leaning in, he wrapped his hands around Drew's throat. Fighting the urge to close his eyes against the hot touch, Drew met Rogan's gaze as the man's grip tightened. Good God, he wondered, did Rogan mean to kill him?

Rogan slid one hand down Drew's chest, took a nipple between thumb and index finger and tugged, shrinking it to a hard, little nub. His eyes were narrowed, as if he struggled with some inner demon. Despite the breathless moans Rogan managed to incite from his lips, Drew refused to look away from the man's hot, dark eyes.

"Remove the sheet, lie back with your legs spread and close your eyes."

Drew did as Rogan commanded and could only wonder what would come next. His body burned with anticipation, and his cock sprang to life. Was that all it took now? A command from Rogan and his prick became harder than a slab of marble?

Drew heard Rogan remove his clothing and next felt his weight on the bed between his legs. Taking his foot in his hand, Rogan set his leg on his broad shoulder and did the same with the other. Drew was dying inside; what would the debauched man do next? A lengthy time passed during which he heard nothing but Rogan's ragged breaths . . . and his own. Christ, if Rogan didn't touch him soon, he'd die from longing.

Suddenly Rogan's finger—no, two—dipped inside Drew's hole and he nearly came off the bed. Exquisite sensations surged through him.

"You want me, handsome lad, don't you?" Rogan asked.

Drew convulsed, could barely think to form his answer. "Please, Rogan, don't torment me. You know I want you."

Rogan probed deeper with his fingers, eliciting a series of broken cries from Drew's lips. He shuddered and rolled his head on the pillow. Rogan grabbed Drew's heavy sac with his other hand and squeezed, plunging him into a sea of wet heat and mindlessness. He rocked against the jolts of pleasure, and he begged for more.

Rogan stroked deeper and applied more pressure to his sacs. Drew pleaded like a love-starved fool. Finally, when Drew thought he could take no more, Rogan removed his fingers and he felt the man's weight shift.

Yes, yes, now, take me now. Oh, please, take me.

Rogan leaned over, his mouth hovering over Drew's, his cock pressed against Drew's hole. With his hands grasping his bottom, Rogan drove into him. Drew clutched Rogan's back and wrapped his legs around him, pulling him closer, closer. He had to stop himself from screaming when Rogan slammed into him time and again, moving him up on the bed with every thrust until his head met the head rail.

Drew's breath rushed in and out of his lungs, Rogan's every plunge more desperate than the last. Rogan set a rhythm that had Drew undulating and thrashing beneath him, aware of nothing except the hot, sweet ecstasy exploding through him. If this was close to heaven, let him die now.

His body seemed to splinter before he fell into an abyss of white lights and shuddering moans. Swift and potent, his climax sent his spirit drifting through realms of shivering tremors. Vaguely, he heard Rogan's long groan before his body went rigid and hot semen soaked his insides. Rogan collapsed at Drew's side and dragged him into his arms.

Drew felt the mad beating of his heart, or could it be Rogan's? Sweat drenched their bodies and mingled as their breathing slowly returned to normal. He'd never felt so satiated. Only Rogan could deliver him to the brink of madness, render him boneless.

God, he loved the man, had loved him all these years.

If only he could remain with him like this forever, command time to stop. The thought of returning to his life in Hampton without Rogan caused his stomach to clench. He'd done the unthinkable, the unforgiveable—discarded Rogan without as much as a backward glance. Ruled by jealousy and recklessness, he'd cut the man from his life without explanation.

The silence deafened him, and when he despaired Rogan would never forgive him, a hand came out and knuckled his cheek.

Drew propped himself up on an elbow and gazed down at him. "You don't hate me after all?"

"No, you foolish, stubborn ass, no matter how hard I've tried."

He leaned down, captured Rogan's mouth and snuggled into the warmth of his body.

"But if you ever get the notion to sever me from your life again, I swear I'll beat you within an inch of your life."

"Never," Drew said and crossed his heart. "Never, never."

"I can't risk it."

He froze. What did Rogan mean? Was this how he intended to punish him? By returning, marking him with his brand, ensuring he'd never be able to look at another, and then walking out of his life? Drew's stomach heaved with sour bile.

"I suppose you shall have to move your baggage into my residence so I can squelch your impetuosity when need be."

Drew looked into his eyes. "Don't play with my heart. Please."

"The last time I asked you to relocate to my residence, you married Claudia. What do you intend to do about my second offer?"

"Say yes and suggest you take me home immediately to stave off my impulsiveness."

Rogan kissed him passionately. "I'll have Vane make the arrangements to sail west in the morning."

"I love you," Drew said. "Only you, Rogan Brockport."

"You do?"

"Yes, now will you say the same or must I wrench it from you through other means?"

Rogan cocked a brow and studied him. "Hmm, sounds intriguing. What other means?"

"You know what other means." Drew looked down at Rogan's flaccid member, licked his lips and slithered down his body. "I want to touch you, please you in the same manner you please me."

With one hand on a nipple, the other on his cock, Drew felt Rogan's body tremble.

"I await the pleasure," Rogan said.

Drew couldn't control the need in his voice. "Sit up."

Rogan sat up and scooted back until his butt rested against the massive headboard. He settled back and watched Drew through hooded eyes. Beneath Drew's hand Rogan's heart launched into triple beats. Drew rubbed the man's budding erection with his palm and a low growl spewed from Rogan's throat. Bolstered by this new form of power, Drew ran his hands up and down the rigid shaft and watched it expand and lengthen under his rough ministrations.

Drew gazed into Rogan's eyes and positioned himself between Rogan's legs. He ran his tongue over the mushroom-shaped cap and paused, licking his lips before he took him slowly into his mouth. Rogan's cock throbbed and pulsated as Drew sucked and tugged, finding a rhythm that pitched his lover's hips upward.

Long moments later, he pulled his head back and looked up at Rogan, triumphantly. "Does that feel good or do I need more practice?"

His breathing erratic, Rogan rasped, "Bastard."

A bold smile parted Drew's lips. He slid his tongue along each side of Rogan's thick shaft and hovered near the tip again. Rogan's body tensed with anticipation. Toying with him, Drew nibbled at the swollen head, then he took him into his mouth again and sucked greedily. Rogan groaned low and hoarse and his body jerked. A moment later, the taste of his sweet, salty essence met Drew's tongue.

A muscle low in Drew's belly contracted and an aching need rose in his groin. He was supposed to be concentrating on pleasuring Rogan and all he could think about was the need to feel the man inside him again.

Wheezing, Rogan reached down and dragged Drew up to until he rested against his chest. "Forgive me, but if you keep that up, it will be over in a heartbeat."

"But you haven't said you loved me."

"I would have, despite your expert attention."

Elation washed over Drew. Rogan lifted him, positioned him so the heat from Rogan's cock pressed against his hole. Drew panted, whether from the expectancy of his words or his actions, he didn't know. Rogan pushed down on Drew's thighs and entered him swift and hard.

Drew moaned his pleasure and rocked his bottom against Rogan's pelvis. "Oh God, how do you do this to me?"

"Do what?"

"Make me want you so bad it hurts."

Drew tightened his knees and Rogan took him in long, tormenting strokes. When abandon overtook him, Rogan pulled out, rolled Drew onto his stomach and pummeled him thoroughly until he whimpered and thrashed, pushing back to meet every demanding thrust. Drenched in sweat, they met on some distant plane with Drew calling out Rogan's name, and his lover roaring his release against Drew's neck.

Long minutes later, Rogan rolled from him and murmured, "Sleep now, my handsome pirate, you earned it."

Drew nestled into the safety of Rogan's arms and closed his eyes with the acute awareness Rogan still hadn't said he loved him. In time, he would. For now, Drew had to be content with the fact they'd found one another again.

Exhaustion claimed him. In the morning, they'd sail home to Hampton, home to Rogan's residence.

Sunrise couldn't come soon enough.

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