The Billionaire owns my Alpha heart


Andrea ran her hand through her hair. It is been a long day. After so many months today, the Japanese ambassadors had agreed to her ideas and allowed her to carry out her plans in Japan as well which now meant more profit to her company. Yes, she is the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. Now all she had to do was go back to her pack house and read and sign all the 5 mountains of paperwork left. Yeah, you guessed right. She is also the alpha of the second strongest pack in the world and she is the CEO of Queens Incorporated. She was a self-made billionaire and philanthropist. She had created her new her pack from the remains of her old pack and all the pack mates who were left unharmed after a gruesome rouge attack. She had her 4 best friends and they help her run her pack. She looked at the clock & yawned and got up as it was almost lunchtime. As soon as she started packing, her office phone rang. She was very tired so she was very angry and tired and irritated. She needed a small nap and was heading to the secret hidden bedroom behind her office wall. So as for the call she knew that it was her assistant. Her office assistant, Darby yeah his name is Darby, was a jackass, 35-year-old dude who couldn't bear the thought of a female leader and that pissed Andrea, like a LOT. she gave him this job in sympathy cause he didn't have a job but his thankfulness was wearing off. He had started to not listen to Andrea come to the office late. Let useless calls come to HER desk phone. and today he was drinking beer in the office and was highly drunk. that was it. She was very pissed off and was going to fire him. So she growled and picked up her phone and said in a deathly calm tone.

' what' she was very scarily calm.

" Andrea there a guy who would like to meet you. He says he is from Sandiago Consolidated and is the C.O.O so you better meet him and now. plus we have a dealings meeting starting right now with Sandiego and some other companies"

" you know what! I'm coming and you are going to wish that I did not." I said with a deadly voice that sends these humans crying to mom!

" o..oo..ohhh...ohk" he gulped loudly.

Andrea smirked and went outside to fire him and be up with this stupid deals program.

Andrea smirked and went outside to fire him and be up with this stupid deals program


I sighed and headed out and went to the conference room and took the head of the table. Everyone was already seated. Just as I sat down there were gasps. CAUSE THEY THOUGHT WHAT IS A GIRL doing in CEO Queen's chair. I ignored then and then I noticed, at the other end of the table was a kind of handsome guy who was not the CEO of any company otherwise I would know... but had this constant aura of confidence and leadership around him. he also had a friendly but don't you even dare and try to mess with me aura as well. MAYBE a C.O.O.

YEAH I know I can read auras. I am a legendary werewolf. no one knows yet.

soo back to the guy I immediately knew he was the COO of the Sandiego consolidated

I am sitting here on my arse and this stupid CEO couldn't come himself!

I looked down to my file

' i am El -"

" Elijah Black CEO of Sandiego consolidated ? " I interrupted him.

" oh yes... but no I am the COO of the Sandiego Consolidated... nice to meet you" he replied

" EXACTLY MY POINT. where is your damn CEO huh- ..." as I was speaking some brave soul dared interrupt me.

my anger was hanging on a thread that too, a pretty weak thread...

" Do you know who he is huh?" some small company CEO said. I think he was new to this kind of stuff.. huh. "He is from a big, big company which is more costly than a thousand of your lives. And dear little momma's girly, this chair u r sitting on is for CEO Queen. get it? not for his sluts. so better get lost. " he huffed out.

yeah, that sent my anger above my head. WAYYYY OVER IT.

EVERYONE AROUND the table was inhumanely quiet. well Except that Elijah guy ... he was looking...Amused... wow that's new...

rest of them, they were looking as if a monster was coming to eat them.

well kinda true...

I couldn't help but laugh a little at there faces...

" huh that was a good laugh I mean I haven't laughed like this since like hmm forever. " I said.

" Hey why you laughing?" that guy asked me

" she is CEO Queen" that Elijah guy said. trying not to laugh

"ummmmmmm whaaaaaaat!"

" so now you know cool so what did we do now you know what you said was pretty hurtful I mean so what I'm going to do is I'm going to buy your company and you my dear friend aren't going to get any job in this country at least so you better start packing," I said.

" no ma'am please I'm sorry.I..iii... I didn't know"

" so what would this man trying to say is that if I wasn't the CEO he would have disrespected me. Still not a good excuse dear. Just to tell ya I hate male NARCISSISTS with a passion. So as for you GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BUILDING IN THE NEXT 60 SECONDS IF YOU WANT TO LIVE TO SEE TOMORROW"

He quietly goes outside the door his head hanging in shame.

"I'ma say this once so you listen here and listen good I don't tolerate any disrespect any kind of disrespect to be clear against women or any people working under me what whatever they maybe they may be janitors, they may be guards or they maybe my board of directors for all I care they work under me and they give me their best so I take it as my duty and when they're in my building you're to be treated with extreme kindness and due respect. So you better keep it in mind that what right now just happened never repeats. So I don't know about you but my mood is pretty spoiled and I'm not conducting this meeting today forward otherwise I may do something that I might regret so so the meeting is closed-and rescheduled for next month. Hope to see you all again next month. And Mr. Elijah black I am hoping to see your CEO as well as you in that meeting. I hope you tell him about the importance of what we are here to discuss."

he nodded whilst smirking... huh... I like this guy... he's got guts.

so I smiled at him and he smiled back.

" and as for Darby" I turned towards him " Um you're fired... Get out of my sights I'm giving you half an hour and then I better not see you in this building again after that you got that?" he nodded shakily.

" well good you better "

I got up left leaving all these idiots staring at me in fear. I just smirked at the thought. Huh... well now I got some bloody pack work to do.


Andrea = ZENDAYA

Aiden Sandiego = GRANT GUSTIN


VALERIE KINGSTON= NATASHA ROMANOFF (i know she is a fictional character but I wanted the bad ass Natasha Romanoff for this role)

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