Chapter 7


Once I take over, I head back towards my mate. She’s mine. Damn, she’s so beautiful. And she’s all mine. For eternity. Some may call me strange, but I’d rather be with a human that the fates have given me than a wolf that I would be forced to choose to take as Luna, only so that I could have an heir to take over the Alpha position. So excuse me for being possessive of my mate when I get her.

My whole body is yearning for her touch, so I come closer and crouch on the ground, putting my head under her hand so that her slender fingers run through my fur. I have never felt better, her touch and the tingles running through my body are heavenly!

I look into her eyes, hoping she would understand my intention to bring her with me, but she doesn’t seem to realize what I want. Her beautiful silver eyes stare at me in confusion and I have to pretty much force myself to look away from her.

I gently take her wrist in my jaw and tug on it to tell her that I want her to follow me.

I tell the guys to split and escort us back to the pack house.

The journey through the woods is quiet; no one says a thing in the mind link, knowing better than to piss me off now. They seem to have problems with my mate being a human, especially Mason and Shane. Leo may not have noticed the hostility in Shane's eyes as he glared at her, but I did. HE GLARED AT HER! How dare him! He always had something against humans, even though he’s never had any contact with them before. If he as much as looks at my mate the wrong way, I’ll put him in his place once and for all. I told him to go in front of us so that he can concentrate on leading the way and not on my mate. He better not challenge me on this, I’m not Leo to simply let it slide. I’m way more emotional and impulsive than him. I will not hesitate to remove Shane’s head from his shoulders if he pisses me off.

We near the clearing where the pack house is. Well, more like houses. Throughout the years we got rid of the windows and locks in doors, seeing as most of the time we are in our wolf’s forms. Oh, no. What if my mate doesn’t like it there? What about the lack of windows? She will get cold at night. She can’t get sick because of me. Maybe I can just sleep with her and my body heat will keep her warm.

My thoughts are disturbed by Mason’s saying that we’re here. Huh, I haven’t even noticed.

My beautiful mate stays still and seems to analyze her surroundings quickly. I use this moment to head towards the guys to talk to them.

‘Shane, fucking look at her wrong way one more fucking time, I goddamn dare you!’ I snarl at Shane as soon as I get near him, making sure my mate doesn’t notice. I don’t want to scare her.

‘Sorry, Alpha, but there is something strange about her, I don’t know what it is, but it unnerves my wolf. He’s been restless the whole way here, like he’s waiting for an attack or something. I also smelled some weird scent on her. It doesn’t seem to belong to her, but my wolf is getting more and more agitated the longer we smell it.

I’m surprised Shane noticed the weird scent on my mate; he didn’t get that close to her to smell it. I always wanted him to be the Beta, but Leo said something about betraying Mason by doing this, but I think he simply wanted someone more level-headed to hold such position. Shane is a psycho, that’s why I like him. He follows orders well, but he’s not exactly a composed person. Just like me, he gets impulsive sometimes, okay most of the time, and it often ends up badly. He’s brutal and I like that about him, but not when he’s directing his anger at my mate.

‘I know what you mean, I smelled it too. But there is no way for us to know what it is, and we can’t really ask her about it. We’ll watch the borders and keep an eye on any humans nearby. No matter what, I’m not giving her up. What I’m concerned about is the state she’s in and the fact that she has nothing with her. Luke, Jason, go and hunt something down and bring some berries or something for her to eat. Mason, Shane, go back to where we found her and look for anything that might help find out why she’s here and where did she come from. I don’t really want to wait till full moon to ask questions. Dismissed.

I close the mind link and turn back to my mate, only to see her watching her surroundings looking deep in thought.

I bark to get her attention and wait for her to come to me. I really don’t like her walking with those injuries on her legs, but she probably doesn’t trust me enough yet to get on my back.

I lead her towards my house. It’s bigger than others because I’m the Alpha, as was my father and grandfather.

My paws quietly hit the hardwood floor as I head through the short hall to my bedroom. It’s mostly empty, since I have no use for it as a wolf, but it should be enough for now. The walls are dark blue with white accents and furniture. My king sized bed is covered in dark blue and gold comforter and golden satin pillows. The closet takes almost half of the room and is mostly empty, consisting mostly of my jeans and shirts. Like I said, I don’t need a lot of clothes when I run around in my wolf form, but I wanted to have room for my mate's wardrobe for when I find her. I go around my mate to leave the room to give her some privacy, but for some unknown reason, she follows me outside.

I look at her, clearly confused by what she is doing and nudge her back inside. She needs to treat her wounds. Of course, if she wants me inside with her, I will gladly oblige, but I don’t know how comfortable she is with me yet.

After a while of silent staring contest, which I won, by the way, she does the unexpected, she speaks.

“What do you want me to do?” She asks. Her voice is not exactly what I imagined it to be. It’s deep, powerful, and with a little rasp, as if she didn’t speak for a long time, but it still sounds angelic to my ears. I could listen to her all the time.

Damn, she’s perfect.

I tilt my head as I watch her face in awe. How could something so perfect even exist? I’m so fucking lucky to have her as mine.

‘But she’s not yours yet, moron’ Leo reminds mockingly.

‘She will be. I don’t know her past, but here, she’s my queen and she will be treated as one.’ I say with pure conviction in my voice.

‘I know, Demon. But give her some time to adjust, okay? We can’t lose her now that she’s here.

‘We won’t, Leo. I’ve told you already. She’s ours. And it’s going to stay that way.

I nudge my mate again till she sits on the edge of the bed, oh goddess, the things I would do to her on it in human form. It’s pure torture to not be able to talk to her or touch her without the risk of scratching her or something. Just you wait, little one, till I’m human again.

I lie down and stare at my mate’s feet, debating how to treat them. I decide to use the old fashioned way, licking. Wolves often lick their wounds to clean them, so I don’t see any problem with that. With one long lick a clean most of the blood from my mate’s right foot, causing her to yelp and quickly scramble back on the bed.

Shit, I hurt her. But I can’t let her wounds get infected. So I get on the bed with her and putting my front legs across hers, I continue with licking her feet clean.

I can feel her body tense beneath me and her breath shorten, but I had to get her wounds clean. Once I was done, I looked back at her, only to see her panting and strained. What the hell? What did I do? I suddenly get an idea, and to test it I lick her foot one more time, without restraining her legs. She immediately tenses again and tries to pull her legs to herself, but I’m faster. She looks like she’s trying to control something.

And I know exactly what.

She’s ticklish!

I stare at her with clear amusement. Why is she trying to suppress her laugh? I want to hear it. So I start my plan to get a laugh out of her. I lick, nip and bite her feet watching her reaction to it. Whenever she seems to be losing breath, I stop for a while and then start again.

After a while she’s absolutely exhausted and breathless, so I stop it altogether. I don’t want her hurt. I sit on the bed with her lying next to me, trying to catch her breath. I didn’t hear her laugh though. I watched every little thing she did, and didn’t see even a glimpse of a smile, never mind a laugh. It’s like she doesn’t know how to. She’s so stoic and composed, but her eyes hold no emotions, and it almost scares me. She’s just like I used to be a long time ago. Hollow, an empty shell of a person.

I watch her closely and commit her vision into my mind. I want every detail engraved into my memory. I have no doubt who I will see every time I close my eyes. She’s all I see now. My world, my love, my everything.

Her breathing slows down and her eyelids fight to stay open. I notice the short glimpse of fear in her eyes as she tries to stay awake. She’s afraid to sleep. Good goddess, what the hell has she been through to be scared of sleeping? I lie down next to her and lick her face in reassurance. Putting my head under her hand I make her arm rest around my neck, hugging me. She seems to like me being close to her now, not that I would leave her, and snuggles closer to me, her eyes closing. I listen to her slow breathing reassuring myself that she’s here. With me. Soon I close my eyes and let the sleep take over.

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