Jack, My Mate


I STROLLED around the property, taking pictures after the breakfast we had together.

I looked at Westley every now and then when Keene was not looking at us. The bloke seemed so gormless. They were friends for a few years, and it was impossible he didn’t have any idea what his roommate was doing at night, or he chose not to question her choices in life.

I was still wondering why she had to be a camgirl at night if she had a day job in the antique shop. I knew it didn’t pay much, but that would do the bills.

I burrowed Keene’s car to drive to the town for my lunch. I remembered she was working today. I passed by her shop, and she was busy talking to the customers. I just drove back home disappointed.

Neither was I in a mood to paint. I uploaded the pictures from the memory card to my laptop. I scanned the pictures of her that I captured secretly. It was taken from the deck before we went to town. I memorized every angle of her face. She could wear any contacts or colorful wigs, but I would bet anything, she was definitely the camgirl, Sindy Kate.

At the same time, I went to the site. I knew she was online. Indeed, she was. She was giving advice to one of the viewers on how to keep their sex life more interesting.

Funny how people ask her loads of trash.

I type my questions, but it buried with a bunch of questions from the viewers. She was definitely getting a lot of coins out of this.

I forgot I purchased coins—all I had to do was tip her to get her attention.

DangerouslyAddictive10: Would you rather tell the truth to someone that could hurt her feelings in the process? Or better to just keep it to yourself?

Then I tipped her.

She glanced over the screen, probably reading my message. She then looked at the camera—again my heart pounded wildly. My face heated up when she smiled. My subconscious thought that she knew me, and she was just right in front of me. This is so bollocks!

“Hi, DangerouslyAddictive10, to answer your question.” She caught her lip between her teeth as if thinking of what she would answer. “I’d rather tell the truth. Jim Davis once said—the truth will set you free. But first, it will make you miserable. If it’s for the better, then there is nothing wrong, unless you have a valid reason. Nevertheless, it will always prevail.” Then she smiled.

She’s smart. I give her credit for that.

My body stirred, making me swallow hard. It was weird if she looked at the screen right through me with warmth in those eyes while treating me the opposite when she was in front of me. But of course, she bloody did that for money.

She moved to answer some questions. Another viewer gave her a bigger tip. She pulled her top off. My eyes popped out from each socket as I stared at her in shock. More of a warning would have been nice next time, Westley.

It was like she did it a thousand times. There was no hesitation showed on her face. Her beautiful tits bounced naturally. Her dark pink nipples peaked for attention. She was undeniably gorgeous.

Then something caught my eyes. Her right nipple was pierced. Wow! That, I didn't see coming. The diamond-like stud shone upon the lights in her cream-colored room.

For a moment, I struggled to wrap my head around this scene if I was seeing the same woman I knew.

My cock instantly swelled as her hands journeyed to cup her tits. My hands tightened around the edge of my laptop with a suck of a breath.

I closed my gaping mouth and swallowed hard as I felt her sweet bite of pain on her nipples had caused my body to clench.

My fingertips were itching to feel them in my hand. My arousal was growing. The anticipation was killing me. At the same time, I thought it was wrong to gawk at her in her room—it felt like I was invading her privacy.

I realized I felt like I was a peeping tom.

She massaged her breasts, and I found myself licking my dried lips. She was maddeningly torturing me. She bit her lip, bucked up as she continued rubbing her tits and twisting her nipples.

My blood rushed through my neck up to my face. I ignored the stiffy todger poking against my knickers as I kept my eyes glued to the beautiful and seductress Sindy Kate on the screen. I wouldn't even want to blink to miss out on this glorious moment.

I felt the sensation flowed through my veins, radiating all over my skin.

Then she sat back pulling down her shirt again. A mix of relief and disappointment hit me, and I was going to sleep with a raging hard-on. Fucking great!

I fixed my knickers as she moved on entertaining her viewers. A tone chimed indicating for another viewer throwing her a bigger tip. Then she apologized and excused herself.

I collapsed on my pillow after placing my laptop aside. I closed my eyes, still succumbing to my disappointment. I couldn’t help but wonder what they had been doing privately.

My muscles tightened to the thought of what I’d been doing. This was probably why my brother had been telling me to go out and have some fun.

Seeing someone on the camera, unable to touch her, yet I was having a hard-on—it was frustrating. This was an act of desperation.

I was a hot-blooded human who had needs, desires, and wants, yet, here I was trying to block those things out instead of facing reality.

My mind went back to Sindy Kate—she smiled, laughed, and entertained people behind the screen. The woman I talked to yesterday was the real person with agony hooded in those big eyes, but I was more mesmerized with the masterpiece she created.

But there was something in both of them that drew me to them.

I retreated to the shower after shedding my clothes off. The blast of cold water didn’t help my raging hard-on.

Damn it, Westley! What am I doing?

I squeezed a good amount of shampoo into my hand and grabbed my aching cock from the root to tip. Resting my forearm above my head, I closed my eyes, keeping up slow strokes, at first.

Hiya, Jack, my mate!

Westley appeared with her dark ocean-blue eyes, glittering with lust as she stared back at me. She then knelt while biting her bottom lip as she swatted my hand away from my grip. She grabbed cock, shoving all in her mouth in one thrust that had me nearly came apart.

"Fuck, Westley. A little warning would be nice." She sucked me and then released me again.

My erection was wet with her saliva, and she even licked the slit of my tip, tasting the bead of my pleasure she had caused. She continued to lick my tip, then slowly swirling her tongue around my head.

I watched my cock sunk into the rim of lips as she swallowed me inch by inch.

"Take me. All of me." I sucked an unsteady breath, feeling my cock swelled in her hot mouth. She cupped my balls, massaging them, and I almost lost my bearing with the sensation she gave me.

Fuck! This woman could suck. I could feel her hum radiating from my cock.

I imagined how she could blow my mind if my cock was buried deep inside her.

My heart was racing, eyes watering, skin tingling everywhere. My muscles contracted as I gripped her hair to quicken the thrust.

She submitted.

I stroke faster. Faster. Faster.

In my mind, I came in her throat.

"Fuck!" My vision blurred.

I opened my eyes, only to watch my come spurt out from my spasming cock, hitting the cream wall in the shower.

What the fuck had I done?


“HEY,” I greeted. Guilt clogged in my throat to what I did last night.

I suggested cleaning the dishes after breakfast. At first, she and Keene declined, but they finally gave up when they saw me doing it in the right way.

“Hi.” Westley was sitting on the swing, still had a coffee mug in her hand.

“Can I ask you something?

“Can I say no?” Here she was, smartarse and sarcastic.

“Are you not going to work today?

She shook her head. “My work is only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.” That said on why she had to work at night. She stared at me. “Why’d you ask?

“Just having a conversation I guess since you seem relaxed and not preparing for work. Can’t you find any other job?

“Regular job in this town is very limited, Linton. My degree is not useful around here, and I don’t have experience working on a farm, too. So, I can’t be choosy, can I?

“Don’t you have a plan for advertising the cabins? Even just on social media. The holiday is approaching.

She looked at me and stared. “I don’t even know how did you find this place. We have only two cabins, and this is way far from the town. The visitors won’t be able to reach this place even during festivals.

“That sucks.

“Yeah, it does.

“Can I ask you another question?

She rolled her eyes. “Fine.

“I thought if you can be my model?

She looked at me with wide eyes, pointing at herself. “Me?

“What? Do you prefer me to ask Keene as my model or Mr. Stan instead?

She burst into laughter, then wrinkled her nose. “That’s probably a good idea.

“A good idea? So, you agree then?

Westley stood up, sauntering towards the flower pots. She felt the delicate petal of the flower with her fingers. Somewhere in my brain wanting to feel her skin instead.

“I’ll pay you.” I stood beside her, hoping my plan would work.

She squinted at me. “I don’t need your money, city boy. Just leave me alone.

I had thought about my plan carefully this morning, and could not give up that easily. So I made sure my voice seemingly hopeless. “I just need a model.

“What kind of modeling? Does it involve nudity?” Oh, it certainly does, Westley.

My eyes widened in innocence, though the plan was to paint her nude. I wanted to figure something out as well. I knew it was drastic and not a great idea, but did I have any choice? I just didn’t have any other way I could pull her shirt off of her body because there was no way I could take her willingly into bed with me.

So she preferred to pull her clothes off, and God knew what else they asked her to do than be my model?

“I shouldn’t have asked you that. I’m sorry. Thanks for breakfast.” I was stepping down the porch and ready to go back to my cabin when she called my name. There you go, Clyve!

I stopped to a halt and turned around, trying to hide my smile buy heart could not deny the anticipation. “Yeah?

“Does it involve nudity?” she asked again.

Bloody hell! Yes, Westley. I’m a fucking man. Who doesn’t like to see you naked?

“No, Westley. You’ll just have to pose in front of the camera and change some clothes.

Shit! That was totally out of my plan, but it was too late to take it back, wasn’t it?


“So, interested? The offer ends in ten seconds.

She smiled—a genuine one. “You don’t have to pay me. Just give me copies of the shots I like.

“I’ll pay you, Westley. And in frames.

“That won’t be necessary.

“Just take it as a talent fee.

“Fine, when do we start?

“How about tonight?” I walked back to the front of her porch, smiling like a complete fool.

“Tonight? What time?


There was a hesitation on her face, but she subtly nodded. “What should I wear?

“Nothing fancy. You might need only to wear a blanket.

“What?” Her eyes widened in shock.

“Look, Westley. You can always say no if you’re uncomfortable.

“Okay, see you tonight then.


Brilliant! My plan is utterly useless.

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