Phoebe's POV

“Ohh! Damn, yes!” I answer, without even thinking twice. How can I think at the moment when he’s rocking my body like a hurricane? My medium-sized breasts jiggled slightly with his every thrust, making me moan time and time again.

He shifts the pace and now thrusts faster, deeper and harder than ever before. I am on the edge, especially that my clit is being rubbed at the same time.

Shit! It’s so damn good!

I moan some more, my tone higher and longer.

“Ohh… God! That’s so good, Finn! Ahh!

I hear his labored breathing as he keeps driving in and out of my body. I begin to tense, holding his cock tighter inside me. His low grunt is so sexy, I swear. I want to hear it again and again.

“I want to…”

“Yes!” he says, cutting me off.


“Come with me, Phoebe!

Not a few moments later, I feel my release together with his. We both moan hard and long in ecstasy. He holds me tightly while my sweat-covered body quivers with so much pleasure.

He carries me to the cot some minutes later. He lies on his back while I am splayed on top of his body facedown. My breasts are pressed against his hard, muscled and smooth chest. I can feel the strong rhythm of his heart, like mine. His arms are around me.

“So, what do you have against the ITG?” he slowly inquires.

I slowly lift my eyes to look at him and tell him the truth, from the very beginning. That is when he understands why the ITG kidnapped me. He also tells me that the firearms in the boxes that are stocked on the other side of the cabin-like house are what Zamir wants. But he says that there is no ammunition in there. Zamir is not so stupid after all to keep them all together in one place.


I can’t sleep with my position on top of him. And it seems neither can he.

“I… I think—”

Before I can even finish what I’m about to say, his lips capture mine. I can’t seem to protest and I don’t want to.

His one hand holds my nape while the other traverses and skims downward to cup my butt. He kneads and caresses it while rubbing his arousal against my lower abdomen. Like an auto machine, my body responds to his. I feel the warm liquid that pools between my thighs almost immediately. I reach down to guide his hard cock against my moist honeypot.

He changes our position before I know it. I am lying face down, flat on the cot, while he kneels and effectively trapping my body. Then he slowly lowers his body alone with mine. With it, I feel him enter me from behind, his elbows supporting most of his weight.

“Ahh!” I moan when he’s buried fully inside me. It’s like he’s stretching my walls forcibly once again.

He licks the skin of my shoulder and nips it before pulling his cock out of my body. I groan in protest. But I don’t have to wait long for he pushes it in one stroke, making me gasp for air.

“You like that, Phoebe?” he asks, fully buried once again.

“Oh, yes! Do it again, Finn!” Shit! I sound begging. But then again, I do want it, so I don’t care anymore.

My breasts and entire body are pressed against the hard cot. But it is kind of delicious. With him driving in hard and deep while pulling out achingly slow, it is so damn pleasurable!

I feel his right thumb press against my butthole as he pushes in and pulls out. My mouth is wide open, and loud moans escape from the back of my throat. The cot shakes with his every move, protesting on our weight together on it. I won’t be surprised if it’s going to crumble beneath us with Finn’s hard thrusts like that.

My mind is on the edge of going crazy when he reaches in front of me to play my little pea. Never pausing in his thrusts, the pleasure is just too much. I can’t stop singing with delight.

I never knew it is possible like this. His thumb buries into butthole, and his cock is fully inside me while the other hand presses and plays my now swollen nub. I let out a scream when I hit the peak but he doesn’t stop.

“Don’t stop coming, Phoebe!” he commands, panting. His cock is in and out fast and deep.

Oh, God! This is sweet torture!

My juice indeed keeps flowing as he keeps fucking me from behind. That thumb is still in my butthole and my fat little nub is so sensitive. I keep wriggling beneath him with non-stop moans.

“Ughh!” He grunts with his every stroke inside my body. “You’re tight, Phoebe! It feels so fucking good!

“Your cock feels good inside me, Finn! Ahh!” I said between my breaths.

I hear him chortle while he pants. “This cock is yours, Phoebe! Ohh…” He continues to pump hard.

I can’t help but smile but it’s wiped off because of a moan. Shit! He’s so damn good at this.

“How many women have you fucked after saving them, Finn?” I ask, moaning in the end.

“Only you, Phoebe. Ohh! Fuck! You’re so hot I can’t resist you!” he answers, keeping his hard thrusts.

That’s quite news to me. I bite my lower lip, feeling flattered.

I feel him change his pace again. This time is faster than before.

The cot creaks in another hard protest. Well, I just moan with it. I can’t protest on how Finn fucks me since this is the best one I’ve ever had in the first place.

He growled upon spraying his jizz inside me, puffing. My own fluid mixes with his inside and it’s already overflowing between my thighs.

He cuddles me after a few moments of staying inside my body. I sigh with pleasure before closing my eyes.

“Let’s talk after this whole thing, shall we?

I just groan in answer, not thinking much what he means by it. My whole body tingles with his touch.

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