Of Roses and Peonies


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Lee Hae Soo is so precious to her parents that they let her do and get what she wants. She has the brains, beauty, money and all. The problem is just her attitude—she’s sarcastic, cold and rude, dubbed as the school’s Ice Queen.
She may be like that to other people but she’s not like that to her best friend, Kang Ji Yeon.

Hae Soo is in love with Ji Yeon, romantically.

When Hae Soo’s mother knew about this, having her only daughter in love with the same gender, they force her to go back to Korea and enroll her to an elite private co-ed school, giving her the condition of if she can introduce a boyfriend to them within 100 days before her 18th birthday, she can go back to New York and reunite with Ji Yeon.

The problem is that Hae Soo is a man-hater and everything got messed up for her when she was put in the class where boys are the occupants and she’s the only girl student in it.

Will she be able to fulfill her mission to reunite with Ji Yeon now that it’s not just one boy who’s interested with her?

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