My Secret Mate

Chapter One

Eldon's POV (EJ)

I walk down the halls leading to the court room where a meeting is about to take place. I wonder what the old guys want to talk to me about. I look down at my wrist watch and I see I'm running a bit late than scheduled time. It's an hour after lunch which was at 12:00pm. I hope they don't mind their king is a bit late joining them. A king is never late anyway, he's always on time.

I reach the doors and guards standing there open the door for us, Liam and I, my personal adviser. He was my mother's personal guard back when he was young but now he's a bit older to be a guard though I know the old man can still pack a punch.

We walk inside the room and they all stand up, greeting me while bowing. I take my sit in the higher front where I can see them all perfectly. They sit after I've done so and the meeting begins.

"Alpha of Alphas, I humbly greet you." I nod at him, Conrad Harris, the leader of the group gathered around here, the councilors. It mostly consists of former Alphas who are retired. "The reason we are all gathered here is about the Queen."

I sigh when I hear the reason of the meeting. It had to be about her, what else would it be about? Lately, she's all they talk about and not just them, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole kingdom talks about her. She's Queen after all, the King's consort, my one and only mate, Luna of the Kahuna pack.

"What about her?"

"You see Alpha; she has been violating the rules and laws of this land for a long time now. We couldn't just sit down and watch anymore." He explains and I give him my hard face. I know my mate can be delusional but violating rules, that's a bog accusation right?

"You have to explain more than that so that I can know what you're talking about." I tell him and he bows, signaling for another to stand up and explain. I nod at their greeting, wishing this goes by fast.

"An alpha has responsibilities to his people. Thank you for managing all your responsibilities." He pauses as he turns a page of the folder he's holding. "However, a Luna has her own responsibilities to the people of the pack and as Queen, to the kingdom. It has come to our attention that the Queen has been doing nothing of what is expected of her." He says and bows as another stand when he sits down. He says his greetings as well and I nod for him to continue.

"Alpha, I hope you know the duties of a Luna to the kingdom. What is expected of her is the opposite of what is happening." He stops, receiving a paper from his friend and then continues. "Do you know how many people she has fired from working in the palace in the years that she became Queen? With just one small error, she fires them and cast them out of the palace. These poor people that work in the palace, are being fired and cast on the streets to starve to death, others now have started stealing in order to survive. Our orphanage had a few children but now it is full and has little resources to look after them. All these are the duties of the Queen, that she had to look after and end all the problems, but because she gives a blind eye and people are suffering."

They explain many more and after giving me their reports, I dismiss them with a promise to work out this problem. I sit in my office with my head in my hands as I think about all I heard today. Are there really people suffering, dying because of my mate's doings? No matter how I think about it, I still can't believe that this is real.

"Perhaps you should check the Queen's office. If there is a problem, reports are sent either to this office or hers. Since we've never received any of those reports, she must have them in her office." Liam suggests and I agree with him as I get up and walk out of my office.

I approach the doors the doors to the office but stop first and look around. No guards are present at this place which is something that is not supposed to be when the Queen is in the office. It was something past three in the afternoon and she had to still be in the office. I open the door and find her secretary seated on her sit and working on what I assume must be the Queen's work. I clear my throat to get her attention since she seemed to be into whatever she was looking at.

"Alpha of Alphas," she greets while kneeling on the ground and head bowed down. I signal her, Melissa, to stand up and she does so.

"What are you doing on the Queen's office sit and where is she?" Liam asks her as I take the sit myself and start going through the papers I find on the desk.

"I-I was working sir a-and the Q-queen is not here sir." She stammers. I pay no mind to them as I focus on the papers on the table.

I read apology letters from some of the people she had been firing, as they apologies in hopes of being reemployed. I read letters from the Luna's of the packs in the kingdom, asking for help from their Queen. Some of the hospitals needed help as well as the orphanages. The reason why I couldn't believe my mate did all that was because she would always take money from me to help those in need. I find receipts in a drawl and I know what my money she's been taking has been used for other pointless things. I guess people can be heartless and knowing I live with such a person pains me.

"Where did you say my mate is?" I growl at Melissa, finding it hard already to reign in my anger.

Melissa stutters out the place and I leave the office with an order for her to deliver all the paper work in the Queen's office, to my office. In the back of the palace, there is a large pool house. I don't frequent the place but my mate loves coming down here for a bath.

A year ago, she had been nagging me to make the house soundproof so that when we are having sex in there, the guards outside must not be hearing her screams of pleasure. I wanted people to hear her cries of pleasure to know she's mine and I please her, so I didn't do what she asked but when she cut off the sex, I had no choice but to bend down to her needs.

I find the guards outside the pool house this time, meaning I've found my mate who is definitely inside. They look at me in horror and I wonder why they look like that. Maybe they are sick or something; I shrug my shoulders. One of them shakily open the door for me and when I step inside the room, my heart stops beating for a second and when it does start beating, it beats so hard and fast.

Inside I see boys and girls dancing to the loud song from the big speakers in the room. There are so many sorts of drinks mostly alcoholic. Most of them are drunk and to get a werewolf drunk from the alcohol, it takes a lot of drinks unless if they are using drugs. I push my way to the front as they are not aware of me in the room yet. When I reach the front, I first smash the source of the sound and then I growl loudly snapping anyone back to normal with my angry growl.

They all stare at me in shock and fear as they all freeze in horror.

"This is the part when you leave." Liam clears his throat and announce to the crowd. It's like the shock is gone as they all run to the door squeezing each other to be able to escape the Alphas wrath.

"What do you think you are doing, EJ?" My mate, Nadia, shouts at me as she comes out from a room when all the people are gone. I feel ashamed when I set my eyes on my mate and find her in nothing but a pant and bra. Something a Luna should not be that free to expose in respect for her mate. But here she is exposing things that only I'm allowed to see.

"I am supposed to be asking you that question! What is all this, Nadia?" I growl at her she scoffs at me, the action increasing my anger.

"What do you think it is?" She asks and I just look at her making her groan and rest her hands on her hips dramatically. "It was a fucking party EJ, which you ruined because of your stupidity. Those are my friends you've just chased out!"

"You call me stupid?" I growl and take a step towards her but Liam puts his hand on my chest, shaking his head. He is facing me since he turned around when he saw how naked the Luna was, so he turned away from her. I calm myself a little and look at my mate.

"Why Nadia, why have you been ignoring your duties as a Luna of the kingdom?" I ask her and she starts laughing like I've just said a good joke.

"Duties? You call that, duties? I'm sorry but I don't have time for such stupid things as that. I'm the Luna here and not them. If I want to give them things or help them, I will do it when I want to not when they ask me to do so. There is no need to ask because I feel like they are ordering me around and I don't take orders from anyone. I'm not silly like your mother so they should not expect things to go simple like before; new Queen, new rules." She spits and I growl angrily advancing at her. She takes steps back fear visible in her eyes. Liam holds me back and struggles to hold me still.

"She's drunk, please ignore her Alpha." He pleads and I ignore him. It doesn't matter whether she's drunk or not, disrespecting my mother is a big crime.

"Alpha if your mother hears about what you want to do, he will greatly be disappointed!" He shouts at me and my anger disappears at the thought of my mother being mad at me or me disappointing him.

I love my mother so much and disappointing him is something I avoid. I wasn't born from him but he took me in as his own, loves and cares for me as if he gave birth to me. Yet because of me, he lost one of his unborn twins and harmed the other. He is every Alphas wish of a mate to be like and I too hoped to find a mate like him but I guess my hopes were void. I got the opposite of my mother as a mate.

I turn away from Nadia as tears slide down my face. I change to my wolf form and burst out of the room in a run towards the woods. Thinking about my mother makes me realize just how much I miss him and his wise words. He always had something to tell me when my mate brought me down. Running helps me out sometimes and that's why I went on a run. I give out a loud howl and I hear as others answer my howl with theirs. It feels great howling in the night.

I don't know for how long I've been running but now the sun has gave way to the moon as it shines in the darkness. I head back to the palace and as I approach it, I hear my guards running beside me. When I reach the front of the palace, Liam shows up with some clothes that I wear once I change back to human.

"It's almost 09:30, your food has been set on the table."

"I'm not hungry, Liam. I'm going to bed and I will see you in the morning." I dismiss him and go to my room but change the direction before I get there, to one of the many guestrooms. I don't wish to see Nadia tonight. I enter the room and find my night clothes folded on the bed and I smile knowing Liam was one step ahead of me. How he knew I will choose this room is mystery to me.

I take my shower and wear the clothes on the bed. I lay down ready to sleep but a thought comes to me.

"~Get ready to leave at 6 in the morning, we are visiting the nearest orphanage.~" I link Liam before sleeping, putting my tired body at rest.


I wake up at 4 in the morning and go for a run. I get back home and take a shower. I skip breakfast and meet up with Liam by the car outside at 6, just in time. The driver drives us out and it's a one and half hour silent ride to the orphanage. On the way, I think about Nadia's behavior. She has been like that since I met her and I couldn't reject my mate because of a behavior I thought I would be able to help change for the better. But she never changed no matter how much I or my mother tried.

I push away all thoughts of Nadia since I want to enjoy my time with the kids at the orphanage. Thinking about her is bringing my mood down so I erase all thoughts of her, for now. We reach the orphanage and I get out of the car. I check around the place and the building looks fine to me. It is a very big building surrounded with a garden that looks a bit dead to me but its fine I guess.

A minute later, a woman hastily comes out of the house and approaches us.

"Alpha," she bows. "I didn't know you were visiting until late this morning. I'm the headmistress here and I welcome you." She says but I look ahead of her to someone working in the garden.

"Uh, thank you mistress. We want to visit the children and check out the building as well." Liam answers when he sees I wasn't about to say anything.

"I will guide you through the building and to the children then." The woman says and we start following her in the building, my eyes still on the person working in the garden. It looks like he was replanting the flowers and he's now watering them.

"Who's he?" I ask and the woman stops and look in the direction of the garden.

"Oh, him? He's just an omega who helps around the orphanage. His name is Jackson." She replies and starts walking again.

Jackson. Huh

Just then, he looks up and our eyes locks on each other. There is a big distance between us but I know he's looking at me just like I am. My heart starts beating fast and I look away from him. With one look back, his view disappears as I enter inside the orphanage a hand placed on my beating heart.


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