Married To A Stranger


105.93k words

62 chapters



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An Arranged marriage! Why not ?

Marrying a Stranger? Why..... what the hell?

Arranged marriages are not weird at least not in Asia but marrying a stranger is utter foolishness, don't you think?

What will happen if a girl who was brought up in an Orthodox family married a complete stranger?

What will be her views on the marriage? Will she succumb?

What will be the groom like? A chauvinist? A dominant? A Jerk?

Or every girl's dream husband?

Are you ready to ride this rollercoaster journey with me to their story?

What are you waiting for? Step in! The journey is about to start!



Darnika D

One of the best book I have ever read ✨

2023/6/3 Reply

Edara Pooja

nice book....will be looking forward to read more like this

2023/3/8 Reply


nice plot

2022/10/8 Reply

Roshni Rohra

Interesting story😉

2022/7/24 Reply

Please tell me there is more to this story than what is in the app. I loved reading it, but after the big reveal and vows of revenge all I got was a time skip with no resolution to anything. There has to be more

2022/7/22 Reply

very interesting story

2022/6/20 Reply

Diya Abhilash

nice story

2022/2/27 Reply

Hardika Doshi

nice story

2022/1/12 Reply

Charu Aggarwal

It is superb

2022/1/7 Reply

Kurtika Sinha

nice story

2022/1/4 Reply