Chapter Two


    (SEVEN years ago) 

   28 December, 

     I was in a green suit and my long brown hair was curly and falling back behind. I was missing Mini, she was one of my best friends. I was away from my bestie, in Mumbai. I grabbed a black pin from my pink handbag and used it to hold my hair in place. On my last birthday, she gifted me all colors of hairpins and clips. She always did something different from me. Although I hadn't celebrated my birthday officially ever. 

     My family was having their brunch and I wasn't hungry. I took a walk at the seashore. Water was murky but it was splendid. After all, I was seeing the sea for the first time. I hadn't felt so happy before. I was spending the best time of my life here. It was freedom from my cage, my parent's house. 

      It was also my first time. When I saw him, Jagraj. He was in a white t-shirt, black trousers and a black cap. He had brown skin and dark black hair. He was taller than me, five feet eleven inches. 

      "He's been chasing you for two days. " My cousin, Mona whispered in my ear. 

      I crooked my head and looked at her with a slight smile, "I don't know, " I shrugged my shoulders. 

      "He likes you. He's still looking at you. " She nudged my shoulder. She wanted me to gaze at his direction, but when I saw, no one was looking at me. 

      I glanced at him again. It was his eyes that I noticed. It was weird but I found his eyes beautiful. I had seen such eyes before. 

            ARNAV! But he's not him. 

     He was walking at me with his friend. Strange! His friend was exactly dressed like him. I just stood my ground, Neither he nor I purchased this place. He stopped one long step away from me with a huge grin on his face. For me, he was so close that I could see the pores of his skin. He brought up his hand with a small note in his hand. 

       Genuinely speaking, I didn't know, what was happening? I never talked to a boy out of my family before. I didn't even know why he was giving it to me? I was so dumb. I shook my head in no. 

          "No! " He winced. 

    I was scared that my mother would come and beat the hell out of me. He went away. I was sad because he was sad. I liked his eyes. I smiled and turned away from him, adding this to my good memories.


       ( A WEEK AGO:) 

     My bestie, Mini sent a wrapped gift for me. It wasn't my birthday. Indeed, I didn't celebrate my birthday or any special occasions of my life. But I attended the parties of the people in my life who loved me without any reason, who never judged me. 

      When I opened it, it was an air ticket for San Francisco California. My phone rang in my hand. I pressed my lips in a straight line. I instantly received it and I didn't allow her to say hello. 

       "Why did you send this to me? " I bluntly asked her. I didn't want to go out of my cage. I felt safe in it. Mostly, I was addicted to it. 

       "Wo! Wo! Break the chain of your anger, Angel. You need a change, so you are coming here. I thought time will heal your wounds. "I could feel her sadness and concern for me, "But I was wrong. It's Rita's wedding. You're coming here," she ordered. 

     ' But I don't need it. I don't need anyone's pity. I chose to be like this, live like this, why can't they respect my decision. '

      "I'm glad the way I'm. Time can't heal everything. You can congratulate her from my side. I can't come. " I replied to her.

      I tried to keep my voice soft. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings but I just needed to be alone. I'm used to it. They should also get used to it. 

      "Suhana Kashyap! You are coming here, no matter what. Your parents have already approved this. Your luggage has been packed. You are coming with or without your desire. I don't wanna hear any more pathetic things from you." She scolded me. I could hear the laughter of Rita from behind. 

        "You can't force me, " I told her.

        "Yes, I can. Now move your a** girl." I heard the double beep.

        "Great! She hung up on me. " I kicked the wall slightly. I didn't want to break my nails in anger.