Her Destined Ride

Chapter 1: Sunny's life in the limelight

"Ready, in one, two, three... smile!" She posed her best smile as she was standing between the large crowd of more than fifteen people. At the age of seventy-six, her grace and poise is still a bomb for the many people who admired her the most. She's wearing a classic, elegant cape sleeve floral blazer worn over a nude-colored turtle-neck top with matching white jeans paired with crystal stiletto heels.

"Wow, miss Sunny Grainger is really the best!" One of her die-hard fans exclaimed with glistening eyes.

"My gosh, I came all the way here just to see her! I mean, that twenty-two hour flight by plane is all worth it!" Another one boasted from the other.

"She's real indeed. I can't believe I am finally meeting her!"

She smiled as soon as she heard them and most of her fans that's more than willing to hear from her. It's the most awaited day of the year again. She will be the major guest speaker for today's event about empowering women since it is women's month. A lot of delegates were expected to be present for this event that's coming from different countries around the world.

She waved gracefully as she passed by the crowds from different countries. Some people, if they will notice her coming towards their direction, they will get their cameras or phones right away. They will take pictures of her, mostly candid ones.

"Madam Grainger, this way please." She held her chin high as she showed little to no reaction to the people assisting her.

"We apologize for the volume of people checking in this hotel, madam. They were just too excited to finally meet you in person." Her personal assistant walked beside her as she said those words.

"Well, that's understandable, honey. Let them. I am also excited to meet all of them."

"Madam, I regret to inform you that you cannot meet all of your fans. Your schedule is tight for today alone. Tomorrow's schedules are still tentative."

"Goodness gracious! What do they think of me? A pre-teen? They are not respecting an old woman." She sighed as she entered her VIP suit. Her personal assistant opened her door for her using a card.

"Madam, you don't look old, honestly speaking. Your essential oils are sold out in seconds."

"Thank you for the update, dear."

"I am more than happy to do it for you, madam." Her personal assistant smiled as she sighed. Knowing Ms. Grainger, she doesn't easily compliment anyone unless she's pleased with their services. She loves to admire those who could do the things she wanted in the most perfect manner.

"Please rest here for a while, madam. We just landed from our flight. Time check," She glanced on her wristwatch and smiled.

"It's four in the afternoon. Your schedule for pictorials will be at 8:00 PM. I will go back here to check on you later, madam."

"Alright, do that Valerie." She nodded as Valerie closed her door. She looked around as she sat down on one of the most comfortable sofa beds in her presidential VIP suit. She could feel the softness of the material behind her. She admit, it made her feel relaxed so much that she wanted to close her eyes.

However, she became very excited because this is an antique hotel she's in. Before she even accepted the invitation, she did her own research.

This hotel has the best antiques in the world included as their decoration. She will be seeing the 1957 Corvette that she's been dreaming of gazing. She went near the window to see the antique car and it is indeed true. It is displayed between the garden. I can't help but to playfully tap my fingers on the window.

She went outside her room and walked along the quiet hallway, and only her clicking stilettos were heard. When she gazed her eyes around the hallway, it got foggy and mysterious all of a sudden.

An old woman her age appeared in front of her. She wore a simple dress from the 1950s. She beamed an inviting smile as she moved her hand as if letting Sunny come near her.

"You have lived a full life." She greeted as she came closer to her.

"That's what they all say, thank you." The woman held her hand as she looked into her eyes. Sunny gave her a puzzled look.

"Do I know you, perhaps?"

"Not at this age. I am only a part of your past. Do you really want to know me?" She smiled and it left Sunny full of confusion clouded in her mind.

"Yes, I guess. The way I look at you, you seem to know me very well."

"Okay, let me introduce myself," The old woman smiled as she tightened her grip on her hand.

"Madam? Please wake up..." Valerie gently tapped her shoulders that caused her to wake up all of a sudden.

Was that a dream?

But, she knew that she opened the door to her room a while ago. How can she forget that it led her to a quiet hallway? There, she met a friendly old woman, probably as old as she was. How come that it is only a dream when she could still feel the tightness of the old woman's grip on her arm?

"Madam, are you alright?" Valerie brought her to her senses again.

"Y-Yes. What's my schedule for tonight?"

"Madam, I asked the management to just resume the remaining late night activities by tomorrow. You will only have the pictorial with some delegates and a small talk with them at the dinner gala."

"What a relief. Thank you for doing a great job, Valerie." She smiled at her personal assistant who nodded right away.

"Anything for you, madam."

"Let's get ready for the dinner gala. I will be ready in forty minutes."

"I got that, madam. I will return here after forty minutes for you."

"Better get dressed, too. You are the reflection of me, remember that."

"Yes, madam. I will keep that in mind."

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