The Four Legendary Alkaldrias


6.03k words

5 chapters



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“Who’s this new threat?” Asked the king, “It is a dark class being, who is a merciless killer, killing even the innocent.” Zeomora is a human being whose sole purpose is to assassinate the Four Legendary Heroes, but realizes that his also being hunted by unknown beings. “Who are those people?” “They are beings from other timelines.”
And that’s when he realizes that there are other timelines which could end up to be a threat both to him and to themselves. But with the help of the dragonlord, Zeomora manages to avoid danger. But what shall he do? Heroes are known to be one of the strongest beings. If it was just one hero then it would be reasonable, but he has to defeat four of them and not only defeat them, but make sure that none other will ever reincarnate again.
But Zeomora assures them one thing, “I shall be the strongest being and I promise you that I’ll be fiercer than your deepest fears.”




Hi all fans of 'The Four Legendary Alkaldrias' I have started a new plot. I would advise for all readers to begin again from the begining, so that you understand the stroyline. Many may ask why I did this and the answer is simple, I did this to better the expirience making it 90% action. Please leave a comment below on what you think about the action; is it fluent? Is it flowing? Is it perfect? Or does it need some adjustment? I hope you'll love this new version, thankyou.

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