Being Honest

“Miss, we hate to bring this up, but have you been feeling well?" James asked, gently laying a hand on his necktie while tucking his other hand under his arm. I tilted my head, trying to think about snow, water, trees, anything non-sexual.

“W-well, what do you mean?” I replied, shifting a bit in my bed. Erik then stepped out from his place and walked around my bed to side beside me, gently taking one of my hands and bringing it to his lips.

“We’ve noticed that you’ve been isolating yourself from us the past few weeks, Princess. It’s made us worried.” Erik commented, slightly purring against my hand as he laid his lips upon my knuckles. I stared at him, feeling my mind go into a protective frenzy: paper, glasses, shoes, socks.

“I’m fine, really. I’ve just been preoccupied with school and stuff, like, homework and projects..” I blurted, trying to end this conversation quickly. I looked to Damien out of the corner of my eyes, seeing him stare at my intently. That made me worried.

Matthew quickly walked over and leaned over the opposite side of the bed towards me, making me grip my comforter and lean back away from him. “We can help you, if you want, that way you’re not so stressed out!” Matthew exclaimed, wanting to be helpful. I wanted to think that he was talking about my innermost desire, but I had to hide that thought for now.

“No no! It’s fine! I’ve got it all under control…” I defended, trying once again to end the topic. A slight growl from Sam’s direction forced me to look at him. I stared at what I saw.

Sam, unlike his brothers, had a look of pure lust on his face. His eyes were flashing back and forth between his gorgeous emerald green eyes to a demonic golden hue as he gritted his teeth. My mind couldn’t stop itself from imagining him rip off his shirt and tackle me to the bed, taking me with his brothers watched on. It wasn’t forced; my wild moans and my nails digging into Sam’s back in the image reminded me of my desire for it. Something about that was hot, but at the same time, I couldn’t help imagining each of them joining in on their own accord.

Damien chuckled.


I pulled my hand away from Erik and tightened the grip on my comforter, pulling it closer against my skin. “I-I-I’m sorry, but can you all leave? I need sleep.

“Are you sure that’s all you need?” Damien asked, finally growing a small smirk on his face as he looked at me. I glared at him, but my mind instantly switched the scenario in my head to Damien enthralling me and making me confess through a heated haze. A masochistic mewl ran through my mind and Damien caught it.

Please don’t please do please don’t please do please–

Damien’s eyes suddenly turned gold and I felt a large rush of warm ecstasy run through my body, shaking my core awake and making a guttural moan rush out of my throat. James, Matthew, and Erik stared at Damien in surprise as I shuddered and mewled at the feeling. Dammit, Damien.

“S-stop, Damien..” I whimpered out, feeling my nails dig into the comforter. Upon my whimper, Damien stepped back and ended the enthrallment with a face of sudden regret. I let out a gasp and curled over myself, trying to catch my breath and calm down.

“Damien, why did you do that?!” James barked. I felt Erik and Matthew wrap their arms around my back, trying to calm me down. However, their touches only made my body feel hot as their fingers laid themselves upon my bare back.

“D-don’t yell at him.” I intervened, keeping my head down. I could feel all of the boys look to me in confusion before I looked up, locking eyes with James. “I… I kind of… asked for it…”

The boys stared wide-eyed at me as I finally straightened up, completely red in the face, but finally unbound from my hesitation.

“Miss, are you…?” James asked, his voice still maintaining a professional manner but slightly lowered in realization. I stared at him, knowing that my mouth would want to deny it, and nodded silently. As the truth became revealed, I felt a weight lift off of my shoulder despite the fear of the situation remaining around my body.

“Then who–” Erik began before being cut off by Damien.

“She desires all of us.” Damien kept his eyes to me, visually showing on his face that it was okay. My mind didn’t see it as such, but to see him affirm my thoughts without any ounce of disdain made me feel okay with the idea.

As I looked away from Damien, I suddenly became aware of the other four boys. My body and skin became an art piece for five sets of eyes and I felt both elated and completely embarrassed. Erik gently took my hand again and gently kissed over the top of it, his other hand gently cradling my wrist and slowly sliding up my arm.

“You desire all five of us, Princess?” Erik questioned teasingly, making me shudder at the sound of his low, lustful growl hidden underneath his words. I bit my lip and nodded.

“I-Is that bad?” I asked aloud, looking at James. I didn’t understand why, but my mind automatically made James the one to look at for answers. James stared at me before closing his eyes and slightly smiling.

“That depends, miss…” He replied, gently running his hand over his tie and wrapping his fingers around the knot. As he slowly pulled at the knot, opening and taking apart his tie, he opened his eyes and revealed a heated, lustful stare glistening with gold. My body suddenly felt warm again and I mewled, shuddering. “Are you prepared for all five of us?

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