Chapter 2: He Found Her

One more loud shot being heard. Blood came out from that guy's head. I wipe give my gun to my man and wipe my hand. I look at him who is lifeless with emotionlessly. I think I did tell everyone not to mess with me. But this guy? He never learns a lesson.

"Yo, Damien. Are you done?" Dylan came up. 

"More than done. Clean this body and warn his children not to get revenge or anything if they don't want to end up like him." I said. He just nods and does his job. I went out of the house and my phone let out a sound 'ding'. 

I take it out and it was Dylan. What he's doing? Didn't he at school? Well, I force him to go because I said education is important more than shooting. Even I'm mafia, education is important also okay. 

"Tell Valentino to handle the dead body and meet me at Dylan school," I told one of my men. 

"Yes, sir." He bowed.

I get into my car and start to drive to school. I own that school and when I heard Dylan said we have a problem, I let outa frustrated groans. I did warn that principle not to make trouble. 


I let out a sigh.

"I said, where is your boss!" Once again, he yells. I wipe my face because I can feel his saliva on my face. Suddenly, he grabs my collar and harshly pulls me.

"Don't you act like that to me you fuck!" He curses. 

I hold his wrist and try to calm down. " Sir, I already text my boss and he comes right away. Can you please not being stupid here?" I snap. His eyes wide open and I can see the rage on them.

He then punches me and I almost fell o the ground. A lot of students gasp but were confused because I didn't punch them back. My tongue licks the corner of my lips and feels it bleeding. I take a deep breath and let it out. I have a short-tempered problem so Damie usually asks me to control it. He chuckles at me.

"Hey, kid. I don't have time to play, you know?" He spits on me. You must be new, man. You don't know who my boss. Suddenly, all attention turns to the loud sound of a car. My smirk appeared and I don't need to look at it because I know who.


I get out of the car and saw all my attention at me. He walks toward the crowd and Dylan came out. My eyes landed on his lips and it bleeding. Look like this guy hurt my boys. Dylan went beside me.

"Can I know what happened here?" I ask calmly. The student looks down while those guys scoff and walk toward me. I put my hands inside my pocket. 

"Who are you? Why you butt in? Don't you have any other stuff to do? Huh?" He snaps. Have guts, I see.

"Dude, are you new here?" I ask. 

"What if I new here? Are some kind of...gangster?" He asks with a smile. "Oh! Maybe, he has a gun with him! Ohhh I'm so scared! Help~~" He acts like a lady who screaming for help.

No one laughs except for his friends. I just stare at him laughing his ass off. He shakes his head and grabs my jacket before pulling me to him. Dylan about to do something but I raise my hand to stop him. That guy smirks at me.

"Listen here, dude. I don't have time to handle you because I need to meet this kid boss. Did I hear that he some kind of...demon or devil? But people call him King Of Devil. That was lame. So, please. Go and mind your own business." He said. 

I chuckle while shaking my head. Before he reacts or anything, I point the gun under his chin. His eyes widen and his body stiff. I look behind him and his friends gasp and run away. Coward.

"You think it lame, now?" I smile at him. He gulps.

"Y-You are...m-mafia?" He asks. 

"Huh, you guess it right. Dude, at first, I want to give you a chance but..." I let out a sigh. "When saw you act like that before and hurt my friend, I think, I change my mind.

His eyes widen. "N-No! Pleas-"

A gunshot sound makes everyone yells in fear. No wonder why people labeled me as King Of Devil. I don't give mercy to people. That's why think before you talk or act. I sigh and put back my gun.

"Let's go. I will ask Valen to call someone to kill this dead body." I pat Dylan's shoulder. He smirks and I wrapped my arms around his shoulder. He just likes my little brother already.



It night already and it times for my run. I heard the guards walking past my room. I know it risky but this one of my opportunities. I overheard the guard talk and a guest is coming. So, it was my chance now. I take out the pin and try to unlock the chain. After a while, I finally did it. I unlock the chain on my ankle and my wrist. 

I try to get up even it hard for me. My legs shaking and I try to walk. I open the small window but fit enough for me. I look behind and saw they still didn't notice me. I climb on the window and when I'm about to pull my other leg, my long hair is stuck. 


I should cut my long hair. It reaches my knee already. I try to pull it but then I accidentally scream when heard a gunshot. The door bursts open and damn! I'm busted! 

"Shit! She wants to run away!" The guard yell. His friend shocks and they rush to me.

I broke the window glass and grab one piece. I cut my hair and get down before they grab me. I winced in pain when felt my legs hurt. I look up and saw them panic. 
"Tell the others NOW!
" They yell.

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