Chapter 1

In the dark woods, a young lady runs for her life. She runs scared, wondering if she would end up just like her mom. Dead. It's dark, probably after midnight, and she can hardly see anything. The more she ran, the more she got further away from her father and sister, who were probably wondering where she was and why she left the campsite.

The young lady's throat ached. She wanted water. Cold, beautiful water. Wonderful water. Delicious water. But there was none. Just when she needed it most. Her legs painfully told her to stop, but if she was going to make it out alive, then stopping was definitely NOT one of her options.

How will I lose them? She thought. Will I make it out alive? She needed to concentrate.

The animals were catching up to her. Their red, glowing eyes were trying to distract her but she kept going.

As the girl keeps running, she starts seeing blue lights. As she got nearer, there appeared more blue lights in a straight line. More coyotes!

Shoot! More coyotes! Will I end up like my mom?

As they got nearer the blue lights, the red-eyed coyotes started slowing down. And so did the girl. She didn't want to run into these blue, glowing eyes. They might want her for dinner too.

Suddenly, she was in the middle of two different coyotes. On her left were the red-eyed coyotes and to her right were the blue-eyed coyotes. Her stomach grumbled.

Great. I am hungry and so are they. Sounds like they will have their dinner first 'cause their dinner is right in front of them. Me.

The blue-eyed coyotes were growling at the red-eyed coyotes.

Are they fighting over me?! 

The blue-eyed coyotes started walking forward, still growling. The other coyotes were going backwards. And then they broke into a run. Some coyotes chased them, others stayed with the girl.

"Sooo. I guess you guys win. You guys get the wonderful, delicious dinner." she said, nervously laughing. Although there was nothing funny about it. She was trembling inside. It was cold, but she was supposed to be hot because of the long run. She trembled because she was scared.

A blue-eyed coyote slowly came to her. It was bigger than all the rest. The leader of the pack, the girl thought. The coyote held its head high, full of pride. Suddenly, she was right in front of the coyote that would change her life forever.

Instantly, the coyote leaped and bit her right thumb.

"OW! What was that for?!" she yelled in pain. The wound wasn't bleeding. Instead, it was glowing blue. That's odd. It's supposed to be bleeding!

Suddenly, everything went black.

This is the story of Cassie Stewart. How it all began.

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