Hey guys, before you go on with this chapter, you should know that there is a bit of violence towards the end. Even though I tried to make it less graphic, if you do not roll well with reading stuff like that, you can always skip it. Thanks for reading :)


Isabella violently adjusted the neck of her gown which felt like it was growing into the length of her neck to suffocate her more and more. But she was just harming the poor gown whose neckline did a good job of giving her chest breathing space.

Her hands leaving the almost mutilated material, Isabella found a nearby bench to sit on to gather her thoughts properly.

At that moment, the only source of help at that moment was putting her in a spot. A spot she definitely did not see coming.

Recalling his proposition which he said with all seriousness, Isabella wondered why her of all people.

She definitely understood that he would want her to payback for what she did, but marrying her? Why? It was just absurd. Who gets married to someone who has hurt them?

Even if she wanted to atone for her sin and she decides to get married to him, there would always be Gabriel and her father holding her back. That is a cage she has found herself in, a cage that is impossible to break free from.

But maybe this is the miracle you have been waiting for. A voice from the back of her mind reminded her.

And then she remembered the time he briefly took off his robe. Not only did her face heat up a bit, her insides turned mushy, her central bud cried for attention. Those few seconds were hellish for her and for an extra minute, she wanted to desperately satisfy the sexual starvation that mere toys failed to fill.

But as usual, her head held high. Well, till he mentioned the incident.

She expected he would mention it, but she did not foresee her responding the way she did.

Isabella sighed as she looked up at the huge building. She really messed up in the past and that was messing her present even more and her tomorrow wasn't looking so good either.

"Do you think I should marry him to save my company?" Isabella asked the pigeon that had perched right beside her in search of crumbs. "You know my company means a lot to me."

The bird did not even acknowledge the devastated woman who was engaging him in a conversation, but her phone's ringtone did.


'How did the meeting go? Are we going to get help?' A concerned Caleb asked from the other end.

Isabella quickly weighed her options. She was less likely to accept Charles's proposition, but a part of her wanted the miracle so bad, being married to two men didn't sound so bad.

'Isa, are you there?' She shook her head as the thought immediately made her feel disgust.

"We are still working on something but it doesn't seem like we are going to get that help soon."

'That sucks. I hope he changes his mind and helps us. Anyway, Gabriel came by a few minutes ago.'

"What did he say he wants?"

'He... he said he knows you are ovulating today.'

Her arm dropped. "What?"

'Isa... Be honest with me? Is your husband molesting you? Is he forcing you to do things you don't want to do?'


'Talk to me Isa.'

"I need to get home Caleb, I will talk to you later."

'Isa...' She cut the call and let out a shaky breath as her eyes followed the bird which was flying away.

As she gathered her stuff, she braced herself for the craziness ahead.


Gently, her feet touched the ground as part of her wished her husband was asleep already.

"Hey baby."

Startled, she clutched her chest area, her eyes bulging a bit afterwards as they saw the sight waiting for her.

Gabriel, who was in nothing but a robe was standing, a rose flower in one hand, a card in another.

"What's going on Gabriel?" She recalled that he had even called her baby.

His sand coloured hair, which he obviously taken time to roughen danced as he approached her as he said with a hint of excitement. "What do you mean? I am treating you to something nice before we get down to business."


"See," he pointed towards the place her had just gotten up from. "I even bought the best champagne in town."

"Oh." Isabella was confused. He was being nice, too nice.

He let go of the items in his hands and his long fingers went to her face and they grazed through them a bit before they all went to cup her chin. Tilting her head up, he murmured, "God, you are beautiful."

"Thank you?" she whispered as she was still not sure what to make of the drama he was acting.

"And I can't wait anymore," he said before capturing her mouth fiercely. Without the thought of making sure the woman in his arms was catching up to him, he began to bite at her lower lip as he suckled on it fiercely.

Isabella pulled away as she was beginning to feel the deep imprints of his teeth on her soft tissues which she felt would become a bruise. Her lips crying for a soothing means, Isabella said to the eager man, "Gabriel, I can't do this today."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't have sex today Gabriel."

His eyes narrowed. "But you are ovulating today."

She closed her eyes as she shook. "I am tired Gabriel."

"What nonsense are you saying? First you lied about your period, I said nothing. Now, you are giving some silly tiredness excuse."

"But I am tired, Gab..."

"Shut up!" She jolted. "Just keep quiet," he growled.

Cautiously she nodded. "Gabriel..."

"Don't," he went straight for her neck. "Don't freaking call my name."

"Gabriel, your hands. Please release your hands." He was not squeezing, but she felt really suffocated with the way his fingers circled her neck.

"Are you telling me what to do?" She shook her head frantically. "How dare you? How dare you tell me you won't be having sex, because you... you are tired?" His hold tightened a bit as he angrily asked.

"Gabriel, please your hands..." Isabella pleaded.

"I said shut up!" Within a second, he had her back against a nearby wall, his hands holding her even more tightly. As she struggled to ease his hold and not piss him off, he continued with a hoarse voice, "In case you have forgotten, your father sold you to me and you have no right in whatever way to refuse whatever I ask you to do."

"Hmm..." she groaned as his hand snaked past her gown and up her thigh.

"Now, I want to have sex with you and..." his long fingers found her centre and without warning, he dug three of them into her dryness causing a loud shriek to escape her lips. "If you say no, I am going to deal with you. Do you understand?"

As he talked, his fingers expanded her painfully, her eyes just had to let the tears flow.

He finally removed his hand from her neck but quickly replaced it with his mouth which bit without mercy. He ignored her sobs as she was already giving in without putting up a fight. "I asked you a question baby." His fingers inside her had eased a bit. "Did you understand what I just said?"

Isabella nodded. He plunged the fingers back in. This time, her scream was louder, it had showed the pain she had been hiding. "Answer me with words," he growled.

"Y- yes." Her voice was so tired. She was very tired.

"Good. Now moan for me." He bit her earlobe hard.

"Hmm..." she made the sound as more tears broke out.

Gabriel's reached for her dress roughly and tore it mercilessly, exposing her half naked. Next, he tore her panties and removed his digits which had caused so much damage already.

Isabella just stayed against the wall hopelessly as she beat herself up for putting up a fight in the first place. She watched as he removed the robe which he put on to hide his nakedness.

Almost lifelessly, he threw her up and instantly, he jammed her with his manhood, going almost ball deep. This time, it was a mixture of a scream and a cry.

As he took up the job of screwing both of them, Isabella cried even more and she cried for her life, her sorry life. She cried because of her unnecessary suffering, she cried because almost six years ago, she threw away an invitation to a good life because of her father.

As Gabriel took his finishing grunts, she cried even more because of her father who has been ignoring her after dumping her in a terrible mess.

Isabella had no idea when Gabriel put her down, but when she heard him say, "That should get you pregnant." She came back to her present and she just lay in her mess on the cold tile.

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