All the Hounds of Hell: Black as the Forest


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Book 1 of the series All the Hounds of Hell.
Eveline is part of the famed Blakemore pack, jet-setting around the world as an ambassador until she suddenly come upon her newfound mate, and she will have to choose beeen career, family and love.
Darren is the fourth son of an Alpha, without prospect for a career, title, money, nothing but a bloodline, until a girl from afar gives him the opportunity to reshape his future.
Kaden is the infamous Hellhound at the head of a powerful pack until challenge comes at a dangerous price, while the fact that he never found his mate is slowly killing him.
Mishka is a lone wolf going from job to job, a hired g*n, mercenary. You pay, he'll do. Until opportunity strikes for a change and joining force might become the better option.
Ylva is a hybrid. Part wolf, part Valkyrie. Her sword is her life, and she will live by it until the very end. Any challenge is accepted. And love is not for the battlefield.

What will have to be done to walk these paths? What

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Kimberly Mendoza

such a great story

2021/9/4 Reply

Julie Kennedy

Enjoyed the story.

2021/8/28 Reply