All the Hounds of Hell: Black as the Forest

Disclaimer & Acknowledgement

Warning: This book contains adult language and scenes of sexuality and violence. Intended for mature readers only.

This is the manuscript form of this book. It is presently going through revisions, reviewing, and editing. It will be updated before or when it will reach its final form.

It has not gone through professional proofreading yet and may contain typos and grammar mistakes. Though I try to keep them to a minimum for a comfortable reading experience.

Also, there seem to be no options for italic text on SofaNovel, so I'm sorry that script text won't be italicized in this version.

If you find anything you consider worth my notice, you can contact me on Facebook (Lyv Aiken), or by email (

This book is the first tome of the series All the Hounds of Hell. If you like it, please check out the next installment whenever available to you (presently ongoing on Dreame).

If you enjoy this book, add it to your library, follow my author's page, and leave comments. These things make a big difference for an author and the most thrilling things we can experience are receiving feedback from you dear readers.

Without readers, a story is nothing but a thought on paper. It's only through your imagination that it comes alive.

If you and I know each other in the real world, or God forbid, are related, you can put that book down and move on.

If you decide to go through with reading this, you may find out that my mind is more depraved and weird than you ever thought, and I know you've always considered me weird, to begin with. So when we see each other again, you can just act like this never happened and move on.

So dearest reader, I sincerely wish you a good reading.

If not, then there is always Vodka.

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