Radhika Agarwal belonged to a rich family and the only daughter of Abhay Agarwal and  loving sister of Ujwal Agarwal. She was Abandoned by her own family beacuse of her evil and her cunning step sister Kanika. 

Her own parents and brother ( OWN BLOOD ) abandoned her and trusted a girl who they merely knoe since three years .

Kanika turned Sia's life upside down just beacuse she was jealous of the love she received from her brother .


"I want the money which mumma and papa gave you just now and don't dare to tell about this to bahi . teh consequences will be really bad ."  said kanika evilly

" But di i want that money . I have to buy some some books . If money left i will surely give you." said radhika politely

so you are refusing to give the money huh ?! asked kanika rasing an eyebrow with a bored expression

No di i was saying--- thud! 

radhika was cut off by the slap she received from kanika.

"you know i should teach you a good lesson this time." said kanika     

aftersometime , she came a belt in her hands and -----


after 11 years

radhika has become very successful and has become extremely strong

She has become a person with whom if you dare to mess then you will see her worst side .

After 11 years of struggle she has finally to an extent that she can take revenge from her family and especially her dear step sister KANIKA .

"Long time no see dear step sister " said radhika walking towards her prey  

You? that's all what she could say

yeah me ! i know you must have assumed that i would be dead by now bcoz how can a 12 yaer child survive withou money, food and a roof over her head. humm ! hahaah,,  well then see a live example.

well i came here to say good luck to you because your time starts now! With this radhika walked away leeving shocked kanika behind.


"hlo brother or Mr. Agarwal I would say" said radhika sarcastically

" Radhika" said Ujwal with great astonishment

well yes Mr. chaudhary i am alive if you are shocked till now to see me " said radhika

well i came here to finish off what you started 11 years back" said radhika while moving towards Ujwal 

So start counting your days bcoz  much worse is waiting for you ahead . and ohh yeah one shock you will get now only.

afetr 30 mins ++

hello Mr. Ujwal 

I am sorry but we have got orders to terminate because you are not honest to the department and have been found out that you have not been maintaining the records correctly due to which the company has suffered a great loss . So it's a humble request to collect your termination letter.

thank you

but sir------

the line went dead and sat on his chair with a jerk.

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