A teacher's fatal obsession

By Olive


25.87k words

31 chapters



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With a perfect family and school life , Shreya was living a normal and lovely life. But her life got shattered when her neighbor later her teacher became obsessed with her.
Finally he reached his house and now he was standing in front of the tree ,a species of night flowering jasmine.. jasmine!

He hugged the tree and smelled the flower. the flowers are so fresh . so beautiful.

He circled around it and plucked a flower. and sat on the ground with his head resting on the tree's trunk.

After closing his eyes he hummed a song. and finally stood up . he kissed the branch and walked to the door.

before going in he looked at the tree for one more time " i hope you like it there,love.."



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Unique plot

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Nice work. Amazing plot

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