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Sixteen-year-old Ashling Shields has had her whole life turned upside down for the second time in two years. As a freshman she was the sole survivor of a harrowing disaster. Now, in the summer before junior year, her life is once again spiralling out of control. The deadly force hunting her draws closer every day, and being entangled in the affairs of a world famous rock band doesn’t make life any easier - especially when there’s good reason to believe the band members are literally angels and demons. She’ll have to take control of her own destiny - before her destiny takes control of her. Don’t miss this riveting new installment in the Fable Saga.
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Dr. James A. Kane and other fellow scientists created new experiments that are what knowns as vampires. These vampires aren't any kind of vampires. They are named V01, V02, V03, etc.... They thought one of their experiment was a success until one day, she went crazy and fled the plantation destroying the world. Nerida Kane is the daughter of Dr. Kane and has lived without her father and mother since she was a baby. A friend of her father had taken her in and raised her. Now being at the age of sixteen, she has come to realize that she holds vampire genes that passed around sixteen years ago. What will happen when she has to leave the new world to survive the old world. Will she learn the secrets her father left behind, or will she have a longer journey then she expected.
Ready to take on the world of medicine, Mykaela is forced to confront the secrets of her past while fearing the possibility of being pregnant out of wedlock. Miles chooses his future and risks it all with the Falcos when he finds a one-way ticket out of the perilous mafia life he's always hated. After a death in the Tomassini clan, Enzo pursues a quiet life in America while his brother faces prison time for orchestrating the biggest organized crimes in Italy. × This story is not for young audiences. Read at your own risk. × • Book III of of The Echelons •
Priestess Adri is adored by Vampire King Ozym himself. Little did she know it will bring her to an ominous fate. She is bound to endure agony in the hands - or paws - of his enemy, the red alpha king, Iago. But is too much sexual pleasure given by this kind of beast be considered suffering? Or is it because her once dead heart is brought back to life and her body finally learns its carnal desires? And can she still be free of him when she is marked and revered?
Warning if you would like to read this book you'll need to read the first book 'Nerdy to Badass Werewolf' to understand everything. Enjoy. ____________________________________ Book 3 of the Rejected Series ____________________________________ After being rejected then leaving the only place you've ever known was tough, what made it even harder was finding out you were carrying another life inside of you. Two life's in fact. Callie had been gone for over six years, and in those six years she gave birth to two miracles. Now she'll have to return home, and face the father of her children. Adrian was always the jokester of the group, you would never see him without a smile, but after six torturous years that smile was non-existant. He had lost all trust in the people around him but maybe he'll Trust a Rejected?
Alpha Vishous and his girlfriend Ava are werewolves living in a pack. To become the Luna of their pack, Ava has to complete some rituals that may leave her helpless and completely at the mercy of a pack of dangerous wolves and their God.
Kamen was a young man who had recently graduated from high school and was looking forward to the next chapter of his life. However, fate had other plans for him. One day while wandering in the woods, he stumbled upon a mysterious man named Alistair. The two struck up a conversation, and Kamen found himself drawn to the enigmatic stranger. Little did he know, this chance encounter would change his life forever. Soon after meeting Alistair, Kamen's old friend Jenny appeared out of nowhere and turned him into a vampire. At first, Kamen was terrified by this sudden transformation, but he quickly realized that he had been given incredible powers and abilities beyond his wildest dreams. As Kamen adjusted to his new life as a vampire, he struggled to come to terms with the fact that he was no longer human. He had to learn how to control his thirst for blood and adapt to his heightened senses and supernatural strength. Despite the challenges he faced, Kamen was determined to make the most of his new existence.
"Ouch!" the painful cry left from my lips. I was sure that some of my bones were broken at some places because I was unable to move. Another hit from him and I was surely dead. He lifted his foot to deliver another kick to my chest when suddenly Elizabeth was standing between us from nowhere. Tears streamed down her cheeks, nevertheless she continued to plead, "pleas-please don't kill him. He was only doing his duty. You want me, right? I'm ready to come with you. And now I promise I will not try to run again."
"They say enemies are the best in bed. Let's see if that's true." ~ 0 ~ Amanda, after witnessing a murder, was placed by the police department in the Witness Protection Program. It would have sounded good, yes, until she found out she was staying inside a mansion filled with vampires and owned by a vampire master with enigmatic eyes. Genre: Vampire-Romance, Mystery, Erotic Status: Complete All Rights Reserved JMFelic Books 2020
(The Vampire Priestess spinoff series Book 1) “You’re mine, Avabella… and you’re bound to carry my offspring in your sexy uterus.” Then Alpha Elias gives her the most seductive smile she has ever seen in her entire life. It is so tantalizing and breathtaking! To admit it to him or not, she believes he knows those very words shoots incomprehensible fiery desire right to her very core, making her real wet…
Carra Livingstone, a forensics investigator, lost her life in a fire explosion while inspecting a crime scene. Her soul was transmigrated into the body of an oppressed lady who also lost her life in another fire incident, at the same moment in time, leaving a deep scar on her face. With a new body, but a familiar name, this is the epic journey of a lady, who has a second chance at life in a fantasy world of werewolves, vampires, arranged marriages, oppressed life, and the deadly mysteries of this new world?
Ocean is a normal human girl. She went to live with her uncle in New Orleans after her parents death. But there she fell in love with a bad boy who wasn't normal human being. Moon is a supernatural hybrid creature. But he never knew that he's a hybrid. He was adopted by a werewolf family. Will he ever be able to find out about his true being? Will Moon and Ocean ever be together? What mystery the forest they both are attracted to, holds?
Alexa, a normal human girl, all her life she had mocked supernatural stories and now on her 21st birthday her life takes a 360-degree turn, thrown into the chaos among vampires, werewolves and a legend, the queen who rules them all... What'll happen when she discovers her true identity? Will she be able to save her loved ones or lose herself to power?
Emma, a 17 years old gutsy teenager was shipped off to southern England by her father to complete her college studies; a strategic punishment to tame her wild behavior. On reaching there, she discovers that half of the campus population were paranormal creatures, she thought only existed in comic books and novellas. She also discovered that she wasn't really her father's daughter, but was kept by him because of an oath made to a hidden lover. What happens when she uncovers the fact that she wasn't the average human girl, rather a fulfilled prophecy; a reincarnated queen mated to an Alpha wolf.
Tari Mortensen is the new girl in town. I mean, not just in town, but new in the world of humans for that matter. She is not your typical, ordinary, normal and cliché teenager. She’s not your typical, ordinary, normal and cliché teen wolf either. She’s nothing ordinary—a warrior and a leader of the best. But yes, she’s a werewolf. I mean, no! She’s not a werewolf. She’s a Lycan—an ancient at that. Now that she’s outside of their realm—of her world, she must do everything to blend in and to avoid attention. Unfortunately, to blend in for her is to disguise as a delinquent little ‘human’ teen that breaks and destroys everything or anyone that comes her way. Tsk! So much for evading attention. Join Tari Mortensen as she unravels the mysteries of her despicable journey to the mortal world and towards her unexpected encounter to her mate- I mean, mates? Wait— What?
After moving to Italy to elude her troubled past, Mykaela pursues a modeling career with Miles' help and a renewed self-worth...until her ex shows up and ruins the illusion. Miles Falco, an artist enjoying the Italian countryside, must choose between the simple life he loves and being successor to a clan of influential purebloods contending for power in all of Italy. Will he escape his predetermined fate? A life of deceit, chaos, and deadly encounters with the mafia?
The story introduces sixteen-year old Philip Garcia, who fell in love with Elena Salazar, a white shadow vampire and imaginary woman who came out from a painting. One dark night, he finished his artwork and suddenly something terrible happened. The woman comes into life, and he was bewitched by her unexplainable charisma and intoxicating beauty. He was puzzled by his appearance, there are many questions that surrounded his head and he was wondering how to believe that her imaginary woman can be a real and alive being. But he was delighted and awestruck to see her with such heavenly physical attribute. Driven by craziness in love, Philip conquered his fear and he let Elena overpowered him until she bit his neck and drunk his blood. He woke up from a dream and found himself confuse and totally blank with what happened that night until he discovered small bit marks from his neck which he further concludes that it was vampire bite and the curse of being a powerful creature can pass through his blood. Disturbe
Dave Dalin was living his life until one day while he was on his way to school, he was pushed from a bridge and was hit by a car. Moments after he was hit, he found himself in a new world. In which he is being called as "Demon Lord".
Ye Miao has always been involved in various strange and murderous cases and provoked evil spirits since she was a child. On Christmas Eve when she was 12 years old, she hid in the closet and wrote to Santa Claus, hoping to get his protection. The next day, a strange brand appeared on her body. That childish letter, which was destined to go nowhere, got an answer. Ye Miao didn't notice that the recipient "Santa" was misspelled as "Satan" by her. There is a price to pay for seeking protection from the devil. Sooner or later, he will follow the mark and come to the door, ask for a reward, and pick his roses.