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He didn’t know what she was to him. She was too afraid to seek the truth between them. Fate was weaving it’s cycle and confusion kept playing with their mind and souls. In middle of black and greys, will the red find it’s way?
When his fiancé diagnosed a cancer, Marco did his best to find any remedies for her sickness. Every created formula was a failed test but nature has it's own way to helped the humanities. HELP? REMEDIES? Is it? Or it's a way to create a monster that even myth has forgotten it! Will love take them to the right path or her new life will take Humanity to it's end?
A Gay FIction/Vampire Novel Physician Andras Maddock has never shunned Owen, the Sin Eater of the village. How can he ignore the man he loves? Owen is stunned when Andras saves him from a gruesome death at the hands of vampire. How did a simple man acquire supernatural strength? Dagan, Dark Lord of the Underworld, vows to take the mystic sword from Andras, a weapon that allows his vampires to tolerate sunlight. Dagan will do anything to avenge his father’s death and make the Sin Eater his slave.
Vivienne Petrovna has an ordinary genius life in the Ultara Academy, but then something about her begins to change. The presence of a beautiful, yet mysterious girl comes into her school and insists on having her after she discovers one of life's biggest shocks. Going through a strange evolution called Awakening, Vivienne thinks it's the least of her trouble until she's found out about her family secret and starts to realize the whole world is not what it seems. There are other predatory creatures living among humans- and worse, they want to destroy her.
Anastasia Romanov, one of the Last Grand Duchesses of the Russian Empire, finds herself lost in memories and heartbreak. Unable to forget her former love, she wanders around the world, looking for distractions. But then a surprise attack from the Hunters spins her life around. Anastasia meets a beautiful Huntress, whose code name is 'Princess of the Wild', but the girl just wants to kill the Duchess at every chance she gets. Will they be potential lovers or forever sworn enemies? |A sequel to the Romanov Sisters Book|
Melliza Miyeon Xin was bored—but his existence are unexpected. Chances and plot twists falling from the sky for hers, she starts to noticed a boy in her class with a name sounds like the bread to her childhood memory. It was a mere curiosity, a mere question in her mind that leads for her to know who is Azazel Blaze Ventrell, and she's going to face the options between a blessing or a lesson. As their whole relationship from strangers into friends continues to work out it will be shaken when trouble arise from the past while dealing with a very complicated emotions between them....
Luna Greene is a 24 year old girl that has no idea what's going on in her life, until she literally runs into the Alpha of Gray-moon pack. She's terrified of love because of her past, and she treats her mate like he's trash because of it. when she was 4 years old she was put into foster care because they left her at the park all alone and she doesn't know who her parents are or if they were even alive. so if you want to, follow Luna's journey while she figures out who she is.
*A Vampire Love Story* Story of a Girl, Hope. After losing her family she has no one but A best friend. One day when a gorgeous plot twist named Xavyion Devis suddenly appears in A Forest out of nowhere, Hope's story is about to be completely rewritten.
He broke up with her in the last year of their college. She begged him to not do it. Cried badly for nights craving for him but he didn't listen. However, after almost three years of separation he appeared in her life with a proposal... A proposal that changed her for real bad. Love will be deceived, hearts will be broken, lives will be destroyed and souls will be ripped apart in this journey filled with secrets, obsessions, relationships, greed and lost love! Check the book to know more.
I was hiding in the cargo on the ship Mandrake. When it was pirated, I did some quick-thinking and pretended to be a cabin boy. Hoping to become as unthreatening as every other crew member. But he scented me at the get. And the moment he had me alone he stripped me down to prove what he already knew. I was all woman. He was the Captain of the Whirlwind and he intended to possess all spoils from the Mandrake. Including me. But I'm not so easily bullied into becoming a lover. Not even by a fierce pirate captain.
A peaceful life is all Alodia want until something unexpected happen. Dragging her into another dimensional world. A freaking crazy woman shot her some blood that she can't identified. Her life literally change into 360 degree. After what happen, one thing only came into her mind. That is to find a way home. While running away from her crazy pursuers, she's studying everything here. For her to adopt quickly, to her surroundings. Upon meeting her so called mate she didn't know what to do. It's good that something happen and she escape from her mate. "YOUR not going anywhere away from me." Said by rough and husky voice behind me. Trapping in his arm. When the mate full is acting up all the time, every time she's with Adam. What will she do?
What do i haven't know about you my love? You're the most beautiful mystery i want to solve. An agent named Seven encountered very beautiful woman with her pale skin, red lips, long lashes and hazel nut eyes, named Zanya. A very unexpected twist of fate happen between the two, would they be stronger or they'll leave each other hanging.
This story is about Carlisle turning his little boy patient named Edmund to his adopted son, who finally became Carlisle's partner for life. The story is pretty sweet.
Beattie Rose Rana is a non-believer girl. She doesn't believe in any paranormal or mythology stories but she likes reading and researching stuff about them. She's more interested in how this non-believable stuff exists through their origins. She's an adventurer and been wondering all around the globe to search for an answer since she was 21. Until she came to Apayao, where this place woke her interests the most. Where this place caused the massive change in her life. Where this place showed the real deal amongst these "non-existing" things...or should she call them that?
Love cries out from beyond the grave…. Cadence Findley is devastated to learn that her ex-boyfriend, Jack, has died of a mysterious illness. When his body goes missing from the morgue, the situation becomes even more complicated. Is he really dead, or could Jack Cook be un-dead? Adjusting to her new life as a Vampire Hunter is complex. Already distracted by her growing feelings for sexy Guardian Leader, Aaron, Cadence is unsure what to make of the situation with Jack. When her ex begins to break the rules and claim innocent lives, Aaron insists Cadence is the only one who can destroy Jack once and for all. Faced with the unfathomable, can Cadence bring Jack's terrifying reign to an end, or will her refusal create a chasm that forces her to give up her team of Vampire Hunters forever? The Clandestine Saga follows the story of Cadence Findley, Vampire Hunter extraordinaire, as she embarks on a quest to rid the world of Vampires. She is part of an elite team of Hunters and Guardians know as LIGHTS whose sole pu
Kaelynn is an orphaned. A woman chosen to be a maid for the four siblings, the Lockhart's who has everything. Mansions, money, and even her life. As she took a step inside the Lockhart’s territory, she started uncovering the secrets found within that mansion. A strange, unseen, and terrifying secrets. Will she be able to handle it? Can she stay in a place full of mystery? Will there be sacrifices needed for her to uncover such secrets? Or she’ll just end up as their pet?
Berlin, 1020. After their family is massacred, twins Erik and Adam Von Hagen swore revenge for every single drop of bloodshed. Having no time to lose Erik decides to trick and manipulate a young girl with special gifts to their advantage. And there was Jessica, a human with mystic powers who barely understands what is happening to her. With her ability to control and read minds, seeing the future, and master the fire she must never fall in love or she will destroy everything she touches. But as the heart never listens to reason things might get really bad. There is no room for love only revenge and manipulations. Will all this suffering bring them closer? Will Erik put his plans aside and give love a chance? And if he does will this be the end or the beginning?
A Short Erotic One Shot in my Horror & Lore Series. He went to the ball hunting. So did she. But one of them has picked the very wrong one... What seems like a simple one shot becomes alot more complicated when one is playing with beings outside of humanity.
Nothing can absolve her from this burden…. Death changes everything, something Cadence Findley knows all too well, and this time she holds herself personally responsible for the mistakes that cost her team dearly. Following the death of her friend at the hands of rogue Vampire Hunters, Cadence and her team must find the leader of the renegades and bring him to justice. Only then will she begin to forgive herself for surviving the surprise attack that took someone they can never replace. In the meantime, Giovani, the Vampire Cadence holds responsible for the death of her ex-boyfriend, is hatching a diabolical scheme of his own. Can he concoct a plan that will enable him to take Cadence out once and for all? Or will the LIGHTS team find a way to rid the world of Giovani and his maniacal group of Vampires? The Clandestine Saga follows the story of Cadence Findley, Vampire Hunter extraordinaire, as she embarks on a quest to rid the world of Vampires. She is part of an elite team of Hunters and Guardians know a
All good things must come to an end... and sometimes that means death. Cadence Findley McReynolds is on her honeymoon and doesn't want to be disturbed unless the world's falling apart. When she has a horrific dream that pits her against creatures she's never seen before, she knows it can't be only a nightmare. She and Aaron come back to their team only to find out nothing is what it should be. Daunator is on the attack. With thousands of people missing, including a teammate, LIGHTS has to act quickly. But going in unprepared against the most powerful Vampire in creation can't be a good idea, and when Cadence receives an even more shocking surprise, her focus is jarred. How can she face off against a power so evil when she can't even keep her head in the game? Will her effort to defeat Daunator and free her friend cost Cadence everything? The last installment of the nine book long series is yours for the reading.
What would you do if the person you loved most in the world suddenly disappeared? Cadence has trepidations about attending an Eidolon Festival a few days before her wedding, but Aaron insists it will be fine. The Vampire Queen has other plans, however, and when six Guardians go missing--including Aaron--Cadence has to fight to get them back. Will she figure out what Holland has done with her friends in time to rescue them, or have the bloodsuckers finally figured out how to stop LIGHTS once and for all? The Clandestine Saga follows the story of Cadence Findley, Vampire Hunter extraordinaire, as she embarks on a quest to rid the world of Vampires once and for all. She is part of an elite team of Hunters and Guardians known as LIGHTS whose sole purpose is to protect humans from the creatures that lurk in the shadows.
Destroying every vampire on earth can get messy.... Cadence Findley and the LIGHTS team are on a mission to annihilate every vampire in existence, especially Holland, the vampire queen, who has sworn vengeance for the attack in Melbourne. But something's not right in Kansas City, and not everyone is on board with the plan, which makes taking Holland down even more difficult. Is Holland infiltrating the ranks, and if so, can Cadence stop it in time to wipe out the queen's growing vampire army once and for all? The Clandestine Saga follows the story of Cadence Findley, Vampire Hunter extraordinaire, as she embarks on a quest to rid the world of Vampires. She is part of an elite team of Hunters and Guardians know as LIGHTS whose sole purpose is to protect humans from the creatures that lurk in the shadows.
Life is made up of choices. Sometimes the wrong ones will get you killed.... Killing her ex-boyfriend Jack wasn't Cadence Findley's decision, but she'd done it just the same. Heartbroken over losing him and struggling to comprehend her break up with the only other man she's ever loved, Cadence Findley has made the difficult choice to leave her team of Vampire Hunters and strike out on her own. As she seeks out and destroys some of the most villainous bloodsuckers in existence, she proves she is a force to be reckoned with. She's just begun to adjust to this new life, even finding herself tempted by love again, when a call from her former team changes everything. A band of renegade Vampire Hunters requests assistance in tracking down the one Cadence holds responsible for Jack's death. However, the hunt goes terribly wrong, and her team of Vampire Hunters becomes the prey. In the aftermath, Cadence realizes she's not only lost one of her best friends, her team is in shambles, and she's faced with a reality wh
Death isn't always what it seems.... Cadence Findley would do anything in the world to bring back her friend, the one who was killed when a band of rogue Vampire Hunters ambushed her team six months ago. When her grandmother reveals the existence of a the Blue Moon Portal, a pathway that might provide a bridge for the lost Guardian to cross back over, Cadence is determined to use it. Despite the fact that her fiancé, Aaron, warns her the portal is too dangerous and insists she never open it, Cadence develops a plan to do just that. Will she successfully access the Blue Moon Portal to open a door to the beyond, and if she does so, will Aaron walk away from her forever? In the meantime, the savage Vampire created to destroy Cadence stalks the streets of Philadelphia. The LIGHTS team must work together to find him and bring his reign to an end. How many more innocent lives will this monster claim before he can be stopped? In the confrontation, will Cadence lose someone else she cannot live without?