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(WARNING:MatureContent ) ***Sinfully gorgeous… those are the two words that always come to mind whenever I think of Jake. His piercing stare alone makes my heart go wild. Just imagining what those sexy lips can do makes me wet in-between the thighs. Oh, yes…I am shamelessly admitting that I have been having carnal thoughts about him. He is the most indulgent guy I know. He makes me feel loved. And silly me…I fell in love. I know what my role in his life is. The shoulder to cry on... to rant on,or whatever it is that he wanted me to be. Until I came across a tweet saying: having a friend is like having an ice cream,but having a ‘friend with benefits’ is like having chocolate sprinkles on your ice cream. I love chocolate sprinkles, so...why not? *** I'm Jake, and my friend Mia is my kryptonite. Every waking moment, I think of her. I like her. I want her. I'm just so afraid that if I give in to my feelings and carnal desires, I would lose her.
Ella, an ambitious woman, left Daniel due to uncontrollable circumstances without officially breaking up with him. However, Daniel in the given situation embraced the role of a workaholic since he is unable to forget Ella. After six years, destiny brings them together through their beautiful 5-year-old daughter Lilly, who is the string that is holding them together. Will Daniel be able to forgive Ella for leaving him? Will Ella be able to accept Daniel after what she has gone through or will destiny play a cruel game and take Lilly away from Ella?
Everything happens for a reason, Tala at 31 believes and held on it like a prayer. She wished for it to be true. She hoped for it to be real. She prayed for it to exist. Her soul ached for answers and heart yearned for the peace it’ll bring. Because it is the only thing that made her sane—it never failed to give comfort on her struggling nature. At 31, Tala pondered her life and how everything fell before her eyes. And if everything happens for a reason...what is the reasons for all these?
A near-death experience allowed Jade to discover beings that serve as humans' guardians. His soul’s escape from his body and his absence prompted his guardian, Naya, to temporarily occupy his body to preserve his life. But how do they get back? For some reason, Naya couldn’t leave his body and he couldn’t take possession of it again. She had to act like him in front of his family and friends to avoid any suspicion. That is, until they find a way.
An innocent action brings about some smexy reaction between a pair of husband and wife longing for each other admist festival and family!
"I'm sorry." Stay strong, Lyrah. Don't breakdown! Don't— But it was too late, as my lower lip trembled terribly and I felt it hard to breathe. "No." It was him, who took a step again and engulfed me, patting my head. "Don't cry, Lyrah." With arms hanging loosely on my sides, I let out all the pain, anger, in my tears as he rocked us lightly. Freeing me from his hug he cupped my face making me look at him. The honey eyes, the glittery pale golden skin. He leaned in and kissed my forehead, leaving me stunned as he stroked my cheek. "So beautiful." He smiled. And I saw myself shimmering with blue sparkles under the moonlight. Making me wonder what it was? ********* A fairytale from a Faeriland which revolves around love, kindness, forgiveness and hope.
I am the nature's wintry call; My touch freezes the earth for I am a being who only knows to dye the world in white. But then, I was touched by something scorching Red; And my world was caught in flames. ••• This is the tale of How I Fell! •••
Liam Davis is visiting his home town after three years where he has an encounter with Mr. Tom Morris, the most infamous man in the town. Despite multiple warnings from family and his own forebodings Liam finds himself immersed in Tom Morris’s life. His curiosity and desire to know more about Tom draws him towards dangerous paths. He does everything in his power to find out about Tom’s sketchy past, but he ends up discovering answers to questions in his own life. In a journey where he tries to find himself, he crosses the thresholds as he comes face to face with his past. But it’s not just his past that is at stake. Everything he holds dear is at risk as he tries to free those who are shackled by their own past. Will this measly encounter be enough to give Liam the courage he needs to tear down his old ways? Is Tom Morris the man everyone claims to be or is there a deeper secret at play? Will this be enough to mend Liam’s torn heart or will it be the very thing that tears it in two?
young and beautiful Rachel met with a charming man Jason on Facebook and fell for him. they started dating and traveling to spend more time together. the story took a strange turn when they were in Paris, an incident that changed their lives and they decided not to travel together until they get married.
“ It all started with a private text”. ~**~ They were two strangers. They met on WhatsApp group. He fell in love with her over time. She liked him but did not believe in love. He would do anything for her happiness. She would be happy to be with him. But... He was married and had a son. She was single but not wanted to mingle. He was in his early thirties. She was in her late teens. He was a Hausa. She was a Yoruba. Follow both strangers in their relationship from strangers to friends and from friends to lovers. In the midst of love, hatred, jealousy, obsession, betrayal, lies and diversities... ©Adeyemi Mariam (hardeynyhun)
If you have been through it, you will know that heartbreak is a very devastating thing. It turns you into an empty shell of a being, breathing yet not really alive. You inhale but the tightness in your chest always leaves you gasping for air. It is like an animal trapped and wounded and so you would expect a heart break to make a sound, to yell or screech or yowl. But for a pain so intense, it’s awfully quiet it doesn’t even make a whimper. You almost wish it had a sound that would distract from the pain in your bosom but it is silent, and merciless. Your heart feels like it would burst any second and yet you’re there, with an inch of life, craving to die, yet still alive.
A Short Erotic One Shot in my Horror & Lore Series. He went to the ball hunting. So did she. But one of them has picked the very wrong one... What seems like a simple one shot becomes alot more complicated when one is playing with beings outside of humanity.