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Leah was killed by the murderer of her idol. She wakes up in the body of a 7 year old youngest brother of her idol before all things become complicated. With her--his memory from the future she/he will help 'her' idol and now 'his' brother so he will not have to suffer the same horrible life he led to before. From fanboying….he slowly got entangled in his personal feelings toward his supposedly….brother. A/N: Cover picture is not mine. From Google. Story is my own original Idea. Thanks for reading❤
Generation from generation, the world is changing. And those changing becomes greed. We just want to heal the world, but the only way to do that is to kill them all. This is the story of the virus A Virus that can heal the world. A virus that can make everything back to the way it used to be. Is this the end of the world? Or is it the cure to heal the world?
A married couple with hidden secrets behind their marriage slowly revealing itself after receiving a parcel from whose identity. What is real, what is fake?
He wanted a favor and that deed was to pretend to be his girlfriend for three weeks, at most. There was no way in hell I could ever like the guy, even though he was smoking hot, and seemingly sweet, so I agreed. The more I got to know Ace, the more I realized he wasn't just a bad boy or a player.
Hear thee! Read thee! As an author spins a tale back in time with, whorls of love, warps of fantasy and perhaps; wefts of mystery. Nadea, a red witch, journeys to the ice castle alongside her caste witches and council in a bid to contest with other covens to attain the royal witch station. The castle is, rife with events and secrets, threatened by an age old evil and ruled by a reclusive ice prince. A centuries old prophecy determines the balance or destruction of every kingdom, and its up to a witch to defeat death and restore peace and balance to the ice kingdom..... But then, life never escapes death.
Once again Delilah is at war with herself. Her head tells her to be cautious as she plays a dangerous game. Knowing it isn't fair to play fire with her heart whilst; it has all these familiar feelings that she once was attached to for so long. She feels its wrong playing with her emotions like that. But if you were in her position, wouldn't you be curious for someones intentions with you? Especially, when its the special someone that out of all the people in the world; no one can tug at the heart strings quite like they can. Will she take him back or will she walk away for good?
Passion. Therese Auburn Generoso also known as Turner Generoso is a 21-year-old adult who has great passion for painting. After passing her exams in London's finest art school, her mom pushes her patience to its limit making her leave their residence for good. Turner was one step closer to her dreams, not until an accident happened. After accidentally having polyester resin in her eyes, she was confined and announced to be temporarily blinded while her recovery would take at least six months. With a hugely damaged career and blind state, Turner finds herself lost in an exitless nightmare, well not until Nicholai Francisco comes along.
Liam is a character in the novel [CEO's Beloved Princess] and the main villain in the story. The CEO in the story is their father. And Liam and the Main lead[ Beloved Princess ] are half siblings. CEO Carson has two illegitimate children that he found and brought home when they reach the age 10. Liam is older than the Main Lead by a year and so got to the Carson house earlier. Liam is only 10 years old and very hard headed. He failed to receive the CEO's love and affection. In contrast, when the Main Lead[beloved princess] arrives, she worked hard to be loved and loved the CEO making them harmonious and the main lead became the CEO's princess. Liam hated his half sibling for always getting what she wanted and the preferential treatment from the CEO. Liam grew up crooked and unloved while the beloved Main Lead grew up happily. In the end, Liam crossed the line and attempted to kill his half sibling but he failed and the one who shot him resulting in his death is their father. "In the end, you didn't even tr
A little sweet, a little naughty, still a whole lot of fun! A short piece of sauciness mixed with a whole lot of love and romance!
Eric was my nemesis. The school bully who had laser focus on me as his target. As if highschool wasn't hard enough. Even worse, he was quite possibly the one person that seemed to know me best. All I wanted was to avoid Eric but he had a knack for showing up whenever I wanted to avoid him most. Then we made that bet... I believed that the only girl dirt biker in the contest, Tomboy, would win this year. But Eric thought otherwise...And he was willing to bet me a week of slavery on it. We'll see who is obeying who by week's end...
When Cybele fails to frame her bully in the act of revenge, she’s caught by the dark and handsome Student's Council President. Cybele doesn't want to do anything with him but she's unaware of the plans that he already has for her.
A story of a Hispanic woman, who lies to her family to keep her past hidden, to run away from the dreadful event of three years ago. Little did she know that this lie will led to one big mess which will leave her questioning her decisions
Two men, linked together by their love for one woman, answer the call of duty. Sophia has been promised in marriage to Jesse since the day she was born. When he leaves to fight for the South, he promises to return and marry her under her mother's rose arbor. When Sophia's best friend, Gavin, enlists to fight for the North, he shatters her heart into a million pieces. But she loves Jesse, doesn't she? Sophia struggles to save Arbor Rose after her parents die. The slaves have run off and the South has lost the War. Another blue coat is staggering down the hill, coming to steal the last of her meager possessions. Before the hated enemy can commit the vilest of acts, Sophia shoots him. And then discovers its Gavin, the champion of her youth. A dark secret lurks in Gavin's heart, darker than the despicable acts of war. He carries a letter for Sophia from Jesse. Gavin must find the courage to tell her what really happened to Jesse on that bloody battlefield. And she'll hate him for it. A powerful story of
This is Book #2 of Shiver, please read the first one before going into this book, it would help you to experience it better. Thank you. Charlene Ludlow had always wanted to leave the small town of Bluebridge to a big city. She finally had the courage to visit Goldstone for the summer of 1998. What was suppose to be a summer vacation turned into an altering long term plan which will change the course of her life. Tommy's dream to try his luck in the film industry had brought the couple to enter a lifestyle they knew nothing of. Young and inexperienced, they were caught in the web of deceit of the most influential people in the industry. As their relationship suffered the strain of the Neon Dreams, they found themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place and fighting their way to get out.
Tired of hiding herself from a persistent guy, to get rid of the unwanted admirer, she kissed an unknown handsome man in a masquerade ball. What will happen when she will find out the same guy is her ruthless boss? ***** She fell in love with a man who never felt her existence. Her broken heart gave her the desired pain to become the biggest sensation of the country; She became a singer. The time he realizes the emptiness in his heart belongs to her, he ran to her, but her gaze gave him a strange look. What will happen when he will find out the truth behind her strange behavior. Did he lose her forever? Or is this the beginning of a new story?
Belle is a simple woman who works as a saleslady in a big clothing shop. She attended a company party where she met a rich and irresponsible woman named Victoria. She ended up drunk and slept with her. She kept it a secret and thought it was just a one night stand.Until she discovers that Victoria is an heiress of the clothing shop that she works for. Ever since then, Victoria became an annoyance to her but is also the one that gives her the pleasure and love that she looks for.
Work will no longer be the only thing she'll love, after he's done with her. When workaholic, Samira Alvaro and her sister got stranded in the middle of a storm, the last thing she expected was for a handsome man to come to their rescue. Eros Johnson, did not only give the sisters shelter from the storm, he also showed Samira that work is not the only thing that she could fall in love with. However, was Eros truly all flowers and roses, or was he a devil in disguise?
Nao is an average 17-year old highschool student from Tokyo,until the tragic accident happened to her family. After that tragedy. As ordered by the law to protect her,the court decided to put her in a foster home. A kind doctor from Okinawa,named Nishikawa Chieko,decided to adopt her. The whole family gave her unconditional love. Still unable to trust anyone in the small town,Van suddenly came into her life and without realizing it,she started to open up to him. While on a vacation, Nao was involved in another tragic accident,and she slept for 10 years. As she woked up from her long slumber,she realized in horror that she is she's been trapped into a different body! And the puzzling thing is...She jumped in time ten years forward! Nao doesn't have a choice but to assume the identity of this girl,the while thinking how to get back to her original body.
I turned around to go back to my room when I heard it. A voice whispering in the darkness. Chill ran down my spine. I should go back. I tried to quickly walk away when the whispering increased like it was right behind me. A gust of wind passed around making me freeze on the spot because now I can clearly hear the whispering. "Help me" it said. Getting out of my state, I dragged my feet quickly, as quickly as I can with the sprained leg. ----------------------------------------------- When Olivia King met with an accident. She started seeing dead people making her think that she is going crazy and out of her mind. Those soul wanting her to connect to the living again. Will she help them or run away from it. Find out in *IN BETWEEN*
Raymond Cooper—a former police detective at the Morozov city, decided to resign from his job and move to Cirillo city to reinvestigate the murder case of his late friend, Arnold Walter after police decided it as a failed robber attempt that led to the murder. With a piece of paper that he found from his friend's hand, he searched for clues that led him to a girl named Amanda Chloe. All the investigations he carried out in Cirillo city led him to the trauma and old wounds he had received from his past. Will he be able to deal with his trauma and find the answer behind his friend's murder?
Living in Angola, Africa, 18-year-old Brackston Jenning's life is suddenly turned upside down. His father receives a letter from the American Embassy stating they have an opening for a job in his father's profession. Shy, Brackston is excited about the move because it means his family will be able to make more money. Yet, it plagues him horribly because he has to completely uproot everything, everyone, and the only thing he knows and loves. Carnise Harris has always been dark skinned, yet has always been very comfortable in her own body and doesn't allow the people who believe her dark skin is an imperfection to get her down. She is strong and independent. Unlike Carnise, the light-skinned Mizett gets more attention. Carnise doesn't care about attention; she just wants to be successful. However, things begin to come to an abrupt end when Mizzy and Nisey's mother tries to come back into their lives.
Twenty five year old Sameer Singhania meets Naina Murthy in an interview and starts liking her. Their friends fall in love with each other giving a chance for Sameer and Naina to become friends and get closer. But one day Sameer discovers the ultimate truth of his life. How will he handle himself? Will Naina stand by his side? Is their past going to hamper their future?
Drugged by her father, Qiao Ning was sent to an old man's bed. Luckily, a hot guy saved her, and she had a wild absurd night with him. She thought it was just a one-nigh-stand, and left without telling her real name. Unexpectedly, they met again at her boyfriend and her sister's wedding. What would Qiao Ning do when she found out the hot guy was Li Chengyan, a billionaire. What would Li Chengyan react when he discovered that his one-night-stand was his nephew's girlfriend?
love happened when you never expect it, it grow like a flower and shine brightly and capture the eyes and soul of a human. But when it doesn't have water splash it shining became less and it deteriorate gradually and dry at the end. Follow me as I unveil this tragic story! Our Fate