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At her engagement party, her fiancé had betrayed her.She announced she wanted to take revenge on her fiancé. ---------- A man’s icy lips covered hers as he devoured her, giving her temporary respite from the heat. She reached out and flung her arms around his neck, sucking his lips greedily. Loud moans and pants soon resounded around the room. Their shadows on the wall opposite overlapped with a burning passion. As the light was dim, Charlotte couldn’t see the man’s face clearly. The only thing that occurred to her was how beastly he was in bed. He savagely took her until dawn.
I don't know who I am ..... What am I doing here.......... I am not a partner, not a lover, not a wife... I don't who am I to him... Staying with him cause I want to be... like forever Don't know what will be the result But trying my luck.........
Nicole has had a lot to deal with in the space of a month, including finding her lover of two years with someone else. Getting back together feels like a bad idea but she gives in till she discovers even more claws from Peter. She tries to close that chapter and move on , but what if a known devil is better? What happens when she crosses part with an unknown enemy or when deep secrets of the past come to light, emotions get tampered with and she discovers her life has been but a lie?
WARNING - TREAD CAREFULLY. LOTS OF HEAT. HIGHLY CONGESTED WITH EXPLICIT CONTENT. VULGAR, BRASH & FILTHY TALK. RAW SEXUAL CONTENT. REALISTIC, MATURE, SEX SCENES. 18+ RATED. STRICTLY NOT FOR MINORS. Enter The World Where Incest, Lust, Guilty Pleasures, Sins And Sex Overload As No Limits. Your Inner Dark Sexual Fantasies Is Sure to Come Alive In This Hot Compilation Of Erotica Stories.
R-18 (STORY WITH EXPLICIT/MATURE CONTENT) Aria was deeply hurt after discovering her boyfriend's infidelity. But she never thought that that painful experience would lead her into a situation that she does not know how to avoid? Or maybe she knew but she doesn't want to? It was James, a handsome man who only want from her is a baby and of course, sex. But how about her heart? What is the assurance that she will not fall in love with the young man when all she wanted in a man was what she saw in James?
Once, on a very young night, Alpha Ezra happened to meet his mate whose name was Jasmine and on the same day, they happened to share a night of love and passion. What would happen when Jasmine woke up the next morning and found that her mate, the one who was meant to love her unconditionally, had left her without a trace, kind of rejected her after having a night with her. She was left broken. That was not all though, a few weeks later she happened to find out that she is pregnant with her mate's child but because she couldn't tell the truth to anyone, she fled to a life of rogue with her and her unborn child. Now sixteen years later Jasmine's daughter, Katherine has been born and is on a search for the man she would call her father. What would happen next? A life, full of struggles unknown to many facts that have the capability of turning her life upside down. Read at your own risk.
Arnold, a billionaire is in search of a girl with whom he had a one night stand He then finds her in his office for an interview what happens when he makes her as his sex buddy will heart and emotions come in middle who will be the victim and who will be the destroyer
DARK ROMANCE "Sir, I am in a dire need of loan. Its very important, my friends life is at stake. I assure you I'll try my best to return the loan asap." She breathlessly said it all. Her eyes were filled with hope and expectations. He was her last hope. "Miss Sheharzaad," Shehryaar said, while standing up from his chair causing her to instantly stand up. "Yes sir" she replied, her voice troublesome yet confident. He walked towards the other side of the table and sat on the chair parallel to her. "Keep sitting, please." He said, like a gentleman and she sat down. She tightly held her hands together. A life could be saved by his single yes. "Sir please," she pleaded. "I agree. You can have the loan, but I have a condition." "I agree to your every condition sir" she replied with a little smile of victory on her face. "Think before you speak, Miss Sheharzaad." "I trust you." "I want a one night stand with you." He dropped the bomb. ............ "Every women is nothing but a whore, a slut and you're al
Nothing prepared him for the one forsaken night he decides to go out clubbing with his buddies. It was the night that he met her, he didn't realize that he had fallen for her right then and there. Allen is a young, successful, filthy rich world champion surfer with a face to match. Louise is a smart young business owner, with a group of sassy sidekicks. Can opposites attract? Can their best friends strengthen their feelings?
When Sara Lexington decided to loosen up a bit by getting drunk and ended up giving her virginity to a complete stranger, she didn't expect this to become such a huge problem. - “ I can make you forget everything by pleasuring you in ways you didn't even know existed! ” He whispered before leaning down and nibbling on her earlobe, making her moan loudly “ Ple-Please...” She pleaded, dragging her nails down his bare back without caring about how she didn't even know his name. (Recommended for 18+ audience strictly)
The day Katherine Johnson is dumped by Robert, she goes to the Porterhouse. There, she meets Michael K. Jones and sleeps with him. Okay, it's just a one-night stand. Not a big deal. But not when Michael is Robert's cousin.
Blurb: Meeting her ex-lover is something that is never on Dhea's wish list. If she could hope, her ex lived in another world. However, who would have thought that one day she accidentally met Radit, her ex-lover, and that meeting made him trapped in a fake relationship with Hannan, who pretended to be her lover in front of Radit. Dhea was initially grateful that Hannan had helped her but soon understood when that man sent a signal that led to the one hot night they had afterward. Until one day they accidentally meet and Hannan offers a relationship that Dhea agrees to which turns out to make her a girl who must follow all of Hannan's dominant wishes. Will they be able to feel the seeds of true love from this relationship, when Dhea doesn't realize it? Can Hannan wait patiently for the submissive until finally his love is met?
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Venice is at a crossroads; beautiful, successful, and single, she longs for the perfect partner to share in her success. But in a world full of frogs, how many will she have to kiss before she finds The One? Join Venice on her adventure of self-discovery, romance, and suspense, as she navigates the single life and all the challenges that come with finding true love.
Lilliana Jade Steel is a twenty-eight years old woman who lives a quiet and simple life, she doesn’t hunger for things she can’t have, she feels satisfaction, and is overly kind to everyone, even the ones that take advantage of her. She has been waiting for her Mate for years, so she can begin the rest of her life, but all that changes when he rejects her publicly. Nathaniel Christian Carter is Lycan, from the Rhode Island Pack. He is the leader of the Pack warriors, and the Alpha’s nephew. He visits the Golden Claw Pack, in Boston, on an assignment with his best friend and cousin, unaware of how much is life will change in the span of one month. Their worlds collide when she ran out, with shame, only to run into him at a bar. Thus, begin the rest of their lives, riddled in loss and pain, accompanied by a great prophesy, will their love survive?