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What would you do if you were asked to pay back for all the obligation that someone has done to you.??? This is a story of Serah, who had an awesome life untill someone related to her committed a mistake and she ended paying up for that person's mistakes. A story of Michael who was heart broken when his love left him mid way and he was forced to do something terrible only for the sale of family and society.
TAIYO TAKAGI only fell in love once… Just once. And it was more than enough to make him completely committed for eternity. But as he deeply sought the mysterious woman who stole his heart in the past, he soon finds her in a strange town called “Avian Hills”... A village surrounded by an unseemly mysterious fog filled with secrets. Stranded in the illusions of his love and obsession, Taiyo will take every possible measure as long as it means he can finally have the affection of his one true love. But what will happen if that said love could also cost him a great price to pay? And what does the dark mystery lurking beneath the town’s peculiar atmosphere have to do with it? BIRDS WITHOUT FEATHERS is a heart-gripping tale of two beings cleverly brought together by fate. One, a devoted hopeless wanderer; while the other, an imprisoned dreamer. As these two lives intersect each other, what kind of story will it portray? What kind of ending will it unfold?
"Ms.Bridges, you made a mistake here,"he pointed at my solved equation. "It's too tiring!"I whined. "Is it?"he asked. "Mhm,"I nodded. "Then I'll just make sure to tutor you after 10 pm,"he smirked at me.I knew what sort of tutoring he meant by that. I gulped meekly. It's illegal, but the more dangerous something is...more exciting it becomes. I know I like my math teacher but that simply doesn't mean I won't kill him and not get jailed for it.
Light after dark is a story of Lucas after his breakup with his girlfriend. The next morning, upon waking up in the same old familiar environment, he thought that everything is still the same. Unbeknownst to him, there is a vital flaw in his surroundings and soon realizes that not all that he sees is not all that it seems.
"You smoke?" She asked, as she started fidgeting with her finger. She never liked guys who smoked. "No, I don't. I just like to burn things." He exclaimed, shrugging it off.
"My mother was raped. I am the child born from that rape." ~~~ Meet Raffaella, a 14-year-old girl living with abusive parents well not physically but emotionally abusive parents. Having a large amount of debt with Mafia they sold her because there was no other way to pay the debt off. Well, that's what she was told but what will happen if she found out the reality. THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES SHE WAS TOLD? Read to find out! Don't forget to vote, comment and follow!
What if you knew about the existence of energy and that the energy inside a human body can destroy a whole country if properly used(or should I say improperly), and that you can find loopholes in the body to use that energy, what would you have done ? This is the story of our MC, Achraf. A guy on the road to becoming an APEX. An independent existence, that can live without needing anything in this universe. Of course, the story isn't all about him. All the characters have a certain depth to their character and aren't just NPCs. And the story is gonna be a multilayered story with a lot of characters roaming around the world. It's my first time writing a novel, so if you have any remarks feel free to use the comment section to express those thoughts. *Warning* I use multiple POVs to make the story more interesting. The power system is logical and it has an origin, but you won't know the origin till later in the story.
Phil whose father died years ago falls in love with his father's murderer's daughter. His thirst for revenge makes him lose her. However, that's not what makes him mad. His girlfriend leaves while pregnant for him!
Female (Fem-A-Lee) was as unusual as her name indicated. She was young and beautiful with enough ambition to supply three women her age. As a police photographer, she was the best there was, but she wasn't content to stay in her office and wait for action to call her; she wanted more. When a body is found in the cold winter night, Female finds herself the new partner to New York’s finest handsome homicide detective, Victor Armstrong. Victor has a past that keeps him moving forward and as much as he admires Female Peker, he doesn't want her as a partner. Can she change his mind and make him realize she’s not a petite stereotype female, or will she have to knock him on his ass to open his eyes?
Radhika Agarwal belonged to a rich family and the only daughter of Abhay Agarwal and loving sister of Ujwal Agarwal. She was Abandoned by her own family beacuse of her evil and her cunning step sister Kanika. Her own parents and brother ( OWN BLOOD ) abandoned her and trusted a girl who they merely knoe since three years . Kanika turned Sia's life upside down just beacuse she was jealous of the love she received from her brother . Now, she ( Radhika ) want to ruin Agarwal's family and tarnish their so called image and reputation in the society and she will do it either by hook or by crook. let's see how radhika will handle her life .
Tyrell Winter is the bad boy of the school. Unlike any other cliche bad boy, he doesn't have random hookups. He respects most girls. Well, the girls that don't throw themselves on him, especially when he says no. Tyrell always has his guard up, that's what he had been told to do his whole life by his father. However, when the new girl, Charlotte Johnson, bumps into him, his guard is (unwillingly) let down. She belonged to him, whether she, or anyone else, liked it or not.
When a person fall in love for the first time and end up falling.......everything changes. His life, his beliefs and his view on love they all change. But what will happen when fate and love comes together and hit you like the tons of secrets hidden deep in the sea? Can you be able to face what we call destiny? Four hearts set to face a great adventure and lies along the way. Four hearts that will be played into the hands of destiny. One heart cursed by pain, one heart with an unrequited love, one heart confused, and a heart full of unsettled emotions. Join them as they discover the answers they seek. And help them unravel the secrets hidden within the sea. The story about a love that created havoc into the land of the nymphs. A story about a love between beings beyond our wildest imaginations, creatures we humans call as mermaids, and humans confused to what their existence for.
Amelia and William are happily married for 4 years . When their daughter Posie is killed, William blames Amelia. William turns from a lovely husband to an abusive one and Amelia's life is turned upside down.
500 years ago the story has begun and is still continued. Someone was waiting for her while another got his soul mate. Someone was expecting her to be his but unexpectedly another have her. Love had played the most important role in the war years ago and now the war is again to begin for the so-called emotion called love. Everything is fair in love and war, so let's see what will they do to have love? Two lovers, one love, two Kings and one queen. Who will find their lost love? Whose love will she accept? A love story you have never heard before, which will make you know about Lost Love.
Arya was happily married to her husband Aryan until one day she loses her memory in a fatal car accident and forgets all the traces of his past life. In the hospital, she meets a man who shows tremendous affection towards her and claims to be her husband, Aryan. Not everything you see is a lie, Not everything you believe is a truth, Amidst this will life find a way towards her?
"Love me or hate me, either way I'm already on your mind. I win. You lose." *** As the Alpha King of all werewolves and lycans, Aero needed to be fair to all. He ruled with an iron fist, a steady head and a balanced emotion. He was perfect in everything except for one. He had issues with the opposite sex. Since a child, he hated women. He never liked them and always avoided them. However, what if a woman suddenly materialized on his bed just as he was about to sleep? How could he avoid her then? Genre: Werewolf Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Erotica, Smut All Rights Reserved JMFelic Books 2020
DISCLAIMER; THIS BOOK IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE UNDER THE AGE OF 18. BE WARNED. 'I don't remember coming here' Saudah wondered, turning again towards the mud huts. A thick forest surrounded the place, its lifeless trees making ominous shapes in the deepening dark. This was no place of comfort. A sense of forbidding clutched at her chest. Suddenly, she saw a man on a horseback, galloping towards her down a narrow path cut through the woods. She stood transfixed, unable to do anything but watch and wait. The man was wearing a deep dark robe, very unlike the dress worn by human beings. On his feet were pointed nails. A dark, hooded cloak flapped wildly as he drew nearer on his black steed, his piercing eyes glaring at Saudah. He drew the horse up to a walk, never averting his eyes from hers. They were the scary steel-dark eyes she had never seen before, which seemed to beckon her against her will. "What do you want?" Saudah screamed, her voice shrill with terror. "What do you want from me?" she screamed agai
Elle Villamor was a small-time baker in the town of San Vicente. She was surrounded by the people she loved, but her dark past was continuously haunting her. Her little brother Jonas was missing for four years in time, and when she confirmed that he was still alive, she didn’t hesitate to go to his whereabouts. But not everything will be easy because her brother was in the hands of a powerful and wealthy family. She found a way to see her brother again, so she applied as a nanny of Mikey, Jonas' new name. But she found more than just a child to care for when she got involved with the handsome and mysterious fifty-year-old Romano, and to his drop-dead gorgeous Physician son but full of arrogance, ego, and naughtiness!
Meredith Smith met someone unexpectedly - they lived in the same City, they went at the same school, their surnames sounds alike, she's the only person who could help him and he loves her for a very long time. But the problem is - Tristan Smythe was already dead. So how could she fall in love for someone she just met after his death?
When the notorious business machine Derrick Hunt crossed path with our fiesty June, It was only the beginning of an epic romance. They didn't exactly click together. They were their polar opposite. "You jerk!" I wanted to hit him but his strong arms caught me mid-air. Now he was holding both of my arms, I did my best to push him away but that didn't affect him. He pulled me closer, So closer that I could feel his warm breath on my cheeks. I tried my best not to be intimidated by the proximity but the menacing closeness of our lips made it impossible to focus. He eyed me seriously, those sea-coloured orbs were burning with cold fury. He pinned my arms behind my back and tightened his grip. I glared with pure hatred. My hands were hurting but I knew he seldom cared about that. Tears rolled down my cheeks but they weren't tears of sadness. They were tears of hatred. I doubt anyone could hate someone as much as I hated him. "The choice is yours. Stay or Leave but either way you can never get rid of me!" He
Dahlia Brooks, young, beautiful and smart high school girl who is interested in ancient history. She fancies dark forest and the beast living in the devil square. What if one day she crossed paths with the devil himself and became his slave forever. Will the devil be mercifully fall in love with her or act like he is the most dangerous creature ever? "What's your name,little girl?" He asked to me with a hint of scariness in his voice. "Dahlia.." I replied looking directly in his blood red eyes. "Dahlia.. come closer.." his voice softened to the texture of rubber. I was completely paralyzed, lost in that wild gaze. "You must not roam in the forest at night. What if the devil finds you?" He asked as his eyes moves to my lips. "The devil is right in front of me. If he wanted to hurt me, he would have been till now." I replied confidently, then felt the color of his eyes changed somehow and they were blazed by now. "You do realize you are now in devil square, don't you?" He moved further close to me, and eac
Arincar, the second largest continent of the known world of Astaros, is home to many people. Despite they all come from different blood, they will all say similar things of the Land of Eleven Kingdoms. A land that is harsh yet serene; vast yet crowded; strange yet familiar. There is no doubt that these things hold true, but above all else, the lands of Arincar are old. Old and dangerous.
He married her for revenge by blackmailing her father. She married him for her dad who loves her so much. He is kind and loving to everyone except to her and her father. She is unable to forget her past love and move on. His anger makes her to scare for him every minute. He forced her to cut all connections with her family. Why a carefree and loving Jay became an arrogant and rude husband? What is his past? Will he torture her to hurt her father forever? Or gives her love? Is it possible for her to move on forgetting her past love and forgiving Jay for marrying her without her acceptance? The story revolves around Jay's revenge on Vidya's father. Vidya becomes a toy in the game of his revenge as her father loves her a lot. Wats the reason behind his revenge will b revealed later. A girl who is loved by her family a lot faces hatred from Jay who makes her life the worst. Is it possible for her to forget her past love n love the one who hurts her every second? How they fall for one another? Let's see how
Mayari is a newly recruited detective at the Hammersmith Police Station, a woman in a field full of men, who have always been belittled by her colleagues. That's why she's trying hard to prove to everyone that she's someone worthy of doing her job, even though she's a woman. And there she meets the young, popular reporter she idolized for being good at covering up news about the crimes in the city. They become partners in crime and solve crimes together.